Variety of onions Carmen

Carmen's onions brought from Holland are often called Red Carmen's onions, or red, due to its color. This is one of the main ingredients in salads and main dishes.

Onion carmen

About Carmen

Appeared a few years ago by Dutch gardeners, breeders, Carmen's onion was loved by many consumers due to its excellent taste, and agricultural technicians because of the ability to grow it without much effort.

Carmen red onions are classified as mid-season crops, which yield after 2.5-3 months. It is grown from seed or seeds. If you plant such a variety of onions sprouted seedlings in open ground, then the ripening period of the plant can be reduced to 1.5 months. This characteristic has become one of the reasons why gardeners in the southern regions choose it for cultivation: they collect 2, sometimes 3 onion crops in one agricultural season.

Carmen pickled onions are often used as a ready-made snack for meat dishes.

Agrarians of the central and northern regions of Russia note that if you follow the rules of cultivation, onion set Carmen can be sprouted and get a crop from it in less warm climatic conditions, even with insufficient sunlight.

Descriptive Characteristic

What the onions look like Carmen's description of the variety tells, paying attention to its distinctive features, which are primarily associated with color. The photo immediately shows that the onion scales are highlighted in red with a brown tint, and the bright white flesh of the vegetable is penetrated by purple stripes.

For the purple color of the onion pulp, the described onion was loved by the hostesses who prefer to decorate their prepared dishes with bright rings.

In addition to the fact that the vegetable has such a specific color, the description of the variety includes other signs of culture:

  • a round, slightly flattened bulb grows up to 80 g, but some gardeners can boast larger turnips: up to 120 g, with juicy fibers,
  • onion greens grows about 0.3 m long,
  • the taste of onions is soft, without sharp bitterness characteristic of onions.

The high sugar content makes it possible to use Red onion both fresh and after heat treatment. When creating and observing the proper storage conditions, the vegetable can be stored for at least 7-8 months, without being damaged by rot.

Yields and growing conditions

For red Carmen onions, gardeners' reviews note high productivity. The experience of farmers from the southern Russian regions shows that with 1 square. m beds, he gives a crop of 2-3 kg. At the same time, in other climatic conditions less favorable for growing, the variety is able to produce crops, but its quantity is noticeably reduced.

In order to ensure the harvest of red onions of the Carmen variety when autumn comes, professional farmers advise you to properly prepare the soil for planting, which must be started before the onset of the winter period. For planting a culture, a place is chosen where the sun's rays would fall as much as possible and longer, warming the ground.

Description Carmen variety indicates that he loves ultraviolet. With a lack of sunlight, the plant begins to get sick with fungal diseases.

For planting this species, it is recommended to choose the garden where tomatoes, legumes, potatoes or cucumbers were planted before. Devastated soil from other garden crops for growing onions is less favorable. Attention should also be paid to indicators of soil acidity, since acidified soil reduces the yield and leads to the appearance of various plant diseases.

To reduce the acidity of the soil, so that the Red onion variety takes root in the garden and gives a crop, use a method such as liming.

In the autumn period, in order to prepare the land for the next spring planting of onion onions, organic fertilizers and minerals are introduced, which will subsequently become fertilizing for the vegetable crop. When the onset of heat, before planting onions, the soil is dug up and treated with copper sulfate.

For planting a garden crop, Red sowing varieties, like any other seed, are discarded for blackened bulbs, rot and soft turnips. The selected sets are warmed up a couple of days before planting.

The subtleties of care

The description of the Carmen variety suggests that the onion culture should be immune to many plant infections and fungal diseases. However, this does not mean at all that for onions there is no need to prepare the soil and planting material. Sevoc is soaked in special active solutions that prevent infection of the garden crop. The action of such drugs extends for a period of approximately 120 days, which makes it possible to grow vegetables during this period.

Sowing varieties is recommended to be carried out in warm soil when the temperature of the soil layer reaches 15-16 ° C. In the southern regions, this occurs in the spring months: April - early May. In the event of morning frost, the planted Carmen onion is covered with a protective film.

The description of the Carmen onion variety contains information that, in order to ensure a good crop, it is recommended that regular soil cultivation be carried out, while removing weed vegetation that absorbs mineral substances from the soil. Facilitates the cultivation of vegetables and their care for mulching. Water the planted onions when the soil dries, so that the water does not stagnate. At least 3 times during the harvest season, fertilizer is carried out.

Over-fed sevocs will cause future vegetables to lose their keeping quality.

Onions can be affected by 50 species of various diseases, fungi and microorganisms. To avoid problems with cultivation and care, gardeners recommend:

  • do not take material for planting seeds from places where frequent cases of vegetation disease are recorded,
  • cultivate the land and tools before planting,
  • use insecticides and drugs against the fight against infections and parasites.

Harvested at the end of the summer period - beginning of autumn, the vegetables are dried in the open air in the sun, after which they are stored in winter storage. Store vegetables in dry rooms with a moisture content of not more than 70%. Reviews of some summer residents are advised before folding onions for storage, treating them with chalk at the rate of 20 g per 1 kg of vegetables. Drying at a temperature of at least 35 ° C helps to disinfect from the appearance of the tick.

In any case, whether it is a vegetable on the table or for harvesting seeds for next year, red onion is an excellent choice that can satisfy even the most demanding taste.


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