Vitamin content in potatoes

Potato - is considered one of the most popular vegetables in the world. Many delicious dishes are prepared from it. It is customary to serve as a side dish for meat or fish, and also add to soups, bake, stew, cook and cook chips. Many nutritionists claim that it is potatoes that are very useful for the human body and are of great benefit. Vitamins in potato and in its peel have a fairly high percentage. To date, breeders around the world have been able to produce more than 7 thousand varieties of potatoes. So what is the value of this product and how many nutrients are in it?

Vitamin content in potatoes

The nutritional value of potatoes

Potato contains a large amount of vitamins, so it is not for nothing that it is replaced with bread. Also, the root crop contains a considerable amount of useful substances that help to quickly saturate the human body. It is enough for a person to eat a few boiled potatoes to saturate the body for a long period of time. The potato contains a sufficient amount of amino acids, plant sugars, sterols and trace elements. They have a beneficial effect on providing the body with proteins. Moreover, due to them, the work of the whole organism is being established.

The number of calories in a potato depends on the cooking method. The calorie content of boiled potatoes is the least, about 80 units per 100 g of weight. If you bake potatoes, then such a dish is considered high-calorie, and in this regard, it can quickly saturate the body and establish the work of many of its systems. This applies to the brain, stomach, and intestines.

Many nutritionists are prone to the fact that boiled potatoes in a peel are much more useful than any other, as it has many necessary vitamins, minerals and low calorie content. As for fried potatoes, it is extremely undesirable to use it for those people who are on a diet.

Vitamin content

Many do not know, but one potato contains as much acid as one orange. Therefore, for the body to have enough vitamin C for exactly one day, it is enough for a person to eat 400 g of potatoes. In addition, the fruit itself and its peel is rich in beta-carotene, which has high antioxidant qualities and acids. Because of this, many nutritionists recommend eating jacket potatoes. 100 g contains a huge number of vitamins and minerals, for example, renitol in an amount of 0.003 mg, thiamine - only 0.2 mg, riboflavin - 0.07, nicoic, pantothenic and folic acids.


The potato contains a large amount of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. To have enough of these elements for a day, you can eat 200-300 g of product. But also a person should know that those fruits that have been lying all winter have fewer vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is better to buy fresh vegetables. The composition of 100 g of tubers contains such a number of vitamins:

  • 570 potassium, 5 sodium;
  • 60 phosphorus;
  • 58 chlorine, 0.2 copper;
  • 30 sulfur, 0.1 iron;
  • 23 magnesium, 0.1 molybdenum;
  • mcg, 0.1 boron.

The benefits to humans

Any kind of potato is useful

In any form and in its own way, root crops will be useful for the body.

  1. If the vegetable is baked, then such a dish will be very useful and nutritious. At the time of preparation, the flesh, which is immediately under the skin, consists of nutrients. If a person eats the same amount of potatoes as an orange or currant, then he will receive the same number of nutrients. It is better to cook baked potatoes with the peel, but wash it thoroughly beforehand, because during the cultivation the tubers were processed with various chemicals.
  2. Boiled root vegetables are advised to eat for those who often suffer from disorders of the intestines and stomach. The fiber content during cooking is not lost, but rather increases several times. It restores the work of the stomach, calms and embraces all internal organs, and thereby protects against various injuries.
  3. Ash elements, which are in large quantities in the product, have a strong effect. They absorb and remove all harmful substances from the body. If the root crop is boiled in a peel, then thanks to its vitamins and minerals you can easily overcome colds. Any person from a young age knows how the root crop acts correctly during an illness. Therefore, often people use inhalation, which cleanses the nose, throat and completely relieves inflammation.
  4. Often people make potato juice from raw fruits, because it gives the body good benefits. Homemade potato drink contains over 30 vitamins. It contains a high level of ascorbic acids, tocopherols and B vitamins. They not only protect the body and increase its strength, but also expel heavy and harmful elements from it, such as salts, toxins, poisons.

Doctors strongly advise drinking juice to those people who suffer from ulcers and hypertension. The drink has analgesic and antiseptic properties, and also heals damage and inflammation.

Harm to humans

Fruits can simultaneously contain nutritional value and be useful, but also poison a person. But you should not panic right away, because the poison is in the green parts of the plant, in the stems and foliage. Green vegetable tops have a large number of toxins, such as corned beef and alkaloid. These elements can kill any insect. In this way, the plant protects itself from various pests that love to eat root crops.

It is also worth knowing that there are also such insects that are not afraid of any poison, for example, Colorado beetles. It happens that solanine passes to root crops, but only to those that have been lying outdoors for quite some time, under the sun and begin to rot. Therefore, it is forbidden to eat such fruits. To know that poison has appeared is easy, the tuber turns green. It is undesirable to eat vegetables with a large number of starch for those people who suffer from intestinal diseases. Diabetics and those with low acidity are not allowed to drink potato juice.


Potatoes contain a huge number of vitamins and minerals, so it is not only allowed to eat, but it is also useful to do it. A few boiled fruits are enough to make the body feel full for a long period. It is very beneficial to eat potatoes with the skin, since it is in it that all the nutrients are found, but they are thoroughly washed beforehand. If a person is on a diet, before eating potatoes he needs to consult a nutritionist.

Root crops will be useful to many people who suffer from diseases of the digestive tract. But it is also worth knowing that vegetables can become a poison for diabetics. Root crops are able to restore the work of the whole organism and give a person a lot of strength and energy.


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