Vegetable growing

How to use ammonia to water onions

In pursuit of a good harvest, gardeners use a variety of fertilizers. The immediate leader among all of them is ammonia for onions. It contributes to the enrichment of plants with nitrogen and helps in pest control. It is important to learn how to properly prepare solutions and irrigate, otherwise ammonia can harm the crop

Description of Bessonovsky variety

Bessonovsky onion, or, as the people call it Local, has a lot of useful characteristics, which is why it is quite popular among gardeners throughout Russia. The prospects for growing the Besson variety fully justify its use for planting: it tolerates local, often unfavorable growing conditions, shows excellent yield and good preservation during storage in winter

How to prepare onions for planting

In the cultivation of any culture, an important role is played by the process of preparation for planting, and onions here are no exception. You need to choose the right site for planting, choose the appropriate seed material, to ensure that plants maintain normal conditions. Preparation of onions for planting in the spring should be carried out according to all the rules, sequentially and at the right time

How to treat peronosporosis of onions

Peronosporosis of onions, or powdery mildew, is a fairly common disease. Peronosporosis of garden onions is a fungal disease that attacks any part of the plant. It occurs in cold and rainy weather when moist and moist soils are formed. Spores of fungal infection can spread by raindrops and wind at a decent distance

How to remove bitterness from onions

It is difficult to find a kitchen that would not use onions. It gives the dishes a mouth-watering aroma and a special taste. But it also happens that a little onion with bitterness can ruin everything, so every housewife must know how to remove the bitterness from onions or which of its varieties is the sweetest

How to plant onion sets in Siberia

Growing vegetables on your own site ensures the availability of fresh and safe products. How to plant onion sets in Siberia? Features of the climate require different approaches to cultivation and selection of varieties. In the review, we will analyze the most proven and effective points in breeding the popular spices

Description of chives

Chives - a plant that has many names. This is a perennial onion, whose homeland is China and northeast Asia. Chives have excellent product data, a delicate aroma, a sweetish taste. In the regions of Siberia he was nicknamed Rezan. The name speaks for itself, it is often necessary to cut it off, otherwise the castings will become harsh and, having lost quality, will be unsuitable for food

The importance of metronidazole for growing onions

Each gardener who grows a crop on his own beds, without fail, plants onions. But, as you know, not a single garden plant can do without pests that cause serious harm to the health of the vegetable. Onion metronidazole Metronidazole for onions is an indispensable substance that allows you to deal with such a parasite as an onion fly

Proper planting of spring onion

Planting onion sets in spring is a painstaking process, although you cannot call it too complicated. It is important to choose the right beds for the crop, prepare the bulbs and plant them correctly in the ground. It is necessary to maintain the timing of planting, on this largely depends on productivity

Chinese onion and its beneficial properties

Chinese onion is a plant from the Asparagus subfamily of the Bulbous Hyacinth family. His homeland is not known for certain. In the wild, the plant is found in northern Africa, in India and China, as well as in Mediterranean countries. A description of it was found in ancient documents. Chinese onion Chinese onion has medicinal properties, although official medicine has not yet studied them well

The healing and harmful properties of Indian onion

Many years ago, the famous alchemist and doctor Paracelsus uttered a phrase that later became an aphorism: “Everything is poison and everything is medicine; this or that only the dose makes it. ” These words almost exactly characterize the Indian bow. The plant is used in medicine, but the healing properties of Indian onions are balanced by the harm that it can cause to the fragile human body, because the juice of the herb is poisonous. In

How to store leek at home

Leek is considered a storehouse of vitamins, so many gardeners grow such onions for the future. It is very important to know how to store leek properly so that it does not deteriorate. Leek preserves its useful properties for a long time, therefore, with proper packaging, such a product can be harvested for future use

Characteristics of Onion Hercules

Everyone wants their garden to bring a big harvest. Samostrel is used in almost every dish, giving it a special taste and aroma. And how do you like the idea of ​​collecting 8-10 kg of this vegetable from one square meter? Onion Hercules is a great choice for gardeners. This variety has established itself as unpretentious, uncomplicated to store, and, most importantly, fertile. On

Red Bow Red Baron

Onion Red Baron is a mid-early red variety with excellent taste. It is widely used in cooking, has healing properties, grows in any climatic zone. In the south, it can grow from seeds in one vegetative period to large bulbs. In temperate zones, it is best grown from sevka. Positive reviews about Red Baron onion allow us to say that this is a very promising variety

Varieties and rules for planting onions in the suburbs

In order to grow onions in the suburbs, you need to know which varieties are best grown in these climatic conditions, how to plant properly and when to plant onions in the suburbs. Bow for Moscow region Choose a time for landing Dates of onion planting in the suburbs may be different. For onion cultivation in this suburbs, both pre-winter planting in late autumn and planting crops upon spring are suitable

Rules for planting onion sets in open ground

Farmland is a suitable place for planting different crops. Some sit down every year, while others are perennials. When to plant onion sets in open ground? Not a single garden is complete without garlic, onions, herbs, because these are unpretentious plants that can be sold and eaten. How to plant onion sets in open ground

How to soak onions before planting

If you know the subtleties of cultivation, then growing vegetables will be much easier. Many gardeners are faced with a problem and do not know what to soak onions before planting. In our review we will explain why this procedure is needed and what effective methods exist. Do I need to soak the onion before planting Cultivation Features A plentiful harvest on its own plot is the merit of an attentive farmer

Planting onion seeds on greens

Growing onions has always been considered useful and accessible to every occupation. Not only that, the vegetable contains a huge amount of useful components, but also there is no difficulty in planting onion seeds on the greenery of the house. Often, the human body needs vitamins in the winter and spring, therefore, by this time, the proper supply of nutrients should be replenished

Why is it necessary to process onions with potassium permanganate

While seasoned landowners are picking an excellent crop, novice gardeners are faced with the problem of shooting arrows and are unable to grow strong heads. Why is this happening? Perhaps the secret lies in the proper preparation of planting material? And this is true, after all, not everyone knows that processing onions with potassium permanganate before planting can protect the seed product from death

When you need to remove the onion sets from the garden

Growing onions in your area is quite simple. Depending on the weather and variety variety, you need to know when to remove the onion sets. A universal period in order to collect planting does not exist. It is necessary to focus on many factors. When to remove the onion sets from the garden beds, you can find out if you make simple calculations, for which you need to know the planting time and the ripening time of the vegetable

Description of Onion Stardust

Onion is a healthy vegetable that can be easily grown in its garden area. Onion Stardust f1 bred by the Dutch breeder and has already established itself as a productive and tasty product. The variety description indicates that it is best to grow Stardust onion sets as an annual crop. By the duration of storage, such a variety is not inferior to similar varieties

Growing onions in a plastic bottle

Greens are an important element of every person’s nutrition, and we try to consume it in large quantities, because it contains many useful substances and vitamins that are so necessary for our body. But it is precisely at that period when our body is most in need of vitamins, it is snowing in the yard.

Rules for processing onions with ammonia

Growing onions is easy, but not everyone knows how to water onions with ammonia. This root crop is also affected by harmful insects and microorganisms, and can also be sick with specific diseases. Watering the onions with ammonia If the onion is not diagnosed and processed on time, then ultimately it will grow small in size, and it is not possible to save it for a long period

Perennial Longbow

Onion-batun is a perennial plant of the onion genus. It is sometimes called duduk, Tatar, Chinese. The birthplace of the plant is Asia. In the wild, the batun is found in Siberia, China, Japan. The species tolerates low temperatures well, therefore it is suitable for cultivation in northern latitudes

Characteristics of Shetan onion sets

For the cultivation of any vegetable has its own special technology, as well as the conditions for collecting a large crop, and growing onions in this regard is no exception. It’s not enough to know that you need to make a hole in the ground, put a sowing in it and bury it, you need to find out which soil is better, which care conditions are important.

Description of onion sturon variety

Onion is the favorite culture of all summer residents. Especially popular among onion varieties was the Sturon onion variety. Onion set Sturon brought a representative from Holland. The variety description states that such a variety belongs to the middle species and ripens in about 105 days. Amateur gardeners note that the onion set of the Sturon variety perfectly adapts to severe frosts and tolerates temperature fluctuations well

Rules for processing onion sets before planting

Since the beginning of annual friendly competitions with neighbors in the garden, many have been inspired by the belief that onions will now grow large. For this, a lunar calendar is acquired, a suitable landing day is determined, but among other things, it is necessary to refresh the theory on the topic of processing onion sets before planting

Description of Onion Cupid

The modern market for vegetable crops offers a huge assortment of varieties and hybrids of onions. Noteworthy is the buyer's attention a plant called Cupid's onion. Why is he so good? We make a complete description of the variety, and also give some interesting facts. Onion set Cupid A little bit about fishing A fascinating affair - lubovodstvo - man engaged in the fourth millennium BC

How to store onions at home

Often, preserving a crop is no easier than growing and harvesting it. The storage of many products is in compliance with a certain technology. So, for example, one of the root crops most demanded in each house, onion, requires a special approach, otherwise the fruits will rot and mold. Many people, having harvested, think about how to store onions at home

Onion set: description and variety selection

“Onion-set” is the name of the planting material of the common onion, and not its variety. Onions are known to people for their useful and healing properties, since ancient times, our ancestors grew it on their lands, believed in its magical properties and cured them of illnesses. Onion set Nowadays, onions are an indispensable product in cooking, and the ability to grow it yourself is happiness for the gardener. It

How to plant onion sets for the winter

Perennial plants are beneficial for any gardener, because even on cold days you can cook delicious and fresh dishes from them. Both an experienced gardener and a beginner should know when to plant onions for the winter and how to plant onions for the winter. If an onion is selected, planting for the winter variety depends on the conditions that a person can create

How to plant onions on greens on a windowsill

There are several ways to plant onions on greens on the windowsill and cut fresh seasoning throughout the calendar year. How to plant and grow green onions on the windowsill What is suitable for the windowsill Several varieties are suitable for growing onions on the windowsill, among which the yield is: leek, kind of shallot onion, shnitt

When the bow went to the arrow

When growing on a bed of onions, gardeners often encounter the fact that the onion went into the arrow. Onion shooting does not matter if it is decided to grow a vegetable on a feather, but when an onion crop needs to be planted in order to harvest a rich harvest in the fall, the appearance of onion arrows during flowering of a plant becomes a problem for summer residents, and they often do not know what to do with flowers appearing

How and when to remove onions from the garden

Does any plant have its own planting, growing and harvesting dates? We need to do everything in a timely manner, because this is the only way a gardener or gardener can get a good harvest. As for root crops, it is possible to say exactly when to remove onions from the beds, based on a number of certain conditions

Growing onions Bamberger

The result of many years of work by German breeders are wonderful new varieties of onions. Among the best new products of our century should be noted onions Bamberger. As practice shows, this is a good representative of vegetable crops, a detailed description, as well as his photo, are proof of this

Growing and varieties of shallots

Shallot is a variety similar to onions, but forming a lot of “children” from onions. In another way it is also called “shrubbery”, “shrew”, “family onion”. The plant is perennial, but quickly loses its yield, because it is advised to transplant it annually, and once every 3 years to grow again from seeds. The shallots h

Why does onion rot

Growing vegetables on your own site allows you to get high-quality and inexpensive products at the end of the season. But there are times when root crops become unusable in the garden or during storage. Why does the onion rot and what methods of dealing with this scourge exist? We will talk about this in our review

How and how to water green onions so that the feathers do not turn yellow

How to water an onion so that it does not turn yellow? The answer to this question must be sought in terms of planting and caring for the plant, in the root cause of the disease of green arrows. How to water an onion so that it does not turn yellow Not a single garden is complete without bulbs and green juicy onion arrows

Growing Black Onion

Black onion is not a separate variety, but a crop grown from seeds. It is bred as a biennial or annual plant. The first option involves planting the next year sowing obtained from seeds. In the second variant, onions are sown in early spring or before winter. Also, in one year you can get large bulbs if you sow seedlings at the end of winter

The principle of growing onions using hydroponics

More recently, a new progressive landless method of plant propagation, hydroponics, has begun to gain popularity. The method is based on the nutrition of the root system with a special solution. It is noteworthy that the upper part of the plant increases in size very quickly, but the rhizome does not gain power