Varieties of Shears for Shearing Sheep

People who are raising sheep need to constantly monitor the hair of their pets, be sure to cut it. This procedure is not easy, so you need to know all the rules and subtleties that accompany it. The farmer must choose the right tool to quickly and efficiently trim the sheep. There is a fairly rich selection of tools designed specifically for the described animals. You need to be able to correctly perform this action and acquire certain scissors for shearing sheep. It is difficult to trim livestock in large numbers, so clippers are almost always used: it is much easier for the farmer to carry out such a procedure.

Sheep Shearing Process

Haircut goals

Sheep can be sheared manually or with a special electric device. Manual shearing takes a lot of strength and energy, especially if there are a lot of sheep. Farmers who contain a fairly large number of animals and are engaged in growing sheep constantly, have long been using this method. They gave preference to electric options.

During the shearing process, the sheep begin to behave uneasily. Keeping a sheep is difficult enough for one or even two farmers, so there is a danger of injury to both a person and an animal. A haircut with a machine helps in this matter, since the risk of injuries is significantly reduced than if you use ordinary scissors.

Special machines are convenient, they do not pull the wool to the sheep and thus do not harm them. The haircut procedure while using the machine is much faster. In addition, the wool does not deteriorate and does not tear, so there is a chance to get a quality fleece and increase the price for it. Today, ram hair is in good demand. Trimmed wool is usually bought in any form:

  • not washed;
  • tight;
  • weedy;
  • burdock;
  • thin and rough;
  • downy and fleecy;
  • bike.

Any wool will not be left without attention. It is impossible to make sheep skins without trimming the pile. It should be noted that a haircut is needed not only to get the wool and sell it, but also for the cleanliness of the rams. Lumps of dirt on the wool leads to the multiplication of parasites, which are difficult to remove. If the pile gets wet, then the sheep begin to hurt, since it is unrealistic to dry the herd. As a result, animals get sick and die.

What is customary to trim sheep

If you are faced with choosing a haircut, you need to familiarize yourself with existing options. There are two of them:

  • manual scissors;
  • electronic cars.

Hand tools began to be used for a long time, but their popularity has not declined; many still use them. Electrical appliances, of course, are convenient to use, but their price is not suitable for everyone, so farmers who contain a few sheep use ordinary tools.

There are several types of manual scissors:

  • single;
  • double.

Single scissors

The simplest and most affordable option is a single scissors. When working with them you need to make serious physical effort. Such a tool will be appropriate if the economy is small: about 20 goals, and also if there is experience in cutting hair, since it will be difficult for a beginner to cope. The shape of the device is almost completely identical to the instrument from distant Ancient Rome. It is characterized by increased rigidity, but over time it ceases to be a problem.

Single Shear Shears

Double scissors

A more advanced option, of course, are double scissors. The design of this tool is original: they are made in the shape of a heart, due to which the load on the fingers of the shearer is not so big and smoother, therefore the process is significantly accelerated. This tool is better for beginners to choose, it will be better to "lie" in the hand and it is easier to compress it. In this option, an individual choice is available, as double scissors can be of different sizes.

Double Shear Shears

The simplest tools are single scissors, they cut perfectly, but a little slowly. The danger lies in the fact that with their help it is easy to injure the animal. Double scissors - a more convenient option. Mowing them is much more convenient. They have bends, which affect the quality of cutting fibers.

In order not to harm the animals, the haircut should be carried out correctly. For example, the tools with which pet hair is trimmed must be sharpened before use so as not to tear out the fibers and not hurt the animals. Sharpening a tool is not difficult, anyone who has sharpened knives at home once will handle this process.

Since the devices for cutting after sharpening are sharp enough, use them carefully so as not to injure yourself or the animal.

Electric cars

Cars that run on the net are simple and do not require a lot of effort to properly trim the sheep. At the points of sale of such tools, there are many models for every taste. If everything is correctly calculated, you can choose the perfect machine with good power and a set of functions. A similar product can quickly recoup the costs of its acquisition.

Electronic shears for shearing sheep

Experienced farmers should know that the fibers of a young sheep after the first haircut are practically not appreciated, but it is necessary to trim the pet, since no one has canceled the hygiene rules. When the farmer will cut the second and third time, his earnings will increase significantly.


Shearing sheep is not difficult if there is already some experience. Animal fur is in good demand in the market, so this type of earnings is quite interesting. If a person has a large flock of sheep, he simply needs to purchase special electrical equipment for shearing, as manually it will take a lot of time.

At the same time, when the livestock is small, it is not worth spending money, as manually a small number of animals will not be difficult to cut.


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