The value of the moon in Leo

The greatest influence on the formation of personality, its reaction to the outside world is played by the location of the moon at the time of birth. In addition to the sun and moon, another 9 planets work in the natal sign: when the moon in Leo works in tandem with Venus, the personality becomes more sociable, and the aggressiveness of the sign is significantly reduced.

The value of the moon in Leo

The influence of the position of the moon

Charles E. Luntz in his writings wrote that the determination of professional inclinations is carried out by tracking the natal planet in 9-10 houses and correlating with the functionality of other planets. The moon in the sign of Leo is neutral, it symbolizes male nature. The governing element is Fire, it provides the Moon with warmth, nobleness, confidence and generosity.

Mercury is neutral. The element of air enhances combustion. A person under such auspices, optimistic, confident, frank. It is important for lions to be on stage. From childhood, they find themselves in the spotlight, gathering spectators around themselves.

Venus is in an unstable position. Under the overwhelming aggression of Leo gives a rude manifestation of sensuality. But she strives for beauty, elevation, gives the Lions peaceability. The sun is responsible for the sexual sphere of life, such a person is capable of love at first sight and for life.

Mars in Leo enhances male qualities. The element of Fire gives active energy, which in the complex gives the opportunity to quickly solve tasks. Mars is responsible for sex in women. Gives them irrepressible temperament, sensuality, impulsiveness.

General characterization

Successful combinations of the location of the planets in the sign allow you to show interesting emotional images. The lions are inherently explosive in cats.

Lions are stubborn, freedom-loving. They love to be paid attention to. In Lviv children, pride and unconscious arrogance are noticeable. Such a person easily manipulates others, always reaches his goal. Often she overestimates her capabilities, followed by loss and disappointment.

With the harmonious development of personality, a person shows a craving for the perfect, the beautiful. There are no flaws in such a person. He is harmonious in everything.

Characteristics of a male lion

The moon in Aries, Sagittarius and Leo seeks to determine its social status. A man does not have to be at the very top of the stairs and be the boss. His position in society and at work is determined by other planets in the natal chart. It rather speaks of a painful desire, the need to feel fulfilled, to assert oneself. He wants to be noticed, respected his opinion, reckoned with him.

The worst thing for such a man, when he is underestimated, do not understand his aspirations. A woman with the Moon in Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius is suitable for him. It is hard to converge with Leo in the love and work of Scorpio. Leo needs a woman who supports all his endeavors, never tire of admiring his virtues. Then the world shines with new colors for him, his wings grow behind him.

Male lion wants to be visible.

A woman who has achieved certain heights in her work will be able to get along with him if she can give up fame and live in his shadow. Status is important to him, but it’s even more important to stay in the spotlight. It is worth accepting that this person will not support his wife’s undertakings, but, on the contrary, will put sticks in the wheels so that she sits behind his mighty back and does not overshadow his person.

Women with the Moon in Virgo, Pisces and Aquarius are quite capable of keeping their mouth shut when necessary and quietly directing the husband's forces in the right direction. It will be difficult for a man to get along with the masterful Taurus, the eccentric Twin. These women cannot afford to sit at home behind seven locks; they need to develop. A tandem is possible provided that the male Leo does not encroach on the personal space of a self-sufficient woman.

Characteristics of a female lion

The Lion Woman is a star shining in the sky. She splashes in applause and universal adoration.

  1. Astrology describes the girl as an outgoing, courteous person. She has good organizational skills. She should always be in the center of attention, if you forget about her, then you should be patient, because she begins to jerk her arms and legs, like an ill-bred child.
  2. She needs a strong and confident partner. She does not need a man who decided to assert himself at her expense, to find support in her. In the household, it is of little use. She doesn’t like to cook; cleaning is also not very inspiring.
  3. It fits well with men born in Virgo, Pisces, Libra, Gemini. From his man expects adoration and worship of her beauty. In her life, everything happens like a movie. All these events with relish are presented to others.

Auspicious days

According to the lunar calendar, in April Lviv will have a lot of worries, most likely, it will have to solve problems with finances.

May, June and October are ideal for cutting or coloring hair (make sure that the moon phase is growing). May is also suitable for scheduled work in the house and garden. Dye your hair on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the main thing is that the growing moon stay at 4 or 7 days (this favorably affects the condition of the hair).

Refuse to visit hairdressers on 3, 5, 9, 29, 13, 12 lunar days of the month.

July is a difficult, but the most fruitful month for the whole summer, try to implement all the plans.

In August, the lunar calendar advises taking a short vacation to make a stop before the next jerk. September is rich in significant events that bring joy.

November usually promises Lions a change, they will have to make difficult choices. Close people will need patience and support.

The growing moon has a positive effect on the personality of Leo. At this time, he becomes more active, better thinking. This is a positive period for conceiving a child.

Bad days

The lunar calendar warns of danger on the 3rd, 5th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 29th days of any month. Do not go to the store when the moon is in the constellation Scorpio. This is fraught with an unjustified waste of money, conflict situations.

The 8th is unsuccessful for this sign. These days it's best not to share your secrets.


On July 20, 2018, at 00 o'clock, the era of the moon in Leo began, it will end on August 21. People born in this constellation have good communication skills, are sociable, smart, love to be in the spotlight. They show themselves well in business, in various areas of art, in oratory professions.


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