Varieties of unshaped tomatoes

Fighting stepsons on stems near tomato bushes is a constant headache for many site owners. That is why some gardeners prefer to grow undersized non-deserving tomatoes: they are easier to care for, they can be grown both on the open ground and in the greenhouse. Many varieties are also early ripe and productive, which attracts both experienced gardeners and beginners.

Varieties of unshaped tomatoes

What are non-deserving varieties of tomatoes

Bushes of ordinary tomato varieties prefer to expand in breadth, without increasing in growth. This is largely due to the growth of stepchildren on the stems. These processes draw additional juices from the plant, reducing future yield and weakening the bush. Stepsons should be removed at the stage of tomato formation. If ordinary leaves are removed instead of stepsons, the plant will only weaken more, therefore, stepsoning requires certain knowledge and care.

In case tomatoes are grown that do not require pinching, the bushes do not need to remove excess shoots. In some species, some branches are removed to increase yield, but this is not necessary. All varieties of this type have one common property: they belong to undersized varieties of tomatoes. Their fruits are large, and the bushes do not grow in all directions. But even undersized non-deserving tomatoes need a timely garter.

Choosing the best varieties for planting, it is worth deciding on the desired variety. Here it is necessary to take into account precocity, productivity, disease resistance and the soil necessary for growth. There are varieties designed specifically for growing in a greenhouse and for planting in open ground. The purchase of the selected variety must also be approached wisely. It is advisable to find out exactly which species is suitable for a given climate, consult with experienced gardeners and only then buy seeds for planting.

The main varieties of non-spreading tomatoes

Before buying, you need to familiarize yourself with a list of the main varieties that do not require pinching. It is only necessary to immediately decide what basic qualities the desired variety of tomatoes should have. The division of tomatoes into groups is conditional, but it is desirable to focus on it. You should choose based on personal preferences and opportunities. These groups are:

  • Early ripening varieties. This includes tomatoes that are characterized by early, accelerated ripening. Mostly unshaped tomatoes belong to this group, but there are always certain differences in ripening time. And these differences must be taken into account.
  • Unpretentious grades. This group includes varieties that do not require careful care. Most of them are not intended for growing in a greenhouse. They are usually recommended to inexperienced owners of sites.
  • Harvest varieties. This includes tomatoes that bring a large number of fruits and allow you to collect an excellent crop even from a small area. This group is usually paid attention to by those who grow tomatoes for sale.
  • Varieties characterized by excellent taste. It is these tomatoes that are usually served at the table, although they are also suitable for canning. Those who want to grow vegetables for themselves prefer varieties of this group.

This division is very arbitrary, since none of the varieties belongs to only one group. Usually it can be attributed to two or three, although one quality always prevails. It is from this that it is worth starting, choosing a variety of undersized tomatoes for planting in their own area.

Tomatoes Miracle of Siberia

The non-deserving tomato Miracle of Siberia was bred relatively recently. This is an industrial variety intended for outdoor planting. The fruit is quite large, red in color with a slight orange tint, rounded in shape and somewhat flattened. Tomatoes of this variety are very sweet, suitable for growing in conditions of central Russia. Bushes are stunted, no more than 0.7 m high.

Miracles of Siberia tomatoes are suitable for open ground

Sweet and meaty tomato Miracle of Siberia is used for salads and making juices. It can also be used as a canning or pickling variety. According to the description of breeders and reviews on the forums, the variety is perfect for small areas. It refers to determinant tomatoes. Resistance to disease and exacting care for this plant is average.

The main advantage of the variety is its high yield and one of the most delicious and sweet fruits among such varieties.

Tomatoes Nepas 10

It is recommended to pay attention to the Nepas series to everyone who is looking for varieties of tomatoes that do not require pinching. The most interesting is Nepas 10 because of the unusual appearance of the fruit. They are two-tone: red and yellow. Because of this, Nepas 10 is also called "striped tomato." The fruit is juicy, sugar, great for fresh use or for canning.

When buying seeds, you should pay attention to the description of the variety. These standard tomatoes belong to early ripening, ripen 3 months after planting. Suitable for both greenhouses and open ground.

Tomatoes are determinant, the height of the bush does not exceed 0.7 m, however, it is not recommended to leave the plants without garter, as it is characterized by high productivity. The fruits themselves are medium sized and oval in shape, with a rounded nose. Resistance to pests and fungal diseases is average, additional care and protection is required.

Tomatoes Supermodel

A supermodel is one of the unsafe species of tomatoes, intended exclusively for open ground. It got its name because of the unusual appearance of the fruit. The tomato is heart-shaped, somewhat elongated. Color - saturated pink without any other shades. The fruit is medium-sized, but reaches 9-10 cm in length. It is not a large-fruited variety - the largest tomatoes reach a mass of 140-150 g. Tomatoes are tasty, juicy, meaty, without flaws, and are great for canning in one's own juice and for eating fresh form.

Low-growing tomatoes of this variety reach 0.7-0.8 m in height. They practically do not require pinching, are unpretentious, ripen in 3.5-4 months. Tomatoes of this variety are determinant, stop growing early enough. They have no vulnerability to fungal diseases, which has a positive effect on the crop. Suitable for growing in central Russia. Supermodel needs a sufficient amount of sunlight to grow tomato, otherwise the fruits will be acidic and not large.

Tomatoes Vasya-Cornflower

The variety is distinguished by the size of the fruit.

The determinant non-deserving shrubs of this variety are distinguished by really large fruits. They are distinguished by scarlet color, round shape and weight up to 0.5-0.6 kg. Due to its size, Vasya-Cornflower can be grown as a house bush. He has a large fruit, but not the plant itself. The height of the bush rarely exceeds 0.6 m, it does not require pinching. However, herding bushes usually bear larger fruits. The fruits are delicious, versatile, can be used in any form.

This is a mid-early tomato ripening in 3-4 months, depending on the care and weather conditions. Suitable for cultivation in the middle zone of Russia or Ukraine, but in hot areas it needs additional watering. Seeds are recommended to be purchased only in specialized stores. In the reviews, farmers say that only there you can get planting material of this particular variety. It appeared only in 2012, so it is not always available for sale.

Golden Autumn Tomatoes

A very interesting variety that does not require pinching and is characterized by a high level of productivity, which sometimes becomes a problem: the load of bushes is so great that their branches begin to break. The fruit is amber, very tasty, medium in size.

Golden Autumn is a productive, unpretentious variety, the bushes of which practically do not herd. The fruits are stored for a long time.

Fruits are high in beta-carotene. This substance strengthens the immune system and is required for the synthesis of vitamin A. It is because of it that the fruits have a bright amber hue. But you need to consider that many people are allergic to this substance. Golden Autumn is best suited for the south of Russia and Ukraine. Tomatoes love the sun and moisture. Resistance to diseases and fungi is average.

Tomatoes Lord

This variety of tomatoes is distinguished by relatively large sizes of fruits and extremely low bushes. They do not grow above 0.4-0.5 m. During the ripening period, the tomato is pink, then the color changes from red. The weight of the fruit ranges from 50 to 250 g, depending on the conditions of excretion. The Lord is perfect for canning, but it can be consumed fresh. It should be remembered that they are not well stored. The variety is unpretentious and does not need pinching.


When choosing a low-growing variety for planting on the site, several factors must be taken into account. First, are these tomatoes suitable for the climate? If the characteristics include "heat loving", it will not work to grow it in the Far East. Secondly, it is worthwhile to find out how this species is resistant to viruses, fungi and pests. Thirdly, you need to choose between tomatoes for greenhouses and for open ground. And after that, buy seeds.

And here is what the owners of the plots say about this:

“When buying undersized varieties of tomatoes, be sure to take them in specialized stores. So less likely to stumble on poor-quality seeds or another variety. Of course, a number of varieties are easy to find, you can take them with you. But the hybrids, bred relatively recently, are more difficult to get. We need trusted suppliers who can be advised by experienced gardeners. True, the seeds of new, productive varieties will cost more, but these expenses always pay for themselves. "


Low-growing varieties of tomatoes are an excellent choice for both an experienced gardener and a beginner. They are easy to grow both in greenhouses and in open ground. They have a good yield. And these plants are unpretentious and do not need constant care.


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