What breeds of broilers are carried at home

Broiler chickens are a specially bred breed that is used to produce meat. Birds were obtained by crossing several species. This breed is designed to get meat in the shortest possible time. The question immediately arises, are broiler chickens rushing?

Do broiler chickens lay eggs

Like any other bird, broilers give eggs, and they are the same as the product obtained from regular laying hens. It is not worth using chicken of this species as hens, because they do not give as many eggs as we would like.

Does the broiler give eggs

Do broiler hens rush? The answer is yes, but you should not use them for this.

Most of the breeders do not wait for this moment, because birds of this species are killed at the age of 3-4 months. To obtain products of non-meaty type, broilers can be used only if the chickens have not gained the required mass by the deadline. Broilers are designed to get meat and the right weight they reach in 2-3 months, and then just eat, but they no longer gain weight. That is why they are not kept longer.

Broiler chickens are prone to a variety of diseases.

For their normal development, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime and feed them with special food. Those who have been breeding for more than a year have noticed that birds often fall to their feet. This indicates their poor health.

At what age do broiler chickens begin to lay eggs at home? broilers can lay eggs at the age of 6-7 months, but very rarely birds survive to this point. If the poultry farmer wants to get eggs, he better get a chicken of the corresponding breed.

Egg broiler maintenance

Broiler egg production at home is directly dependent on nutrition. Usually, birds are fed so that they gain weight, but if they are used as laying hens, such a diet will lead to obesity and because of this they are unlikely to bear fruit, therefore, to increase egg production, they must be given special vitamin supplements 1 time per day, grass and shell. It is also advisable to massage the birds with a stomach massage. This is necessary to improve the patency of the oviduct.

There is another problem that occurs when keeping broilers for egg production at home are fragile joints. They are injured under the pressure of their weight. If the chicken gained excess weight, it is better to kill it right away, because if the owner does not, it will still die from the disease.

How to get eggs from broilers

Many farmers breed broilers at home purely for meat, but there are those who want double benefits. They get from chickens not only high-quality meat, but also eggs. But for this you need to know some rules that will help to achieve good egg production.

  1. To get eggs from broilers, you must constantly monitor their ration.
  2. It is necessary to observe the behavior of the bird. She should eat well and drink regularly.
  3. If the broiler refuses something, this is the first sign of a serious illness.

It is possible to achieve egg production from broilers, but they must be constantly monitored. It is also worth remembering that such hens will no longer have high-quality meat.

Most often, birds that lay eggs have tougher meat, so the breeder needs to make a choice if he wants to get eggs or meat.

Broiler egg for food

Broiler chickens carry larger eggs than regular laying hens. The weight of one is approximately 60-65 g. It is these birds that most often give eggs with two yolks. Also, due to the large size of the eggs, broilers die.

This is because the oviduct clogs such egg sizes, so you should carefully monitor the bird and provide help in time if such a nuisance occurs.

The fruits of broiler chickens are equally nutritious and delicious. They are no different from eggs of other breeds. This conclusion was made by scientists after a series of experiments.

Broiler eggs for incubator

Broiler chickens do not hatch eggs on their own, this must be done with the help of an incubator, because often it happened that laying hens just left this thing. But even in order to bring them out at home, just an incubator will not be enough, because this breed is bred by crossing several meat species. Only after that you can get such a broiler, which we used to see.

If you do not have special knowledge, you do not need to do this, because chickens can hatch, but it is not clear what they will be. This can only be noticed at the age of a few weeks.

Broilers have no maternal instinct, therefore an incubator is used, bought in advance or made by one’s own hands.

Growing broilers and obtaining offspring is a rather complicated process, therefore it is better to buy ready-made chickens.

Broiler Egg Breeds

In order to get the normal number of eggs from broilers, you need to know what breed to breed, because not all chickens of this species have good egg production. It is worth choosing the right breed. The most popular is ROSS-308: it quickly reaches the required weight and produces about 185 eggs per year. The average weight of one fruit is 65 g. Also, this species is a little sick, which means that it will delight the owner with eggs and quality meat for a long time.

Another good broiler egg breed is ROSS-708. Many call this species an improved version of ROSS-308. Such birds give a large number of eggs, while all of them have high-quality meat.

In Russia, they also brought out the Cross-Smena-8 cross. These birds also give a lot of eggs, but there is a minus: this species has an average survival of offspring. There is a plus: birds easily adapt even to the most severe climate.


Thus, the answer to the question of whether broilers carry eggs is ambiguous. No, of course, broiler chickens, like other birds, carry eggs, because it is inherent in nature, but there is one caveat - you still should not use meat breeds for this purpose. To extract such products, it is better to have a hen of another breed: it will be uninterrupted to lay eggs.

Broilers are used to get quality meat. It is for this that breeders crossed different breeds.


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