Why did broccoli bloom

A head of broccoli sprouts grows with many heads. Broccoli blooms after ripening. If the broccoli bloomed, the gardener made a mistake in leaving or did the wrong job of harvesting in the garden.

Causes of Broccoli Bloom

When the cabbage blooms

Immediately after planting seedlings in open ground, they organize the care and top dressing of the soil around the head of cabbage. Cabbage is unpretentious and withstands temperature extremes, the vegetable is rarely sick. Broccoli went in color in the following cases:

  • when the flowering of the vegetable began in the garden;
  • when broccoli bloomed immediately in a place to store it.

In the first case, the gardener did not have time to harvest, and in the second, the technology of storing vegetables in the house was disrupted. If broccoli went into bloom, it should not be eaten or kept in storage - flowering is a sign of spoiled cabbage.

The Importance of Agricultural Engineering

The flowering of broccoli cabbage is preceded by long-term care: cabbage is planted with seedlings. Before the first shoots, seedlings are stored in a greenhouse, and after that they are planted in open ground. For the normal ripening of a vegetable that can be eaten, the right conditions are created: watering is carried out 4 times a month after fertilizing the soil. Fertilizing the soil depends on its composition. The soil also affects the ripening period of the vegetable, as well as cases of flowering.

Wrong Harvest Mode

The basic harvesting rule is the timely cutting of ripened heads of cabbage. If you miss the point, broccoli is sure to bloom.

Its color grows rapidly and in a few days covers the entire head of cabbage. Flowering vegetables lose their tender juicy core, become tough and tasteless. Broccoli is grown because of vitamins and micronutrients: if you overexpose the head of cabbage on the open ground, it spoils and does not cook well - such a dish will not bring any benefit.

First signs of flowering

Overexposed vegetable is gradually changing - this is the first sign by which it can be judged that cabbage is not suitable for consumption. In normal condition, cabbage is compressed into dense buds of dark green color. There should be no stains, signs of rot or dry heads on the head.

Be sure to monitor the condition of the head: according to its appearance, the time of harvesting is determined. Immediately before the flowering head of cabbage, departing from the main stem, its processes begin to turn yellow. First, uneven yellow-brown spots appear. For several days, the head of cabbage is covered with a characteristic color, which is difficult to get rid of.

If the cabbage is covered in color, it is too late to collect it. The crop is cut and used for household needs (livestock feeding). Prudent housewives give the cabbage a heat treatment, but it is no longer possible to get all the useful substances from cabbage. A product that has bloomed rarely causes negative reactions, but it is not recommended to eat it.

Improper storage

If stored incorrectly, the cabbage will bloom

A healthy crop for sale or storage at home can also bloom. Cabbage is stored in 2 ways:

  • for a short period - within 2-3 days;
  • for a long time - a few weeks.

If you managed to grow a healthy vegetable without flowering, it is stored properly. Even recently, a healthy head is able to become covered with yellow flowers in a few days. In this case, the product loses all the useful properties.

Short-term storage

So that yellow flowers do not appear on the fresh head, the cabbage is stored as fresh greens. Cabbage for this storage method is cut without separation into separate parts: the head of cabbage remains intact and without cuts. To store it, a container of water is prepared, where a section of the stem is placed.

If you overdo the cabbage in the water, it will be covered with yellow flowers. This happens the next day, when the vegetable gets moisture. If the cabbage has gone color, it is impossible to cook it. If you freeze cabbage, collected in its normal form, after freezing it does not go into bloom. This is one of the most reliable ways to prevent the cabbage from blooming.

Cold storage

Without preparation in the refrigerator during normal operation, the vegetable will quickly deteriorate. Signs that the cabbage is not suitable for consumption: the changed color of the head and flowering, covering most of the head. To prevent the appearance of inflorescences, it is necessary to properly prepare a place in the refrigerator.

A wet pressed napkin is placed on the bottom of the vegetable storage tray (it should be clean and larger in size than a cabbage head). A head of cabbage is placed in a bag that cannot be closed, and then left on a napkin. Before you put the cabbage head in the refrigerator, it must not be washed or trimmed. If inflorescences have already appeared, this method of storage is not suitable. It is important to observe the neighborhood in the refrigerator: apples or bananas should not be placed nearby. The shelf life of cabbage without inflorescence in this form is no more than 2 weeks.


Broccoli is a product that can be cooked. It retains useful properties and is unpretentious in leaving. In normal condition, no inflorescences should appear on the head. If the head starts to bloom, the crop is completely spoiled. High humidity leads to the formation of yellow flowers on a head of cabbage. Such a product cannot be saved.


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