We build a cage for quails with our own hands from various materials

Keep quail in cages purchased in stores or on the Internet. You can also make them yourself. A variety of building materials are on sale today. Building something from them is easy and simple. Yes, and a quail cage with your own hands will be much cheaper. Consider in detail how to build quail cages. We will also talk about what norms exist regarding the size of sparrows.

DIY quail cage

Feeding conditions

It is worth noting that the birds of small sizes, namely such are the quail, feel great at the cage. Having looked at the video how to make a quail cage, you can make sure that this is a simple task that everyone can cope with. First, we procure building materials, having previously thought over the design of the house for birds. Accordingly, it will not be superfluous to study the norms regarding the content of quail.

Regardless of whether you plan to breed these birds or not, one cage can not do. At a minimum, you need to build 2 cages, in which of which young animals will live, and he will periodically appear, and in the second hens and adult livestock. If we are talking about the breeding of various varieties of birds on a large scale, then you will still need a quail, in which the chicks of meat orientation and parent groups will live. It is advisable to build 2 cages for young animals. One should contain the smallest chicks who have not yet turned 10 days old, the other - young growth, which is older than 10 days, but has not yet reached the age of 45 days.

Size of Sparrow

It is important to consider quail cell sizes. Dimensions such as the height and width of the brooder are governed exclusively by the number of goals. If we talk about the size of the quail cage for 10 animals, then according to the regulatory framework, its height should be about 300 mm, and its height should be 750. But this norm does not apply to birds that are fed. They need less space. Enough broader 60 cm wide, the height of which is 25 cm. As for the size of the quail cage for 20 individuals, then, according to existing standards, they are 35X110 centimeters. When keeping 30 birds, according to the standards, the width of the cells should be 1.5 m, and the height should be 0.45 m (35X120 cm, if we are talking about birds that are fed). Well, for a livestock of 50 birds, we build a cage with a height of 75 cm and a width of 150 cm (for birds on the fattening 60X120 cm). If we talk about the density of landing, then 10 nestlings should average 12-15 square meters. dm. According to these standards, it is easy to determine what a quail cage should be ideally. For example, in a quail cage, the area of ​​which is 1 sq. m. 75 adults are accommodated.

With a cellular content, meat-based quail quickly recover. But you must comply with the above standards.

Maintaining a large herd is difficult. To simplify the care of birds, it is advisable to build the so-called cell batteries for quail (combined together 5-7 cells). Combines all the structural elements of the frame.

Naturally, the size of the quail cage is directly proportional to the number of birds. But, take into account the size of the room in which the bird house will be installed.

Temperature conditions and the choice of place for the quail

Chicks of different ages need a different temperature regime. Accordingly, before the quail cage scheme is drawn, you need to think through a heating system, which you can not do without. Weekly quail needs a temperature of 360 C. Even in summer, the temperature is not always in the room. If Seriously, you will not engage in the breeding of birds, and young growth in the room will appear only from time to time, then quail cages do not need to be equipped with heaters. Place the heating element in the barn, in which there are handmade quail cages.

It is possible to prevent the emergence of various diseases among the chicks by providing an influx of fresh air. Accordingly, ventilation in the quail is another important point. We are thinking about how to equip it in advance. During operation of the ventilation system, drafts should not appear.

Quail cells are not put on the floor. In addition, we build a stand, or we attach legs in the process of creating a quail. It is enough to raise the cage from the floor by 20-30 cm.

As for the choice of a place for the quail, we protect the birds from drafts and choose the brightest side of the barn. Depending on the configuration of the shed in which the quail is installed, we select the optimal size for the cells.

Preparatory stage

Do-it-yourself quail cages are made without even leaving home. The small size of the quail is not intended to use a large number of building materials. Therefore, it is quite possible to do with improvised means. Any plywood sheets, galvanized metal sheets, wooden blocks and metal or plastic mesh will do. You can make a house for birds, even from plastic boxes. This simple design will cost inexpensively, but in functionality it will be inferior in functionality. This sparrowhawk has a shorter exploitation period.

As for the tools, you can make a quail cage with your own hands using only the standard set. And everyone has such a set at home. This is a hammer and pliers. In order to simplify your work, prepare more tools designed for working with wood and metal.

The quail must be light, so you will certainly need a grid for quail cells. There is no alternative to this material yet. Stop selection should be on a metal grid. For lack of funds, you can replace it with plastic. The amount of mesh depends on the size of the quail cages.

It is difficult to answer how much money will be spent on the construction of a quail. It depends on the materials used.

Build a birdcage

Making a cage is not at all difficult

All homemade quail cages have a similar structure. In shape they resemble the most ordinary box. Before proceeding to construction work, we make a drawing of a quail cage. It marks the location of the containers for feed and water. As for the maintenance of layers, it is advisable to consider an egg collection system. The simplest version of this design assumes that the egg collector will be a continuation of the floor, made at a slight slope. It is enough to make a bias of 70. In addition to making the scheme, we draw up a construction plan.

If the drawing of the quail cage is ready, and the plan is drawn up, we proceed to the construction.

  • First of all, we cut out all the blank walls from a fiberboard sheet or any other similar material. They can be 1, 2 or 3. If the room is warm, then it is advisable to deaf only the back wall of the structure. If the room is cool, then it makes sense to make the side walls of the structure deaf.
  • The next stage is the construction of the frame. It is best made from a wooden beam. Do not use wood that has been stored for a long time in high humidity. Most likely, it has already begun to rot. Before we attach all the frame elements to each other, we process the wooden structural elements with special tools that make them water-repellent. This will increase the life of the do-it-yourself quail cage. If a multi-tiered structure is being built, then the frame is made immediately under all tiers.
  • We clean the wooden frame with sandpaper. The design should be safe for quail. Therefore, the frame is made as smooth as possible. Next, we process the wooden structural elements with an antiseptic, after which we continue the construction. We use an antiseptic that can be used in the treatment of residential premises.

In the manufacture of the frame at home, you can use profile pipes. But wooden bars are a little cheaper.

  • Further, during the construction of the quail cage, we mount blind walls from fiberboard. It remains to make the floor and wall of the netting. Floors, as a rule, are also made of mesh-netting. But we choose a chain-link with small cells, and for the walls we get a coarse-chain chain-link. The grid cell sizes for quail cells should be 0.32X0.48 and 0.16X0.24 centimeters for walls and floor, respectively.
  • First, we cut the workpieces of the desired size with scissors for metal. Then, we fasten them to the frame. It is advisable to provide a place for the pallet in which feces will accumulate. This will greatly simplify the process of harvesting cells. In the presence of an egg collector, we make the floor under a slight slope (no more than 7 degrees).
  • If the quail is on the street, then we cover it with galvanized metal. An alternative to metal sheets is slate.

Quail cage made of plywood and mesh is ready. As an option, you can do it exclusively from a mesh-netting. In this case, the production of quail is reduced to the manufacture of a frame and fastening to it around the entire perimeter of the netting net. This design can be used in winter only in a well-heated room.

We examined how to make a quail cage on our own. It will not take much time or effort. The main thing is, before you build a cage for quails with your own hands, think through its design. If you plan a do-it-yourself quail cage for 50 pcs., Then it may be better to replace it with a multi-tiered structure, each tier of which will have 15-20 heads. We think over all the points regarding, for example, the location of the drinkers or the tray at the stage of creating the design drawing.

Drawings of quail cages can be made even by a person who is far from design.

Another interesting option

Consider how to make a quail cage with your own hands at home, using cheap boxes. We are talking about trellised boxes made of plastic. Wooden and cardboard analogues are not suitable. The beauty of this idea is that such a quail cage does not need a frame. Accordingly, the process of constructing the structure is maximally simplified. But, a large number of quail in such a cage does not fit, which is a minus of the design. At home, the assembly of this quail cage will take a maximum of 30-40 minutes.

Before making a quail cage from boxes, think over its dimensions. You need to understand that here you have to build on the dimensions of the box. To build a small structure you will need 3 drawers. We also prepare flexible and durable wire, a sharp knife and a file, which is suitable for working not only with plastic, but also with metal. If the materials for the manufacture of quail cages are ready, we proceed to the manufacture of a miracle construction.

In fact, we make a quail cage from one box. The other two are needed to build the tray and roof structure. Since the height of the quail cage should not be less than 27-30 cm, the box needs to be sized accordingly.

First, cut off all the parts of the box that protrude above the side walls from above. Then, we cut off the remaining 2 drawers in such a way that we get pallets with a height of 5-10 cm. The boxes should be cut according to the figure that is shown on the plastic structures. We put one of the formed pallets down the main box, the other up. The lower pallet will play the role of a tray, while the upper one will be used as a roof. The whole structure is fastened with metal wire. You can use a strong thread, but the wire will be more reliable.

An improvised roof can be covered with pieces of plywood or any other material. If the structure is indoors, then there is no point in doing this. Linoleum can be placed in the tray. This material is easy to clean and does not allow moisture to pass through. True, you need to make sure that the tray is easily detached from the overall design. Do not forget to make a door for the bird.

Quail cage from plastic boxes is ready. It is advisable to place containers for food and water outside. But, you need to provide birds with free access to these tanks.

Winter Sparrows

It is possible to make a winter quail at home. The parameters remain the same, except that you need to think through a heating system. First of all, we choose the right building materials. In winter, the metal cage will be very cold. Therefore, it must be done exclusively from wood. In this case, it is advisable to take a quality tree, and not fiberboard sheets. Even if such a quail is standing in the barn, it will take less money to heat it than to heat a cell from fiberboard. The manufacture of winter sparrows involves the insulation of walls with heat-insulating materials. It will also help save money on heating.

You can also use light as heating. But lighting in this case involves the use of incandescent lamps, which consume a lot of electricity. If the lighting is organized using economical lamps, then they will not heat the air.

The heating system should be automatic. This will simplify bird care. You can use a conventional electric battery equipped with a thermostat, or you can purchase infrared heaters and install them on the walls of a quail. But the battery is the easiest to use. In addition, with proper insulation of the shed and the sparrowhawk, it is not necessary to turn on the battery very often. And little chicks who need a higher temperature can be moved to the house for winter time.

Doors in the barn must always be closed. If there are no heating elements, then it is advisable to cover the cage with a blanket at night. You can close only the side that is made of mesh. It is through the mesh cells that heat comes out of the quail.

We will not do a detailed description of the construction. The device of the winter sparrowhawk differs from the above-described plan only in the use of high-quality wood, which must be treated with special means, and in the use of thermal insulation. But even if all the materials are purchased in a store, factory cells of the same quality will still cost more. At the end of construction, you need to equip the cage. Be sure to leave a place under the pallet.

Important points

Do not forget to equip the door through which not only cleaning, but also the landing of quails in a makeshift cage is carried out. Be sure to attach a latch to the door.

It’s possible to build a winter version of the quail, or summer. It is advisable to use a wooden cage for quail as a winter option, and a house made of net-netting is suitable for summer bird keeping.

Before making quail cages, consider the dimensions and make a drawing. Decide in advance where to place the containers for feed and water. You can make a quailwood even from an old refrigerator or air conditioner. But the iron sparrows quickly heat up, and it’s quite difficult to keep them clean. Rather, frames from old office equipment will fit as a makeshift. Cardboard boxes are also not worth using as a quail. Maintaining cleanliness in them for a long time is almost impossible.

You can see how to build quail cages in photos and videos. However, this process is unusually simple. The only thing that can be taken from the video about quail cages and their construction is the option of an egg collection and arrangement of a quail. When choosing a design, it is worth giving preference to multi-tiered quail cages.


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