What is pepper odema

The odema of pepper appears on the foliage of pepper in the form of small bell-like growths. A detailed description of the phenomenon, its symptoms and causes, we consider in the article.

Pepper odema

What is odema

Eden, or odema, is popularly called dropsy. This is nothing more than foliage edema in plants, which does not apply to infectious or fungal diseases, or to the results of damage to plantings by pests.

Edema manifests itself in pepper on the leaves through swollen cork growths of small sizes, which cover the entire inner side of the leaf blade, especially thickening in the area of ​​the handle.

In some cases, its appearance resembles a white mold. Edema pimples look watery, but in their structure they are dense and similar to warty growths.

In most cases, umbilical growths settle on the leaves .. Sometimes they can also appear on the stems of plants, as a result of which a large number of spots that have covered them or solid spots can twist.


When growing sweet pepper with a change in the physiological state of foliage, gardeners encounter quite often, and the reason for this is improper care. This happens if:

  • the root system of plants is constantly in warm and moist soil, and the ambient temperature drops sharply or remains moderately cool,
  • lighting standards are violated if vegetables are cultivated indoors,
  • in the absence of regular watering, the over-dried lump of soil suddenly suddenly begins to be abruptly excessively abundantly watered or sprayed frequently, which leads to excessive waterlogging,
  • young seedlings of sweet pepper at the stage of growing seedlings under illumination are tightly to each other in the space bounding them.

Maintain moisture for seedlings

If the balance between temperature, humidity and watering is violated, the liquid does not evaporate through the foliage in the required volume. This leads to the accumulation of water in the cells, the fluid displaced by them expands the leaf epithelium in the form of growths, which break when they increase in size.

Most often, plants grown in greenhouse conditions are affected by the odema, where it is quite difficult to adjust the necessary humidity indicators.

Harm of odema

Since the process of the appearance of pimples on leaf blades is not associated with disease damage, the danger of odema for peppers is not. For this reason, it is contraindicated to treat with insecticides and water pepper bushes for treatment with phytohormonal drugs and can harm all plantings.

Seedlings with the defeat of its foliage edema continues to develop actively.

However, gardeners will have to come to terms with the fact that the leaves affected by it will no longer take their original form. Sick leaves, which can no longer recover nutrition, will disappear with time, but when favorable conditions are created, after some time, a new healthy foliage will grow.

Warning methods

In the absence of special preparations and methods to combat pepper edema, in order to prevent, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for plants and provide them with proper care.

  1. It is required to adjust the number of irrigations and their volume.
  2. After the irrigation procedure, it is recommended to loosen the ground, especially when it is too dense or too wet. If you do not engage in loosening, then you need to make frequent punctures in the soil.
  3. For seedlings, drainage is mandatory, which is 1/4 or 1/5 of the volume of the tank.
  4. For seedlings and adult bushes grown indoors, you need to provide lighting.
  5. For the full development of plants, air circulation is needed, which is ensured by regular ventilation of the enclosed space.


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