What you need to put in the hole when planting cabbage

Only the proper planting of vegetables ensures the success of cultivation. In the hole when planting cabbage put various fertilizers. It stimulates growth and protects the plant from diseases and pests.

Fertilizer cabbage at the time of planting

What is put in the holes with cabbage

When planting cabbage in the planting pits put the following substances:

  • organic or mineral fertilizers;
  • fungicides and insecticides;
  • chalk, lime, dolomite flour.

Why add fertilizer

Ideally, the plot is prepared in the fall, but this rule does not apply to soils poor in organic matter. The need for adding to the wells of other substances is caused by the following reasons:

  • the soil is poor in beneficial micro and macro elements;
  • the soil is acidic;
  • reduced risk of seedling disease.

Fertilizer and soil preparation for cabbage

To seedlings grow well and form a healthy crop, she needs nutrients. Manure, compost, humate, as well as potassium-phosphorus mineral fertilizers are applied to the beds: superphosphate, potassium monophosphate, agrecol, etc.

The rate of fertilizer per well:

  • Manure - 1 tbsp. without top.
  • Compost - 1 tbsp.
  • Humate potassium - 1 tbsp. l
  • Phosphates - 0.5 tsp.

Rotted manure is put to the bottom, then lightly sprinkled with earth and well watered: 1 liter per 1 hole. The depth of the landing pit should be about 15 cm.

Compost is a natural organic fertilizer. It is added to the pit, watered with water and planted seedlings on top.

Potassium humate is a kind of concentrated compost, so it needs little. Humates not only nourish the plant with useful elements, but also stimulate their growth, increase immunity and resistance to infections. It is poured to the bottom when landing.

Phosphates and potassium phosphate compounds are concentrated complex mineral fertilizers. They are necessary for building the root system, stimulate the growth of the aerial parts and make up for the deficiency of nutrients in the soil. For feeding 0.5 tsp. mix with the ground when planting seedlings.

Soil acidity reduction

The future crop depends on soil quality

Cabbage does not grow well on acidic soils, in addition, the risk of Kila disease increases. Kila is a fungal disease that affects the root system. In cruciferous, it manifests itself in the form of spherical growths on the roots. As a result, crop growth is inhibited, development stops, and the bush may die. If the upper part remains green, the ovary is not likely to form.

To reduce acidity add wood ash: 1 tbsp. to the landing pit. Ash is replaced with lime or dolomite flour. Lime is applied at the rate of 30 g / m². Lime is not added deeply so that there is a positive effect from its use. It is simply mixed with the ground.

Dolomite flour has a weaker effect, it requires more, but it is also a fertilizer. To enhance the effect, it is combined with copper sulfate or boric acid.

Complex fertilizers are prepared from fertilizers and ash and lime. Here are some of them:

  • 1 tbsp. manure and 2 tbsp. l the ashes are mixed and then watered;
  • 1 tbsp. manure is mixed with 1 tsp. ash and 0.5 tsp superphosphate.

Lime must not be mixed with ammonium nitrate and manure. It is recommended to be applied in the fall or spring, before planting begins.

Soil disinfection

In addition to nutrients, the earth accumulates spores of fungi, bacteria, insect eggs, and larvae of beetles. They can cause significant damage to the crop.

For disinfection from pests, insecticides are used:

  • Zemlin;
  • Force;
  • Initiative.

They are used according to the manufacturer's instructions. These drugs are used not only for cabbage, but also for a number of other crops.

To fight infections in the spring, a month before transplanting, a 2% carbathion solution is added to the site. Wells are watered with Fitosporin. Good results were shown by Fungistop. They spray the site before planting.

Among complex insectofungicides, the following drugs are distinguished:

  • Trichodermin;
  • "Fitodoctor";
  • Mikosan
  • Planzir.

The disadvantage of these drugs is that microdoses are added to the wells and it is not always convenient to calculate them.


The hole for planting cabbage needs to be prepared so that in the fall not to be left without the desired crop. Depending on the purpose, biological or chemical preparations are used. Fertilizers are added taking into account their compatibility. If there is already an infection in the garden, the use of modern fungicides and crop rotation are mandatory.


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