Variety of cucumbers Lutoyar

When growing crops in areas, gardeners set themselves the task of choosing the right variety. Thanks to the work of breeders, many varietal varieties have appeared that meet the requirements of gardeners and the natural conditions of the regions. Cucumber Lutoyar for many years enjoys well-deserved popularity among gardeners, due to its characteristics.

Variety of cucumbers Lutoyar

Grade characteristics

Lutoyar is a hybrid cultivar of parthenocarpic type with flowering according to the female type (with fruit set in flowers). The cultivation of this variety of cucumbers is possible both in greenhouses and in areas with open soil. Biologists attribute it to the group of gherkin varieties with a long fruiting period and high yields.

The productivity of one bush is 7 kg of fruit.

According to the description, cucumbers of this species have good keeping quality, which makes them an excellent choice for commercial cultivation and production.

Bush description

Bushes reach medium size, branching plants average level. Deciduous cover is dark green.

In deciduous sinuses, 3 to 4 ovaries form. The growing season lasts 40-50 days.

Description of the fetus

Cucumber Lutoyar brings a crop of small-sized fruits. The maximum length of the fruit does not exceed 12-13 cm. The diameter of the cucumber is 2-3 cm, and the mass varies between 100-110 g.

Each cucumber has the shape of an elongated cylinder with large tubercles and a dark green color. Pubescence on the surface of the fetus is frequent; white spines are also present. According to gardeners, the cucumber Lutoyar is not prone to yellowing or overgrowing.

The skin of the fetus is low density. The flesh is crispy, with a distinct aroma. The seeds of the culture are small, voids are not observed in them.


The technology by which the culture is cultivated is no different from the cultivation of other varieties and varieties. The site for growing Lutoyar bushes should be open and protected from the wind. It is recommended to plant the crop in a light type of soil (non-flexible, easily crumbling soil).

Gardeners practice two types of planting. The first is seedling. The second is the direct planting of seed material in the soil.

Culture does not like a dense landing. The recommended planting scheme is 2-3 plants per 1 sq. Km. m of land.


Proper care guarantees a good harvest.

Cultivation of Lutoyar cucumber includes the following agrotechnical care measures:

  • watering in the evening;
  • periodic loosening of the soil;
  • fertilizing plants with fertilizers;
  • weeding and harvesting weeds.


This varietal variety is characterized by a high level of resistance to major diseases, which makes the process of cultivating a crop even easier, easier and more economical.

In particular, culture has a strong immunity to:

  • powdery mildew;
  • gray and white rot;
  • cucumber mosaic virus;
  • overexposure.
  • bacteriosis.


The hybrid variety of cucumber culture Lutoyar f1 is popular among gardeners. It is unpretentious, resistant to disease, gives a good harvest, self-pollinates, and its fruits have good keeping quality and transportability.


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