What are the reasons for blooming Beijing cabbage

Beijing cabbage is a culture not everyone knows about the benefits of growing it. This vegetable came from China. It is rich in vitamins, has a high yield and good cold resistance. A very short growing season. Among all the pros, there is one small minus. During cultivation, you may encounter the fact that Beijing cabbage bloomed.

Causes of flowering Beijing cabbage

Plant characteristics

To understand why Peking cabbage blooms, consider the characteristics of the culture.

This vegetable has several names: Peking, salad or Petsai. It is a close relative of ordinary Chinese cabbage (mustard or Pakchoy).

The culture is ancient. Simple cultivation technology. Suitable seedling and seedling methods. Not whimsical to the climate. It is possible to grow even in the harsh northern regions. There is a large selection of varieties.

It has sessile, delicate, whole leaves, the plate is wrinkled and slightly swollen. Height 15-35 cm. The type of head depends on the variety: a rosette or head of different density, formed from leaves.

Reasons for flowering

If Chinese cabbage blooms en masse, then you can’t count on a good harvest. It is important to know why this is happening. There may be several reasons:

  • the landing site is not selected correctly;
  • untimely sowing dates;
  • the variety is selected without taking into account climatic features;
  • the root system is injured;
  • lack of phosphorus and potassium in the soil;
  • lack of moisture.

How to prevent the flowering of Beijing cabbage

To understand why Chinese cabbage blossomed, several factors need to be studied.


Young Beijing cabbage often blooms because it does not like the abundance of the sun. Enough 12 hours of not bright lighting. If you sow the seeds in early spring or August, you can avoid the long daylight hours. You can plant closer to the structure or fence, so that there is a shadow for the normal development of the plant. If this is not possible, you need to cover the beds with special covering material.

Temperature mode

Temperature differences after planting contribute to the formation of flower buds. Therefore, it should be planted when there is no frost or constant overheating of the soil. The most optimal temperature is from 12 ° C to 20 ° C. With a late harvest, vegetables go into flower arrows.


In order not to damage the root system of plants, it should be planted in the soil very carefully. This applies to seedlings growing method. When loosening row-spacing, care should also be taken. If part of the roots is lost, it forms flowers and fruits at an accelerated pace, completing its life cycle.


It is important to maintain soil moisture

To avoid flowering Chinese cabbage, it is important to monitor soil moisture throughout the season. If the moisture has left due to weather conditions, watering and fertilizing measures should be taken. Lack of moisture adversely affects the quality of cabbage.


Flowering also occurs when there is a lack of the necessary minerals in the soil. The development of the head will be slow. Preliminary soil prepared in the fall prevents shooting. To do this, in the fall you need to make organic fertilizers (humus or compost), mineral impurities. And in the spring only to level the soil. Plants will not starve and shoot.

Grade selection

Wrong selection of varieties occupies a special place in such causes of flowering. Therefore, you should select it carefully.

The variety should be selected taking into account the climate of the region. The best are cabbage seeds resistant to flowering. Dutch varieties are recommended. They are more resistant to flowering and are well adapted to our climate. The most popular of them:

  • Russian size - resistant to adverse weather conditions, matures in 80 days with proper care, weighing up to 4 kg;
  • Cha-Cha - a mid-season variety, the first crop can be obtained in 50 days, a head of average weight up to 2.9 kg;
  • Orange mandarin is an early ripening variety, planted all summer. Harvest in 40 days. Resistant to frost. Head weight is about 1 kg;
  • Vorosheya - a half-rolled variety, goes like a salad;
  • Nika - a hybrid of early ripening, yellow in section, wrinkled and with a wax coating;
  • Vesnyanka - refers to precocious varieties, the crop ripens after 35 days, salad sweet culture;
  • A glass is a mid-season variety, the crop is obtained after 75 days, characterized by dense leaves, a yellowish-green hue;
  • unpretentious resistant to flowering varieties Manoko, Taranco, Bilko.

Only original hybrids have the properties of cold resistance and flowering. With independent collection and harvesting of seeds, it is impossible to get a quality crop.

It is important to buy seed only in trusted specialized stores. In order not to get a fake, the product must be certified.

Flowering action

Unfortunately, if Beijing blooms, then it is already impossible to fix the situation. However, there are options for its use:

  • Pull out and dispose of in a compost heap. (It has a delicate structure and will soon turn into a fertile compost);
  • dispose of, making room for other crops;
  • use as pet food;
  • use as food.

There are not many vitamins in flowering heads of cabbage than in ordinary heads. But if you want to benefit from them, you can. Vein leaves accumulate milky juice and become bitter. Therefore, fresh are not suitable for use. To prepare culinary dishes, you must first soak them in salted water. All bitterness will come out. And after that, you can cook cabbage rolls, summer soups and other culinary delights.

If Peking cabbage bloomed, then there are not many options for using the crop. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude all the causes of flowering, approach the issues of care and cultivation of this vegetable with all responsibility.


To prevent flowering, accurate adherence to preparatory technology and growing technology is necessary. In the future, it is impossible to rectify the situation without this knowledge. Take care of the plantings in accordance with the needs of the variety, otherwise instead of a bed with vegetables you get a blooming flower bed.


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