Why broilers may not grow

Many beginner poultry farmers and experienced farmers face problems when broilers grow poorly. With proper nutrition, care and constant vitamin top dressing, birds should grow and develop well, respectively, the absence of one or more of these elements affects the development of the livestock. Sometimes there are such instances that, having gained a certain weight, no longer recover. So why don't broilers grow? We will try to understand the reasons in more detail in this article.

Why broilers don't grow

Briefly about pathology

Why do broilers grow poorly? This problem is common, and many poultry farmers are concerned about this issue, because the broiler breed of hens does not like changes and is rather whimsical in nutrition and care. There were times when chickens died immediately after changing the feed: they either refused to eat it or, conversely, ate, but the stomach simply could not cope with the new diet.

If you follow all the recommendations regarding the nutrition required for such a breed, there should be no problems, since it is the quality nutrition factor that affects the development of the chick. If even after revising the menu there is no observed shift in growth, it makes sense to try to reduce the territory of the chickens housing.

What affects the appearance of a problem

Why don't broilers grow? The problem may be hiding in the temperature of the chicken coop. Layers do not tolerate cold. To keep warm, they begin to actively move, run, jump, while losing calories and, accordingly, not gaining weight. Feathers need to be watched: they can fall off if the chicks have health problems.

There are a number of other reasons why laying hens do not grow.

  1. Large area for a walk. Broilers do not need a lot of space for walking. They enjoy living in crowded areas and are content with a small walking area. In such a situation, they practically do not spend energy and calories to keep warm, which means they gain weight. Many farmers have learned from their own experience that the ideal area for hens is 50 x 50 cm, which is enough for 10 individuals. Under such conditions, within a month it will become noticeable that the birds are growing.
  2. Total lack of necessary substances in the body. As veterinarians found out, lack of calcium, protein and amino acids in the body is one of the main reasons that chickens do not grow well.
  3. Chain broilers. Few people know that today on planet Earth there are a very large number of different species and subspecies of broilers. There are lines that have their own characteristics, which include, for example, fast or, conversely, slow mass gain. If species are acquired that slowly gain weight, then even under good conditions and the complete absence of pathologies, they will not gain the necessary mass ahead of schedule. You just have to be patient and wait.
  4. Stomach disease. In broilers, the digestive system does not work well on the first day after birth, since immunity has not yet fully formed. At this stage in their life, they need special care.

If a beginner is engaged in breeding chicks, then often he does not have enough experience in this matter. Then improper nutrition and care can lead to the fact that the chick changes the acidity of the gastric juice, the digestive system, which as a result will lead to dispersion. Such symptoms may also indicate that the birds are eating poor quality food. But this type of chicken is very sensitive to changes in feed, as well as to poor-quality, spoiled and rotten feed, which becomes the cause of poor growth.

How to solve all these problems

When the reasons are known, it is easier to understand what needs to be fought, what needs to be changed. If it becomes noticeable that the birds are rapidly losing weight or, conversely, have stopped gaining weight, it is important to remember that a significant loss or shortage can lead to the death of the chick. A large percentage of health and proper development depends on the full and regular nutrition of the chick. Care in the first day of life is especially important.

Since the birth of broiler chickens, vitamins and protein have been needed. If you do not have your own food waste (pumpkin, cabbage, etc.), then the chicks need to add purchased feed to the diet: it can go both in granules and in the form of sand. It is necessary to buy compound feed that contains a large amount of vitamins and protein, it also makes sense to ask the seller of compound feed specifically for broilers.

Do not forget about vitamins and nutritional supplements. It can be absolutely any protein products: cottage cheese, fish meal, sour milk or fish. It does not matter which product to give, the main thing is to regularly add it to food. It is advisable to give about 2-4 g of yeast for baking every day. Then, when the chickens grow to a weekly age, they can add nettles (green) and alfalfa.

To summarize

feeding the chicks should be constant and regular. At any time when they want to eat or drink, they must have access to such products. That is, the bowl should always be filled with water, and the feeder should be filled with food. It is important to constantly regulate the growth, weight and development of the chicken. Thanks to this, you can correctly and accurately calculate the feed, supplements and vitamins that will be needed at this stage of development.

It will also help to control the process of mass gain and, if it becomes noticeable that broiler individuals do not gain it at all during the weeks, you can sound the alarm and look for the reason. Perhaps there was a place to add something new or the living conditions were slightly changed, and this led to stress as a result. If the growth in the bird has become noticeable, you can try to give it calcium.

Now you know why broilers do not grow in 2 months and what should be done if the bird does not grow or if it lags behind others in development. After a month of life, it can already be said whether the laying hens are gaining weight or not. If not, problems should be sought in their content. In birds, feathers, like human skin, immediately let you know about the problem.


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