What is the calorie content of cabbage

White cabbage is a useful food product, the use of which is possible in raw, boiled, stewed, pickled and pickled. Salads, cabbage rolls, vegetable patties and cabbage soup are prepared from the leaves of the plant. In medicine, it is prescribed in the treatment of many diseases of the body. Low calorie cabbage allows people to remove excess weight.

Calorie cabbage

Cabbage refers to crops that are grown in almost all countries of the world, excluding desert regions and the Far North. Archaeological excavations confirm that people began to cultivate the plant back in the Stone Age. In Russia, a vegetable crop appeared in the XI century.


To get a complete picture of the benefits of a vegetable, it is worth studying the table of chemical structure

Let us consider in more detail what elements and in what quantity are contained per 100 grams:

  • proteins - 1.8 g;
  • fats - 0.1 g;
  • carbohydrates - 3 g;
  • dietary fiber - 2 g;
  • water - 89 g.


  • B1 - 0.02 g;
  • B2 - 0.02 g;
  • C - 30 g;
  • E - 0.1 g;
  • PP -0.6 g.


  • magnesium - 16 mg;
  • potassium - 300 mg;
  • sodium - 930 mg;
  • calcium - 48 mg;
  • phosphorus - 31 mg.

Trace elements: iron - 0.6 mg.

Calorie content

In the edible part (head of cabbage is not eaten), calories in cabbage are 26.7 units per 100 grams. The average weight of one head is about 1.5 kg. This weight contains 401.73 kcal.

Due to the small number of kilocalories, doctors in some diseases recommend eating a head of vegetable per day.

Calorie content: boiled per 100 g - 18 kcal, pickled - 19.4, pickled - 18.7, stewed with tomato juice - 4, boiled in cabbage soup - 33.6.

Beneficial features

Cabbage is very beneficial for the body.

Considering the chemical composition of the vegetable, it can be noted that it contains many vital elements necessary for the normal functioning of all internal organs of a person. Eating regularly, it will prevent the development of a deficiency of many vitamins.

The benefits of cabbage and its action:

1. Ascorbic acid. At the time of cooking the product, the amount of ascorbic acid only increases. Therefore, the boiled product becomes even more useful.

2. Folic acid improves blood circulation and stimulates metabolism.

3. Phytoncides. They inhibit pathogenic flora, destroy Staphylococcus aureus.

4. The plant removes excess fluid from the body. This factor is provided by the predominance of potassium salts in comparison with sodium salts.

5. During heat treatment, tartronic acid is destroyed in the plant, which contributes to the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the body.

6. The presence of choline contributes to the normalization of fat processes.

7. The high fiber content contributes to the normalization of the digestive tract, acts as an antioxidant, removes toxins and toxins from the body.

8. Low energy value allows you to remove excess weight. The human body receives more benefits from a raw product, but boiled dishes in which the described vegetable is present have their advantages. So, a boiled plant stabilizes the stomach, shows a mild laxative effect, has a good effect on the body with manifestations of gout and arthritis. Nutritionists recommend including this vegetable in their diet, as it is a diet with low calories.


The negative impact of a vegetable crop may occur when it is abused.

So, a large amount of food eaten can lead to bloating, colitis, constipation and flatulence and, as a result, pancreatitis can aggravate, ulcers of the stomach and intestines, as well as gastritis in people suffering from high acidity.

Also, doctors do not recommend eating a vegetable crop in the presence of an infectious disease and myocardial infarction.

When eating a vegetable, it should be remembered that you can not eat a stalk. It always accumulates toxic compounds. In rare cases, people have an allergic reaction to this product.

Healing properties

Cabbage Helps Heal Ulcers

White cabbage is widely used in folk medicine. Let us consider in more detail how it is used.

1. Despite the fact that eating a vegetable crop is contraindicated for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, it is still recommended to take it. The high content of vitamins and other beneficial elements helps to heal ulcers and heal from other ailments.

How was this problem solved? Researchers have found a way out: if you can’t eat a vegetable, you can drink its juice. And when the period of remission begins, the vegetable crop can be consumed boiled or stewed. At the same time, it is better to forget about pickled, pickled and fried dishes.

2. The action of the plant in atherosclerosis is manifested in blocking the formation of cholesterol plaques.

3. With vitamin deficiency, the body is replenished with vitamin C.

4. With a reduced level of acidity in the stomach, the plant normalizes balance. Exchange processes start.

6. Leaves of a fresh plant attached to the site of the bruise relieve the inflammatory process and swelling.

7. Regular correct intake of the product will not allow kidney stones to form.

Attention! Considering the useful qualities of a culture, you should not treat it as a method of treating a disease. Its benefits can only become an addition to the main treatment. But it is better to get advice from a doctor who will recommend how and in what quantity it can be used for a certain disease.

Weight Loss Methods

Many effective methods for losing weight using this product have long been developed. Low calorie content in cabbage and its unique chemical composition attract people who want to lose weight.

How does a plant cope with such a task?

Firstly, the high content of tartronic acid does not allow carbohydrates to be deposited in the form of fat accumulations.

Secondly, plant fibers absorb and push out toxic substances and slags. Enzymes, in turn, destroy acquired fat accumulations. A properly selected diet will allow you to remove unnecessary kilograms from the waist and hips in a week.

Thirdly, the low calorie content (100 g of the product contains 27 kcal) allows you to consume vegetables in large quantities. At the same time, one should not forget that busting can cause constipation and lead to excessive gas formation.

Fourth, the presence of a large number of useful components in ordinary cabbage allows you to support the body during a period of low calorie intake. In addition, the skin tightens due to the effect of the vegetable, becomes more elastic, the structure of nails improves, and the hair gets a lively shine.

Note! In the female circle, there is an opinion that a vegetable is able to increase breasts. Doctors are skeptical of this statement and emphasize that it is possible to tighten the skin, but it will not be possible to increase the mammary glands. At the same time, they point to another ability of the product to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, due to the fact that harmful substances are removed from the body in a timely manner, which can contribute to the development of cancer.

The calorie content of Beijing cabbage is 16 kcal per 100 g. It is also slightly inferior to white cabbage and in the number of useful elements. Therefore, for weight loss, it is better to use the classic variety.

Traditional medicine recipes

Consider the most effective methods of treating various diseases:

  • Eliminate bleeding gums and stomatitis with frequent rinsing of the oral cavity with freshly squeezed cabbage juice.
  • With bruises and pains in the joints, a compress is applied to the sore spot for 2 hours from fresh rumpled leaves.
  • With purulent sore throat, the throat is rinsed more than 4 times a day with pure vegetable juice until complete healing.
  • Hematoma can be treated with compresses. The cabbage leaves cut into small pieces are boiled in milk for 3 minutes, after which they are applied to the sore spot for 40 minutes.
  • In ancient times, the bites of poisonous insects and snakes were neutralized by drinking cabbage juice along with red grape wine (in a 1: 1 ratio).

Now you know how many calories are contained in fresh white cabbage and in vegetables, which are prepared according to different recipes. Now you know about the benefits of cabbage and how traditional medicine can cure many diseases.


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