When to plant seedlings of cucumbers for a greenhouse

Cucumbers are a thermophilic culture. Therefore, they are often grown indoors. Those who first decide to grow cucumbers in this way are wondering when to plant cucumber seedlings for a greenhouse and what are the features of its cultivation.

Seedlings of cucumbers for the greenhouse

The best time for sowing

Cucumbers are one of those plants that requires a clear time for sowing and planting. This is due to the following factors:

  • seeds germinate at a temperature not lower than 20 ° C;
  • plants grow when the soil has a temperature above 15 ° C;
  • the optimal transplant time is 20-25 days after germination.

Cucumbers for seedlings for greenhouses are recommended to be planted since mid-April. This is the best time for sowing.

In the middle lane, the soil in the greenhouse warms up to 15 ° C in the beginning or middle of May, this is the time when the weather stabilizes and night frosts or sudden temperature fluctuations are unlikely. At this time, it will be possible to plant grown plants with minimal stress for them. And also in mid-May, you can plant cucumbers for seedlings directly in the greenhouse. But making sure that the soil temperature is sufficient for seed germination.

And also it is worth focusing on the weather features of your own region.

Favorable days in the sowing calendar

Many gardeners often use the planting calendar. It indicates favorable days for sowing. They are based on the phases of the moon.

In 2018, according to the planting calendar and the phases of the moon, cucumbers for seedlings for the greenhouse should be sown

  1. In March, between the 17th and 29th. Particularly favorable days: March 19.24, 27, 28.
  2. In April, between the 16th and 28th. Favorable days: April 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, April 20, 21, 22, 23, 24.
  3. In May, between the 15th and the 27th. Particularly favorable days are May 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

It is not recommended to sow seeds and planting plants in the full moon phase.

But fully rely on the lunar calendar is not worth it. In the modern world, a more reliable way to determine the landing time will still be the hiking forecast.

What is the danger of early sowing

Of course, many gardeners want to get their first crop as quickly as possible. Early sowing of cucumbers for seedlings for the greenhouse often leads to negative consequences.

Seedlings at home will lack daylight. Which leads to the stretching of the plant, the thinning of the stems. The bushes are fragile and weak. Plant growth slows down due to a slowdown in the process of photosynthesis and the production of insufficient amounts of nutrients. As a result, weak plants are not able to give a good crop.

Or vice versa, favorable conditions and very rapid development and growth, which leads to early flowering, overgrowing and aging of bushes with a delay in planting time. And as a result, plants do not tolerate transplantation and often die. Or weak bushes grow, easily affected by diseases and pests. Which also will not allow to obtain the expected yield.

This crop is very sensitive to incorrect and early sowing.

An exception to the rule will only be the cultivation of cucumbers in heated greenhouses with special lighting for year-round production.

Growing seedlings

Seedlings are ready in a month

Having chosen the date of planting in the greenhouse 25-30 days before it, you need to plant seeds.

Growing Stages:

  • variety selection;
  • soil preparation;
  • selection of containers for growing;
  • seed treatment and sowing;
  • care and top dressing.

Grade selection

Proper selection of varieties for the greenhouse is important. Partenocarpic (self-pollinated) varieties with an indeterminate growth type are suitable for this type of cucumber cultivation. A variety of any ripening time is suitable. But for an early harvest, it is worth choosing early varieties, the growing season of which is 40-45 days. An important characteristic will be resistance to diseases such as late blight, antariosis, powdery mildew, fusarium.

Among these varieties, it is worth highlighting the best:

  • Herman F1
  • Zozulya F1
  • Courage F1
  • Chinese farmer F1
  • Aristocrat F1
  • Bettina F1
  • Delpina F1

Soil preparation

Both purchased and prepared soil mixes are suitable for sowing seeds. For cucumbers, you should choose a universal mixture or a special one for vegetables. Both types of composition will be ideal for growing healthy seedlings. They are enriched with trace elements and well-drained with agroperlite. They do not require any additional processing or fertilizer. These mixtures are ready to use.

But also a good option is to prepare the nutrient mixture yourself. To do this, mix:

  • peat 2 kg;
  • humus (compost) 2 kg;
  • rotted sawdust 1 kg;
  • ash ½ cup;
  • urea ½ tsp;
  • superphosphate ½ tsp;
  • potassium sulfate ½ tsp

Such soil must be disinfected. This can be done in the oven at a temperature of 90 for 30 minutes, or spilled with boiling water. And also often use potassium permanganate for this purpose. A pale pink solution is prepared and the soil is shed.

Capacity selection

Waiting for Cucumbers

For sowing seedlings of cucumbers for the greenhouse, individual containers are selected, these can be plastic cups, peat pots or peat tablets.

Plastic cups must be at least 0.5 l. Pour boiling water over them. And make drainage holes in the bottom with an awl so that excess moisture comes out when watering. The walls and bottom of such glasses can be laid out with a newspaper. When planting, this will make it easy to get the plant without damaging the earthen lump. What will reduce stress during transplantation.

You can use peat pots. Suitable for sowing seeds with a volume of at least 300 ml. Such pots are filled with soil. And when the time for planting comes, the bushes are planted in the ground with a pot, which will easily dissolve in a short time.

Highlighted by professionals in modern gardening is a convenient way of planting seeds in peat tablets. Here, no soil mixture will be required, but no additional processing and disinfection of containers. For cucumbers, tablets from 3 cm in size are chosen. They are good enough to spill with water, they will increase in size and swell and will be ready for sowing seeds. Together with tablets, bushes are planted in the ground, the roots easily get through the peat shell.

Seed processing and sowing

If the purchased seeds are not processed, they must be treated with a disinfectant and a stimulant before planting.

For disinfection, you can use potassium permanganate or ammonia. A weak 0.1% solution is prepared and soaked in it for 30 minutes. seeds. To stimulate germination, seeds are treated with Epin solution following the instructions.

If seed treated by the manufacturer, then such procedures will not be required.

Seeds are sown one seed in each individual container. Close up in the soil by 1.5 cm. The first shoots appear after 5 days.

Care and feeding

It is very simple to look after seedlings of cucumbers. Cucumbers do not need to pick like tomatoes. And care comes down to timely watering and top dressing with nutrients. Watering is done as the soil dries. And top dressing in the seedling stage will be enough to carry out once 14 days after the cucumbers have risen. Then the bushes will be resistant to any negative influences.

You can use special mineral or organic fertilizers for pumpkin crops.


When the seedlings of cucumbers for the greenhouse reach the age of 20-25 days, it is ready for planting in a permanent place. This should not be delayed. Later, she takes root heavily and stops growing.

But we must remember that cucumbers can be planted in a greenhouse no earlier than the soil warms up to 15-16 degrees.

If the seedlings are already ready for planting, and it is still cold in the greenhouse, they use the method of heating the beds with manure. To do this, horse manure is used, it is closed between rows to a depth of 30 cm. For one square meter. 3 kg of manure is enough. Manure is covered with soil from above. After 3-4 days, you can plant young plants. And additionally cover them with agrofiber, until the temperature stabilizes.


It is difficult to determine exactly when to plant cucumbers for seedlings for a greenhouse, since the weather in central Russia is often unstable, and not every spring is equally early and warm. It’s definitely not worth sowing seeds before April. Often even sown plants two weeks later catch up and distill those that grow at temperatures lower than recommended.


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