Why do cabbage leaves turn yellow

Gardeners, planting seedlings in the beds, are faced with many problems and questions. One of them is why the leaves of cabbage turn yellow.

Causes of Yellow Cabbage Leaves

The main causes of yellowness

Yellowing of cabbage leaves leads to the death of the plant. To prevent it, it is necessary to determine the cause of yellowing and begin treatment:

  • improper agricultural technology;
  • violation of the rules of care;
  • pests;
  • illnesses.

Agricultural technology

The leaves of cabbage seedlings will necessarily turn yellow with an improper or unbalanced diet. The main mistakes in soil care:

  1. Lack of nitrogen in the soil. It is necessary to increase the cabbage mass and density of the head of cabbage. A small amount of mineral leads to a weak tie head head, slowing its growth. The leaves of seedlings begin to turn yellow and after a while the culture completely dies.
  2. Phosphorus deficiency. Regulates protein synthesis, plays an important role in plant development. Without proper cell division, there will be no desired shape and volume.
  3. Magnesium deficiency does not contribute to the growth dynamics of the root system. You can determine by the pale color of the head of cabbage and its leaf plates.

Any mineral fertilizer will not give positive results if the acidity of the soil is increased. Therefore, they first lime and then fertilize.

Inadequate care

In the cabbage, the lower leaves may turn yellow due to insufficient sunlight. The landing area should be rational.

The culture can also grow in a well-lit area, have nourished soil, but the edges turn yellow anyway. Causes:

  • strong spring frosts;
  • poor loosening of the soil, the root system does not absorb the necessary nutrients;
  • poor soil moisture and uneven watering.
  • excessive drought, hot summer.

Strict care rules, timely planting and proper watering will help when growing a crop. Cauliflower, broccoli and Beijing cabbage also respond to poor yellow leaf care.


The activity of pests leads to the fact that the cabbage turns yellow and dies part of the crop. The cabbage leaf is susceptible to attacks by caterpillars, aphids, cabbage butterflies, cabbage fly larvae, etc. If the culture begins to change color, it is worth examining the bottom row.

Infectious and fungal diseases

A disease can ruin a crop

Infectious diseases are a very serious problem. Some diseases cannot be cured, and it will not be possible to save the crop either. Why do leaves turn yellow at cabbage seedlings:

Type of diseaseDescription
Fusarium wiltFungal disease. It begins to develop at the stage of seedling vegetation. The lower part of the plant loses its elasticity, turns yellow, withers and falls off. You can confirm the disease in the following way: cut the cabbage under the stem, the presence of black dots indicates fusarium.
Over-witheringInfection. It begins to develop at the stage of planting seedlings in open ground. The lack of timely control of powdery mildew leads to yellowing. Over time, they disappear and the plant dies.
KilaFungal disease. You can find out by the characteristic growths and seals that appear on the roots of cabbage. They take away all the necessary nutrients, so the bottom of the vegetable begins to turn yellow and disappear.

If an infectious or fungal disease was found in a vegetable, then next year you can not plant a cruciferous crop at this place.


Fertilizer with urea and nitrogen-containing fertilizer will help the culture recover with nitrogen deficiency. A lack of phosphorus will make up for nitrogen-phosphorus nutrition. Organic fertilizers, growth pesticides will help.

Rescue from pests and diseases

Sprinkle the whole plant with wood ash. You can also sprinkle red pepper around the stem. From caterpillars will help spraying with a solution of valerian.

The culture on which the fungal disease was detected should be destroyed. Treat the soil with copper sulfate (10 l of water per 5 g of substance).

Infectious diseases most often turn into an epidemic; it is difficult to save the crop in such cases. You can avoid the focus of the disease by disinfecting seeds and soil with a solution of copper sulfate. Repeat the procedure for processing the crop after transplanting seedlings in open ground. Drops of liquid soap will help to avoid draining the solution.

If the culture is yellowed and sick with a keel, the infected plants are removed from the soil, the seedling sites are disinfected with ash and copper sulfate.

Preventative measures

So that the lower cabbage rows do not turn yellow, carry out preventive procedures:

  • process seeds hydrothermally;
  • the use of chemical fertilizers during the growing season of seedlings;
  • do not stop spraying the culture with special preparations until harvest;
  • remove fungal spores from the soil;
  • carry out proper care and watering.

Modern drugs Gamair and Alirin are suitable for the treatment of fungal diseases. Means are actively used to stop the spread of the disease.

Dill, carrots, onions and nasturtium are planted near cabbage beds. To process plants all season with tincture based on tomato tops.


Yellowing indicates growth or withdrawal problems. After examining the culture, you can find the cause of yellowness. Compliance with all the rules, as well as recommendations will not allow the vegetable to fade and crumble. Special tinctures, chemical solutions and fertilizers will help to cope with all external troubles.


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