What mushrooms grow in the suburbs in October 2019

Mushrooms are forest organisms that have a mass of useful qualities important to humans. Before picking mushrooms near Moscow in October 2019, you need to find out which ones are suitable for long-term harvesting, and which ones are best fried or boiled.

Mushrooms in the suburbs in October 2019

general characteristics

Each mushroom has its own properties and is prepared differently. There are 4 categories:

  • 1st category: edible;
  • 2 category: conditionally edible;
  • 3 category: inedible;
  • 4th category: poisonous (they are divided into poisonous, deadly poisonous, hallucinogenic).

Edible ready to eat and raw. Representatives of the 2nd category are bitter and require preliminary soaking. Not edible will not cause harm to health if eaten, but require careful proper preparation. They are washed in several waters, boiled, then fried or stewed. Poisonous can not eat. Toxins that they contain, at home, in simple ways, can not be removed. Poisoning can be fatal.

Taste classification

1st category: mushrooms, saffron mushrooms, white, fox, etc. representatives of this group have a noble bright taste.

Category 2: their taste data do not differ too much from the 1st one, they have a characteristic aroma and will add piquancy to any dish (white and pink throttles, oaks, butterflies, brown boletus, boletus, Polish mushrooms and champignons).

Category 3: it unites fruiting bodies of medium taste: valui, butterdish, flywort, honey agaric, brown boletus (black and swamp), russula, morels. They are not in great demand among culinary specialists. They are considered simple. They are used in salting.

Category 4: consists mainly of conditionally edible mushrooms that require special preparation: mushrooms (felt, pepper), oyster mushrooms, blackberries, honey mushrooms (summer, meadow), cobwebs, pink forest champignon, dung beetle, butterflies, etc. Cook them for at least 40 minutes.

Types of autumn mushrooms in the suburbs

Autumn is the perfect time of the year for picking mushrooms. In the forests of the Moscow Region, many varieties grow that are suitable for food, from which winter preparations are made, frozen or salted. It is required to find out which of them are edible and which are not worth taking and how to properly collect them.

Edible mushrooms

After a mushroom rain, at an air temperature of 10-15 ° C, it is not difficult to harvest a good crop.

The autumn suburbs include:

  • honey agarics (honey agarics);
  • waves
  • russula;
  • whites;
  • loadings;
  • saffron mushrooms;
  • value.

Mushroom harvest is collected before the onset of stable cold weather. On the trunks of living trees, in nettles and on mossy stumps, whole families of honey mushrooms are found.

The West of Moscow Region is famous for its autumn waves, openings and black breasts. Original crackers are delicious in pickled and salted form, with spices.

Russicles in the fall are found at every step. They grow in the thicket of the forest. They are pre-soaked for 10-15 minutes, and then boiled and fried.

You can always find autumn forest goodies in their habitats that are special for each species, such as coniferous and mixed forests. Until November, the Polish are found under Christmas trees, and in the empty birch groves, under the foliage are found birch trees.

The best gathering place for brown boletus and autumn mushrooms is the Leningrad direction, Firsanovskaya station .

In the suburbs, autumn 2019 promises to be fruitful and delight mushroom pickers with warm weather.

Inedible mushrooms

Poisonous mushrooms can cause severe poisoning.

Inedible mushrooms include:

  • luminous talker;
  • gray float;
  • motley champignon;
  • common fun;
  • Russula vomiting;
  • entoloma;
  • gall.

Gall (rabbit) looks like a porcini mushroom, but it tastes very bitter, which can ruin the dish. This will signal that you can’t eat this.

The gray mesh on the leg with pinkish spores on the underside of the cap are its hallmarks, which are easy to notice if you look closely.

Common russula is often confused with pale grebe. The difference in the "skirt" on the leg. The russula does not have it and its leg is somewhat thicker.

Irina Selyutina (Biologist):

Pale toadstool is the most poisonous cap mushroom, the poisoning of which in the vast majority of cases ends in death. Signs of poisoning with this fungus appear after 10-12, and sometimes even after 30 hours. This is very dangerous, because a person begins to think that everything is already well with him. Toxic substances of pale toadstools belong to the group of polypeptides. The same toxins were also found in the pulp of the fruit bodies of a white grebe, or the stinky fly agaric. They are also known for some mushrooms from the genus Galerin.

Red fly agaric is very beautiful, they just ask in the basket. But these are poisonous mushrooms. In elite restaurants, cooks who have undergone special training are able to cook them, as is done for cooks working with puffer fish (dogs).

Gathering a forest harvest, to be sure of its safety, it is necessary to pay attention to all the details, to make sure that the edibles have a hat on the back that matches the look (sponge or plate). Carefully sort and rinse all collected organisms. At the first doubt, discard unreliable units.

Food poisoning entails a violation of the nervous system, cause vomiting and death.

Benefit and harm

Nature gives man its wealth, to which belongs not only oil or gold. The gifts of the forest delight with its diversity, beauty and good. In mushrooms, nature contains a huge amount of vitamins, fiber, protein and various trace elements.


Mushrooms have a low calorie content. During the diet, they easily replace ordinary meat and serve as an excellent addition to the daily diet.

Scientists have discovered 18 amino acids in their pulp. This is a very large number, because There are only 20 protein-forming amino acids.

Scientists have proven the effectiveness of anti-cancer therapy, based on the use of extracts and extracts from the fruiting bodies of various forest mushrooms, due to the action of beta-glucan, which is part of the mushrooms.


Mushrooms are hard to digest. Chitin, which is part of the walls of the cells of the fetal body, slows down the digestion process. With improper preparation, rotting of dietary fiber in the stomach occurs.

Irina Selyutina (Biologist):

Despite the obvious benefits of mushrooms, they still have a number of contraindications.

  1. Edible mushrooms can cause serious ailments or severe poisoning. Poisoning can cause an old, wormy or stale mushroom. Therefore, it is better to buy them in stores or from time-tested sellers in the market.
  2. Excessive enthusiasm for eating mushrooms can trigger the development or exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases. Experts attribute this to the presence of chitin in the composition, which is not subject to our digestive system and is practically not digested. Its regular excess can lead to various problems, in particular to gastritis.
  3. There are age restrictions for children, which is associated with the incomplete development of the glands of their digestive system.
  4. The physiological condition of an adult is also the basis for the occurrence of health problems with the use of mushrooms:
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • elderly age.

Mushrooms absorb surface toxins from their entire surface. Therefore, picking mushrooms near busy roads, industrial enterprises or landfills is better not to do. Otherwise, the risk of getting into your body a lot of toxic compounds from exhaust gases or decomposition products from these very unpleasant places increases.

Cooking Application

Fans of delicious dishes will not be able to refuse the pleasure to try forest delicacies.

From saffron mushrooms, white, boletus, honey agarics, etc., excellent dishes are obtained, with a unique delicate taste, with a variety of flavors that will not leave anyone indifferent. Mushroom soup is very popular in the world, which in each country has its own special notes.

Pickles and salads acquire a special charm. And frozen and dried delicacies will allow you to enjoy them for a long time after harvest.


A trip to the forest will be a pleasure if you know what and how to collect. Beginners should pay attention to the study of all varieties of mushrooms and find out what the north, west or south of Moscow Region is famous for.


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