Why break the mustache from cucumbers

Cucumbers are whimsical plants that require attention and careful care. Today, gardeners argue whether it is necessary to pick off the mustache from the cucumbers. Some consider this a must, while others are convinced that the mustache of cucumbers is needed to maintain fruit yield.

Cucumber mustache picking

Reasons for pruning a mustache

Do I need to pick off the mustache from cucumbers? From time to time it is important to at least shorten them, since they cling to any objects, not only trellises.

Sometimes, due to shoots, the leaves twist inward, as a result, pests are formed in them.

If the mustache is shortened, fruit picking is easier. Cucumbers need space so that the fruits have the opportunity to grow and ripen. Sprouts are pruned when the first cucumbers appear.

If the plant has many processes, several are completely removed so that they do not overgrow around the leaves.

There are several more reasons:

  • increase in percentage of productivity;
  • preservation of the nutrients necessary for the growth of the fruit of the nutrients that take away the mustache;
  • prolongation of the reproductive period of the plant, while increasing its life expectancy;
  • difficulties in harvesting and care;
  • the processes dry quickly, after which the bush falls, breaks and dies.


Some gardeners prefer not to cut, but simply to tear off the shoots. All due to the fact that cucumbers are weaving types, their stem is not as strong as that of other bush plants. With the help of the processes, the plants are thoroughly attached to the support.

Mustache pruning improves bush productivity

It is forbidden to break off the mustache with your fingers: this damages the stem, as a result, the infection enters the root system. It is best to remove the antennae with scissors.

After the procedure, the fruits grow 2 times faster.

In order for the antennae to grow upwards, sometimes lattices are installed behind the bush. The technique has a significant minus: after the shoots have dried, the bush falls down and dies. The best way out is to use the trellis both when planting in the greenhouse, and in the open ground.

The mustache does not have to be completely removed, it is enough to cut off the first few centimeters, after a while they will dry out, and the main stem will remain completely unharmed.

Precautionary measures

Before the removal procedure, it is important to rinse hands thoroughly.

When pruning, care must be taken: sometimes an infection gets into an open wound, then all the cucumbers disappear. To prevent this, the resulting wound is treated with cotton buds with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or ash.

Places from which shoots were removed are processed immediately after pruning.


Trimming the cucumber antennae is necessary for many reasons, the main thing is to do everything right so as not to harm the plant.


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