Vines tying

Caring for a vineyard is complex and has many features. The most important is the proper garter of the vine. The growth of the planted crop, its health and productivity depend on how the garter of the grapes will be produced.

Vines tying

Why tie up grapes

Tie grapes is important because of the characteristics of the culture. It is a tall but brittle plant. Without support installed, it is prone to personal injury. Before the beginning of the vegetative period and the pruning of dry branches, vineyard secateurs attach weak shoots to supports and trellises.

It is important to consider the convenience of a person when carrying out activities to care for the culture. If you install a reliable support, the bush will be conveniently watered, sprayed, trimmed, etc. If the plant is old and massive, the grower will get a nice shaded area in the summer.

Why and how to fix the vine

The need to install trellis in the vineyard arises after a year from planting. When growing a young plant, tying to pegs is required. When the bushes grow more than 50 cm in height, the plants are tied to a trellis made of pipes or beams.

For the manufacture of trellis you need metal or wooden poles 2.5-3 m long, as well as galvanized wire. Installation of the structure is as follows:

  • The columns are dug to a depth of 0.5 -1 m, so that the distance between them is at least 3 m.
  • Pull the first row of wire at a height of 40 cm from the ground.
  • The next 2 rows of wire are placed at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other.

The wire is fixed with metal brackets or drilled under it special holes in the pipes. Properly tied grapes help reliable elastic materials. Often use fabric strips and textile cords. Do not use wire or fishing line: their use can harm the cultivated culture.

The Kembrick agri-tube made of PVC material also helps to tie grapes.

There is a tapener for garter grapes. This device allows you to quickly and effectively bind the necessary parts of plants akin to the stapler. Such a machine justifies itself only with frequent use. For rare work in the country, it is advisable to tie up the culture without using a tool.

Trellis vine position

The viticulturist himself determines the position of the branches on the trellis:

  • Vertical. Suitable for old non-covering bushes. Due to the upright position, the fruitful parts are leaked, and last year's ones are lengthened.
  • At an angle. Favorably affects the growth of last year's branches. The apical parts develop more slowly.
  • Horizontally. The plant develops fully. The clusters are nourished and ripen evenly.

Beginning vine growers are not recommended to arrange branches vertically because of the complexity of the operation and the possible risk of poor development of the middle part of the bush. For the intensive growth and development of young shoots, it is important to bend the branches at a slight angle or horizontally.


Shoots need to be mounted vertically

There are 2 ways to perform a grape garter operation: dry and green.

A distinctive feature of the first is the state of the plant at the time of the event. The plant has to be tied up before budding. The vine is tied up like this:

  • On the installed trellis fasten perennial sleeves of bushes fan-shaped or semi-fan-shaped.
  • On the second tier shoots are attached, gently bending them at an angle of 45-60 ° C (other options are possible: arc or horizontally).
  • Intermediate fasteners can be free, and extreme - rigid.

The green method is carried out when young shoots are growing by 30-40 cm. When elongated, the shoots become more vulnerable to winds. To avoid possible problems, they are mounted vertically or at a slight angle.

Recommendations for beginners

Not only the methods and schemes of tying, but also the knowledge of the individual nuances of the effectiveness of work in the vineyard are important.

Beginning gardeners when gartering grapes is forbidden to attach a thin shoot to the upper bud. Due to bad weather conditions or inaccuracy of the person, the bush risks being damaged. Other nuances are also important:

  • Proper grapes are made with lightweight elastic materials. Inaccurate use of fishing line or wire will squeeze it.
  • They use the G8 scheme, bending around the wire and shoot of the plant with garter material. The best place is under the leaf bud.
  • The tying operation is carried out carefully, without bending the vine very much. The lines must be smooth, otherwise the plant’s nutrition system will be disrupted and it will die.

Using all these recommendations, it will not be difficult to properly perform work in the garden. In the summer, it remains only to monitor the growth of planted bushes and timely tie the grapes to strained wires.


Garter of the grapes is carried out after the winter and the trimmed dry shoots of the planted crop. For this, elastic materials are used: fabric flaps, textile ropes and strips of polyethylene. To tie faster, you will need a special gun - tapener.


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