Why carrots do not emerge

Carrot is an unpretentious crop, but not everyone succeeds in sowing a good crop and getting a quality crop. If carrot seeds do not sprout, you must look for the cause of the problem.

Why carrots do not emerge

Sowing dates

One of the most common causes of poor germination of carrot seeds is the failure to meet planting dates. Usually sowing is carried out before winter and spring. Each period is characterized by a certain maturity of the variety.

Sowing in the winter

When sown before winter, frost-resistant varieties and hybrids are used. The optimum seeding time is late autumn (second and third ten days of November). By this time, small frosts pass. In frozen ground, seedlings do not germinate prematurely. Depth of embedment - 5-6 cm.

Sowing scheme for winter:

  • Sow dry seeds into the soil, sprinkle with fertile soil (chernozem).
  • Additionally, add humus to the soil: it contributes to the friendly germination of seeds.
  • After the snow falls, sprinkle them a bed. Such seedlings are not afraid of even the most severe frosts.

Spring sowing

Planting seeds in open ground is carried out after the snow has melted and the soil will become loose. 2 days before planting, the soil is covered with a film so that it is slightly warmed up. First, grooves are pulled out, spilled with water, then seeds are planted to a depth of 2 cm. Seedlings are sprinkled with fertile soil, then covered with a film to protect them from spring frosts.

The germination time of carrot seeds during spring planting is 20-25 days from sowing, provided that the temperature is kept within 5 ° C-8 ° C.

For sowing, choose a warm, calm day. It is better to carry out this procedure in the morning or in the evening.

When shoots appear

The appearance of seedlings from the moment of planting takes from a week to 3 months. The timing is affected by air and soil temperatures.

Usually, good planting material after planting begins to break through the soil at a temperature of 5 ° C-6 ° C. If it is cold outside, hatching seeds will germinate no earlier than 15 days after sowing.

In warm conditions, when the air temperature reaches 20 ° C, the first seedlings appear after 7-9 days.

If the carrots do not sprout 4 weeks after sowing in conditions of stable heat, re-plant the seeds. Possibly, poor-quality material was acquired or parasites living in the soil destroyed it.

Common mistakes

There are several reasons why carrots do not germinate well. All of them are associated with improper planting and the choice of planting material.

Do not sit too deep

Seed quality

Poor-quality seeds are the most common reason why carrot plantings have not ascended. First of all, they prefer zoned varieties and hybrids. Also take into account several more factors:

  • The degree of freshness. Carrot seeds are stored for up to 5 years. But with each subsequent year, the percentage of germination is reduced. This is the reason why it is better to use material that is no more than 3 years old. The best is last year's seed.
  • Appearance. It is easy to determine high-quality seeds by their appearance: they should be dense, without wrinkles and bright color. Due to the content of essential oils, carrot seeds have a pronounced smell. It is worth giving up the purchase of seeds with the smell of mold and rot.
  • Climatic zone. It is important to use varieties and hybrids, zoned for the local climate. This helps the carrots to sprout quickly. Information on the recommended climatic zone for cultivation is located on the package with seeds.
  • Priming. Germination of carrot seeds largely depends on the quality and composition of the soil. Each grade requires its own composition, so when buying a particular species, you should familiarize yourself with its soil requirements.

Landing depth

Shoots of carrots do not appear due to non-compliance with the depth of seeding. The minimum seeding depth is 2 cm, the maximum is 5 cm.

If you plant the seeds to a shallower depth, the seedlings will freeze and not germinate. At greater depths, seedlings are not able to grow through a thick layer of soil.

Illiterate care

It is important to observe not only the time of sowing and the depth of planting, but also to ensure proper care. It depends on how quickly the shoots of carrots break through the soil. Seed that has fallen into open ground is exposed to moisture and temperature:

  • The first step is to cover the crops with any non-woven cover. Agrofibre is excellent for this purpose. If there is no such covering material, use a transparent film for the greenhouse. Such a shelter provides seedlings with protection against waterlogging, prevents the growth of weeds and prevents drying of the soil.
  • The peculiarity of the culture in the first place is to build up the root system, and only after that - the green mass. In order for the carrots to sprout quickly, soil moisture is stopped. The lack of moisture encourages seedlings to build up the aerial part. The first 7 days after planting, the bed does not moisten.
  • Irregular weeding and untimely cleaning of the covering material is another reason why carrot seeds do not sprout. It is necessary to optimize the care of crops: timely remove weeds and periodically check the emergence of seedlings under the film. Seedlings, which are under the film for a long time, quickly turn yellow, rot and die.

Crop rotation

Carrots do not emerge due to a violation of crop rotation principles.

The best precursors for this culture are:

  • potatoes;
  • Tomatoes
  • pumpkin;
  • onions, garlic, herbs.

Poor carrots emerge after parsley, parsnip, celery.


There are several ways to speed up the process of emergence of sprouts.

Soaking and stratification

Well, carrots emerge if a number of actions are taken:

  • Put the seeds in a cloth bag.
  • Dig a hole in the garden 20 cm deep, lower the seed into it, spill plenty of warm water and sprinkle with earth.
  • Top up the soil with snow.
  • To sustain seeds in soil for 2 weeks.
  • Mix them with dry sand and sow in the ground.

Natural stratification increases seed germination. In a week after sowing, seedlings together appear.

The use of granular seeds

The germination process is accelerated using coated seeds. Planting material in granules is provided with all the necessary microelements for full germination.

The advantage of granular seed is as follows:

  • carrots emerge quickly;
  • seedlings are protected from damage by pests;
  • crops are normalized.

Do not be afraid of the oversaturation of seeds with nutritional components. At all stages of growth and development, the sprouts completely spend them long before the development of root crops.

Soaking in vodka

Soaking the process of germination of carrot seeds helps soaking them in vodka. An alcohol-containing drink removes essential oils from the surface of seeds, which are one of the causes of poor and long-term emergence of seedlings.

Seeds are placed in a tissue bag, then dipped in vodka for 30 minutes. After soaking, they are washed in warm water, dried and sown in open ground.


For carrots to sprout quickly, it is not necessary to buy expensive seeds from the best producers. It is important to purchase good quality seed with an effective shelf life, sow it to the required depth and provide proper care in a timely manner.


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