Variety of apple tree Jeromini

The apple tree Jeromini is an original novelty of the French breeders. The lucky ones who managed to get its seedlings in a few years will be able to enjoy surprisingly beautiful and tasty fruits. She will become a real decoration of the garden and the favorite of all gardeners, but her main surprise is enclosed under the skin of glossy apples.

Variety of apple tree Jeromini

Grade characteristics

The apple tree Jeromini does not grow above 3 m, and most often reaches 2-2.5 m. It is a compact tree with a spherical crown, quite appropriate in large and small summer cottages.

The frost resistance of the variety is above average, can withstand up to -30 ° C, but in more severe climates it needs warming for the winter. Resistance to pests and diseases is high.

The description of the fruits of this apple tree sounds like a miracle: they are purple-red, glossy and have an ideal shape - slightly elongated, rounded, almost the same size. Thin strong apple peel is covered with a wax coating.

The pulp has an amazing red-pink color, whitening to the core. It is very juicy, crispy, with a pronounced aroma. The taste of the fruit is sweet, slightly with a slight acidity.


The apple tree loves well-lit areas and fertile soils. Some pollinator (Fuji, Golden Delishes, Gala) should grow next to it.

Ground water at the selected location should not lie higher than at a depth of 2m.


You can plant a tree in spring or autumn.

When choosing a place to plant, consider the required distance from neighboring trees - 3-4 m.

It is better to prepare the hole in advance, dig it to a depth of 70-80 cm, and then mix the soil with compost and lay it on the bottom.

The seedling is placed in a hole, spread the root system and fall asleep with earth. Then abundantly watered with water (2-3 buckets) and mulch.


A young apple tree needs abundant watering 2-3 times a month, and if the weather is dry - 1 time per week.

In the spring, the tree is fed with mineral fertilizers, in the summer - mineral and organic, in the fall - potash. Annual pruning consists of forming a crown (in the form of a ball) and freeing the apple tree from dry branches.

To prevent diseases, the tree is regularly mulched by weeding weeds, and sprayed with special pests.


Fruits are stored fresh for a long time.

The first miracle apples can be tasted already in the third year, and sometimes even in the second. Young trees aged 4-5 years yield a yield of about 10-15 kg, but after a few years, with good care, the yield rises to 50-80 kg.

Apples ripen in the second half of September, reaching sizes of 150-200 g. Fruiting continues until mid-October.

Fruits have excellent keeping quality - up to 7 months at a temperature of 0-1 ° C.


Most reviews regarding Jeromeini are positive. Gardeners who grow apples for themselves are pleased with the excellent taste and long shelf life. The fruits are good and fresh, and as part of jams, compote, jam.

Especially effective is the baking with this variety.

Those who grow for sale, note good harvestability and significant consumer interest.

The tree does not freeze in winter in a temperate climate, but gardeners still prefer to warm it. Before the first fruiting it is almost not sheared, but with age they pay more and more attention to the formation of the crown.

Due to the compact size of the apple tree, it is convenient to care for and harvest. The fruit-laden branches are sometimes tied to pegs so that they do not break.


  • The beauty, originality, aroma and taste of apples;
  • Good keeping quality of fruits;
  • Compact tree size;
  • Early maturity;
  • High yield;
  • Resistance to cold and pests.


  • The variety needs pollinators;
  • In the conditions of severe winters, warming is needed;
  • Seedlings are hard to get and they are not cheap;
  • Some branches in the midst of fruiting need to be tied so as not to break off.


The apple tree Jeromini is a real gift. It will delight you with an aesthetic appearance and great taste, surprise others with original fruit.

She has more advantages than disadvantages. But even these small cons, gardeners forgive him for the wonderful fruits.

In addition, good care and attention to the apple tree help to compensate for all weaknesses.


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