Useful properties of wormwood

The amazing properties of wormwood are known to people from ancient times. Even Hippocrates and Avicenna knew what properties she possessed, used her in medical practice. It is relevant in our time: the plant has many useful properties, but also has contraindications.

Useful properties of wormwood

Characteristic and composition

Wormwood is a plant Asteraceae. It has 400 different species (common or Chernobyl, Austrian, citrate, treelike, etc.), but bitter wormwood has the most powerful medicinal properties. It is used in official and traditional medicine. Pharmacy products (dry grass, powder, drops, extracts and essential oils) from this plant are popular today. The beneficial properties of wormwood allow it to be used internally and externally, taking into account the doctor's recommendations, instructions and contraindications.

This herb is recognized as the most bitter plant on the planet. Glycosides give it a specific taste and bitterness, which have the ability to increase appetite, improve digestion, and promote the absorption of food.

Resinous substances, which are rich in plants, strengthen the cells of the body, volatile plants successfully fight bacteria and harmful fungi. Carotene and flavonoids are known antioxidants that counteract radiation, oncology and cell aging. This herb also contains essential oil, malic, succinic and ascorbic acids, tannins and other useful elements.

For digestion

The properties of wormwood improve digestion, as it contains absintin, artabsitin and anabsintin. When ingested, these substances increase the secretion of the stomach, the secretion of bile, saliva and gastric enzymes. Wormwood extracts are often used for the preparation of drugs and drinks that enhance appetite.

The use of wormwood helps in the treatment of pancreatitis, pancreas, gastritis and indigestion. It eliminates food allergies and stomach cramps. The plant is used in the fight against flatulence and for healthy weight loss. Helping to assimilate food, normalizing metabolism and cleansing the body, wormwood helps to lose weight without harm to health.

Against disease

Decoctions from this herb are used to treat the spleen, gall bladder, kidneys and liver. The beneficial effect of the properties of wormwood on the body is seen with paralysis and convulsions, epilepsy and gout. The herb eliminates female diseases: irregular menstruation, mastopathy, fibroids, inflammation of the appendages. This plant helps to treat impotence in men.

The use of wormwood herb is popular in the control of parasites. Decoctions and enemas help a person get rid of worms and candida fungi. However, the use of weed for this purpose requires consultation with a doctor (determining the type of parasites and the necessary dosage of the drug). Hemorrhoids, colds, flu, tuberculosis, fever, rheumatism - these are not all diseases in which the use of wormwood is indicated. This plant has the ability to strengthen the nervous system (infusion is added to the bath at the end of the day) and even treats depression.

For external use

External use of the weed is due to its antiseptic properties. Decoctions and infusions contribute to the disinfection and speedy healing of wounds, skin irritations, insect bites. Dried grass cigars are used to cauterize active points for arthritis and radiculitis. The herb for disinfection in a Russian bath has long been famous. In addition, in baths, it is used to treat diseases of the joints and spine (the use of wormwood broom for a bath is still popular).

Today, wormwood essential oil is often used for external use. Its benefit is the ability to disinfect wounds, soothe pain, and relieve swelling. The beneficial properties of wormwood are used in aromatherapy. It helps to cope with the flu and colds, relieves seasickness, migraines and nausea, relieves nervous tension and relaxes muscles.

In cosmetology

Wormwood can slow down the aging process

Using this weed improves skin and hair, which is especially important for women. Washings and baths with the addition of wormwood extract to the water reduce the oiliness of the skin, slow down the aging of cells, tighten the epidermis, and promote the production of substances necessary for the skin (for example, collagen). In cosmetology, creams and face masks with wormwood extract are popular. The herb cleanses the skin well, treats papillomas, warts and inflammations.

This plant helps to care for hair, strengthens its structure and cures brittleness. With its help get rid of dandruff and seborrhea. For women with oily hair, rinsing after washing with infusion is recommended (fresh weed is used for infusion). The dry leaves of this plant and sunflower seeds are an excellent anti-cellulite remedy. The medicine is insisted, the oil is separated and used for anti-cellulite massage.


Wormwood contraindications apply to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Poisonous substances can lead to abortion or harm to the baby. This product should not be used for severe bleeding, ulcers, hyperacid gastritis. Liver diseases are also a contraindication to wormwood drugs.

You can not take funds from the plant with renal failure, thrombophlebitis, anemia, organic heart damage. Contraindication is also individual intolerance. The correct method of application and the accuracy of the doses are of great importance, because this herb contains toxic substances. An overdose leads to poisoning, convulsions and hallucinations, and prolonged consumption in high doses provokes serious illnesses (for example, a nervous system disorder, kidney disease, muscle paralysis). Take this tool should only be prescribed by a doctor, no longer than three weeks, after which they take a break for two months.

Domestic use

This herb is a valuable tool for combating harmful insects. It helps to cope with the invasion of bugs, cockroaches, moths, fleas, ants. Even rats and mice are afraid of her. Sprigs of fresh plants should be placed in different places at home, put dried grass in bags, hang wormwood flowers and leaves in the form of bouquets. In the garden and the vegetable garden, the plant protects its neighbors from caterpillars and pests, so some gardeners specifically plant it in clubs or near beds (the main thing is not to overdo it, if the grass grows, it will not be easy to get rid of it).

This weed has other unusual properties. It is believed that it protects the home and man from evil forces, cleanses of negative energy. It has long been kept in the house from the evil eye, spoilage, slander and witchcraft. Infusions were added to food and drinks not only for treatment, but also for protection against black magic. Putting dry grass in a pillow, you will be able to see a prophetic dream, and in traveling conditions they put it in shoes so that your legs do not get tired and do not hurt.

Popular remedies

The most famous wormwood-based preparations are the following:

  1. An effective remedy for worms is a dry powder from this herb. He is a pharmacy, sometimes it is done independently, grinding dried plants to a powder. Rules of use: every 2 hours take a teaspoon of powder; then the dose is reduced.
  2. A strong anthelmintic effect is exerted by the triad - wormwood, tansy and cloves. One dose includes 1 g of dry wormwood, 1.5 g of clove powder, 3 g of dried tansy flowers.
  3. Wormwood juice is squeezed from a freshly chopped plant, after pruning the roots. The rules for the use of this tool will be obtained from your doctor. Usually wormwood juice is drunk on a tablespoon before meals three times a day. Juice is taken with honey.
  4. Wormwood oil is now sold in pharmacies, but there is an easy way to make it yourself. They take an ordinary jar and fill it up with fresh grass to the top, after which it is poured with olive oil. The tool is insisted for 10 days, and then filtered. For better preservation, the finished oil should be put in a cold place (basement or refrigerator).
  5. Wormwood infusion is prepared from dried grass (2 tablespoons), pouring it with a glass of boiling water and insisting for a quarter of an hour. The product is filtered and drunk during the day three times before meals.


The beneficial properties of wormwood allow it to be used to treat a wide variety of diseases, as well as in cosmetology and in everyday life. When using weed, one must remember the existing contraindications. It is worth taking wormwood only on the advice of a doctor, without departing from the prescribed dosage.


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