What is cow hunting, how to determine this period

It is difficult for an inexperienced farmer to notice when the cow is on the hunt. One of the most important processes in the puberty of an animal - the hunting of cows - requires special attention on the part of man. What to do if the cow does not come to the hunt? The proximity of cattle allows you to organize the work of the entire farm.

The identification of cows in the hunt is a priority for a person who is engaged in cattle breeding. For large farms, there are separate methods for determining the hunt of a particular cow from a large number of livestock.

Cow hunting

Cows and other cattle

Cow hunting is a natural process without which animal behavior is considered abnormal. It is very difficult for a novice farmer to distinguish when a false hunt occurs in cows, or to fix the moments of rejection. The periods when a cow is nearing sexual hunting should not be left without attention from the person, because it is he who prepares favorable conditions for livestock.

Is it normal for a young cow to have sex? Experts argue that fearing early puberty in animals is not worth it. The main thing is how a person reacts to any changes. Giving the right moment is very easy.

Fertilization is conceived by nature not only to continue the genus of cattle, but also to regulate internal processes in the body of the animal. After the hunt, the female becomes calm and does not harm herself or the farmer. Skipping periods when a cow is pulling for the first hunt is dangerous for the animal.

False hunting in cows is also common. This phenomenon is a signal for the farmer that unwanted hormonal changes occur inside the body.

Before you get cattle, you must evaluate your own strength. Without proper preparation and study of the animal’s lifestyle, it will not be possible to breed heifers or bulls. In order not to waste time and effort in vain, you should consult with experienced farmers. Help does no harm.

When does the right moment come and is the cow ready to be fertilized?

Cow Puberty

What to do if a cow does not go hunting for a long time? The puberty of the female must be noticed in a timely manner, the consequences of abstinence in livestock are expressed in strong aggression and atypical behavior. A cow is a full cycle individual in physiological development. Restructuring of its hormones occurs once every 25 days (sometimes less - in 18 days). The whole body the calf behaves calmly and balanced. The average cycle is 3 weeks.

The phases of hormonal changes in the body of the body are as follows:

  • the female is excited;
  • stage of inhibition;
  • the period when the cow is balanced.

A cow is going to hunt in one phase, and sending a calf to a bull at any convenient time is unprofitable and even dangerous for the farmer: aggression from the cow cannot be avoided.

Hunting is determined by primary signs, if the number of livestock on the farm is small. Maturation in a large herd occurs unnoticed by humans. The behavior of the bull is more pronounced, but the cows show desire in a different way. During the period of excitation in the body of the body, the formation of eggs occurs, and at the same time, the level of estrogen rises. Identifying the readiness of the calf to hunt during this period is difficult.

Due to increased estrogen in the cow, vaginal discharge occurs. For the bull, this is the first sign that you can mate soon. The calf cannot continue hunting for a long time, on average, the entire period takes from 10 to 20 hours. If you miss the right moment, the animal will not want to mate.

The calves, in which the estrus started, can injure the bull, harm it. It is impossible to schedule a fertilization of a cow without taking into account the physiological characteristics of its body. This is no use.

Ripening period

Five days pass from estrus to the formation of the yellow body. Gradually changing the behavior of the cow. The first sign of puberty is vaginal discharge of the animal. Detection of secretions is a matter of 5 minutes for an experienced farmer. A day after the onset of estrus, ovulation begins. An egg appears on the second day after estrus. The formed cell is ready for fertilization with bull sperm.

After another 5 days, the braking phase begins. The follicle is replaced by a new yellow body, progesterone is produced. Doing mating during braking is not worth it. After the calves calm down, they avoid the bull and any proximity with individuals of the opposite sex. The discharge becomes thick and soon ends. The next two weeks is the balancing of the body, when progesterone is at a high level, and tarragon is at a low level.

In winter, the calf does not seek to hunt. Colds and dry food make animals weak and passive, but after a few months the cows hunt with great zeal.

The estrus lasts only a few days, and during this time the farm owner must figure out the cattle mating. Artificial stimulation (special preparations are fed to the body) will cost more and take more time. Taurus hunts in created favorable conditions. The reasons why a cow does not come to hunting and refuses to be close to bulls must be studied and eliminated. Abstinence leads to serious diseases, then cattle have to be treated for a long time.

Information about how much the cow is in the hunt will help to organize the work of the entire farm.

Cow hunting

Signs of hunting in cows are signals that need to be responded immediately. Timely identify the calf estrus in the interests of the farm owner, because a good moment lasts no more than a day. The method for determining hunting and the causes of ill health in animals has been studied by farmers for centuries. Folk remedies and tips of experienced owners of a large herd will help beginners in the first couple.

Among the habits of the body during puberty and methods for determining hunting, there are:

  • a sharp change in livestock behavior;
  • external changes in the genitals of the cow;
  • test bull technique;
  • measuring the body temperature of an animal (a thermometer is placed in the rectum of livestock or the temperature of milk taken from a cow is measured);
  • the method of "fern leaf";
  • excessive activity of the animal;
  • measurement of the resistance of the walls of the vagina (this method is used for large farms).

After taking the gobies and cows after a short period of time, the degree of maturation of the cow is monitored. It is not difficult to identify signs, the main thing is to observe the behavior of animals in the herd. It is better to dispense with the natural readiness of the cow, but it is not recommended to give drugs without a veterinarian. Signs will help determine the readiness of the body. A sample bull is considered one of the easiest and most affordable ways to determine if it is time to inseminate a cow. The successful moment for mating lasts only 24 hours, in extreme cases - 2 days, for which you need to have time to fertilize the egg. Every novice farmer goes through a complex process, and then receives invaluable experience for the future.

Another feature is that hunting in cows after calving is different, behavior changes in cows, it becomes a little calmer.

Hunting probe bull

When there are more than 100 cows in a herd, it is impossible to determine estrus for each. The farmer in this case uses convenient methods for determining heat. The puberty of the body is determined using a bull probe. It helps to find cows that should be seeded. A bull is considered a probe, to which the seminal canals are ligated. Sometimes youngsters specifically bend a member. Such a bull cannot fully inseminate the body through sexual mating.

A castrated bull is also suitable for such purposes. To prepare the male for the role of a probe will allow special means for androgens that do not allow insects to heal. Such sexual inferiority is on hand to the farmer.

A bull should be brought in as soon as signs of estrus appear in the herd of the females. More often, puberty occurs in calves in a short period of time.

Sexual activity in sample bulls is preserved, but insemination is impossible. Proximity to a castrated male is considered an additional stimulation for the bodies. One bull can stimulate up to hundreds of cows of different ages. Keep the probe separate from the rest of the livestock. A bull is released only for 2-3 hours no more than 2 times a day. Farmers stock up at once with two or three bulls. The video clearly shows how to properly prepare the animals.

The first calving is determined by the bull. The young is done cage. Cows do not resist and do not run away from the bulls. This method determines the pregnancy of the body. If after 10 days the heifer allows the cage, then it is not fertilized. Signs of early pregnancy with other methods cannot be detected. A pregnant calf behaves aggressively after the first cage - this is a sure sign that fertilization has already occurred. The subsequent days of calving vaginal discharge is not observed. Under the age of one year, the calf may become pregnant from the first contact with the bull.

Hunting Methods

Scientists have developed their own methods for determining calf hunting. Each of the methods is famous for its advantages and disadvantages. Signs of estrus are not always easy to notice or find even using modern scientific methods. Known methods for determining when the first hunt for young cows began is presented below:

  • Submetry. The method is based on measuring the length of the steps of the animal. For these purposes, the farmer will need a special expensive device. With estrus, the animal moves at a wide pace. Video recording helps to determine estrus in any body. Due to the high cost, the effective method has not gained wide popularity.
  • Electrical resistance of the walls of the vagina. The old method does not require a lot of time or money, but it gives dubious results. Only 20% of heifers with estrus come to light.
  • Body temperature measurement. This method determines only a third of heifers with estrus.
  • Laboratory research. The mucus from the animal’s vagina is examined. Not every farmer can do this check. An expensive and costly way is not affordable for every owner of his own farm yard. The vagina is covered with mucus, which contains increased estrogen.

The choice of method depends on the number of females in the livestock and the farmer's capabilities. Using expensive tests is not practical for large farms.

Possible difficulties during the hunt

Silent heifer without estrus is a problem for any owner. Such an animal needs special care and care. Failures, when the animal body does not produce the necessary hormones, can affect not only the eggs and the development of the body, but also lead to the death of livestock. Where to put such a heifer? The animal is carefully examined by a veterinarian, because insemination is not the only problem of the farmer.

Diseases of the internal organs or poor nutrition can cause a lack of estrus. If the calf behaves quietly and her body is weak, then the problems are either in the feeding trough or in the lifestyle. Changes in the conditions of detention lead to the restoration of internal processes in the body of the body. Internal pathologies are treated with medication. Self-medicating cattle is not worth it.

How to guess the time of mating? The video “revealing sexual hunting in cows” will help every newcomer who has not previously experienced fertilization of cows.

The periods of sexual hunting in cows do not last long, but it is necessary to prepare for them carefully. It is not always possible to cause estrus in a female by artificial methods, therefore it is in the interests of the farmer to determine the natural processes that occur in each animal. If it is time to inseminate the heifer, she will let you know.


Thus, the estrus period is extremely important for both the physical and psychological state of the animal, therefore, if the cow does not have sexual hunting, this is an occasion to think, maybe something is wrong with the health of the burenka. You can find out what exactly is possible by contacting a veterinarian - only he is able to correctly identify the reasons and write out the correct treatment, so that in a few days the cow will again delight with the desire for sexual activity.


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