Useful and harmful properties of potato juice

Not everyone knows about the magical properties of potatoes, considering it a very ordinary product, intended purely for food. However, potato juice is also a useful medicine, an effective cosmetic and prophylactic. Let's take a closer look at the beneficial properties and contraindications of potato juice.

Useful and harmful properties of potato juice


The beneficial properties of potato juice are based on the features of its composition, rich in vitamins and trace elements we need. Potatoes contain a large supply of vitamin C, which is necessary for the effective functioning of the immune and circulatory systems. This vegetable is an excellent source of vitamin B6, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the heart and nervous system.

The product also contains vitamins A, E, PP. All these substances help fight the negative effects of free radicals, preventing oncology and slowing the aging of the body. Of the mineral elements in this product contains: potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, manganese, sodium and others. Beneficial substances nourish our body, help the construction of proteins, improve metabolism, remove toxins and excess fluid.

Juice benefits

What is potato juice useful in comparison with dishes made from potatoes? No one will eat this vegetable in its raw form, and not all vitamins and nutrients are preserved by heat treatment. In addition, some vitamins are completely dissolved in water when boiling potatoes.

A useful feature of potato juice is that you can drink it fresh - albeit not as a tasty drink, but at least as the right medicine. In addition, the taste of the juice can be improved by mixing it with other healthy fresh juices (for example, carrot, pumpkin or beetroot).

However, it should be remembered that the properties of potato juice are not preserved for a long time due to oxidation, so it should be drunk freshly squeezed, waiting only a couple of minutes for donkey starch.

For internal use

Helps the stomach and intestines

Potato juice is useful in the treatment of diseases of the stomach and intestines, in particular with ulcers, heartburn, gastritis. Its use helps to reduce acidity and significantly reduce pain. Potato juice helps cleanse the body and removes excess fluid, which is good for both health and weight loss. In this case, the liver is well unloaded and swelling is removed (which is especially important for women during pregnancy).

Freshly squeezed potato juice is recommended to drink to lower blood pressure and treat gall bladder diseases. He is advised to take women who have uterine fibroids. It is believed that the cleansing and protective properties of potato juice help significantly improve the well-being of patients with radiation sickness. In addition, this tool is recommended for healthy people - for the prevention of diseases and increase immunity.

For external use

First of all, the external use of this drug is indicated for burns, wounds, dermatological rashes. Freshly squeezed juice cleanses the damaged area, prevents inflammation and promotes early healing. Traditional medicine recommends using this tool to rinse the mouth with gum inflammation, toothache, tooth decay. In addition, with colds and for the prevention of such potato juice, you can gargle.

What is the use of this product for beauty and cosmetology? First of all, the beneficial effect of potato juice on the structure and appearance of our skin should be noted. Masks, compresses and rubdowns help soften and cleanse the skin, prevent and eliminate wrinkles, restore elasticity and smoothness. With the help of this tool, you can effectively whiten the skin and get rid of dark spots under the eyes. In addition, potato juice is successfully used in the manufacture of masks for hair and nails.


Can fresh potato harm our body? First of all, this happens when green or sprouted potatoes are used to prepare the medicine, which contains an elevated level of solanine. (Particularly strict contraindications to this substance apply to pregnant women and young children.)

Potatoes that are stored for a long time in a warm and bright place should not be used - wrinkled peel, green patches, sprouts and “eyes” will become indicators of unsuitability.

As a last resort, cut the peel and green sections of the tuber with a very thick layer.

Contraindications to the use of this drug relate to diseases such as gastritis with low acidity and diabetes. Overuse of potato medicine can harm the body, especially the stomach. For any diseases, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the prescribed dose and before proceeding with treatment, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

How to cook

Healing fresh need to be prepared from potatoes of pink-red varieties, which contain the largest amount of nutrients. This kind of treatment makes sense only in the period from July to February (or rather, until September), until the potatoes became too old and sprouted. Tubers with smooth skin and without the slightest hint of sprouts can not be cleaned, but only washed well.

You can prepare fresh juice using a juicer or a regular grater and gauze, folded several times (we rub potatoes, and then squeeze the juice through gauze). Pour freshly squeezed juice into a glass and leave for one to two minutes, and then drink. If you leave potato fresh for a long time without use, it loses its useful qualities and can harm the body (up to an upset stomach and poisoning).


  1. This tool is advised to take with gastritis (provided that the acidity is increased), as well as with a stomach ulcer. You need to drink it on an empty stomach, half an hour before eating. It is recommended to start with a small portion - one tablespoon, gradually increasing the amount of medicine to half a glass. With gastritis, you need to drink it for at least ten days, and then take ten days off (in total, up to four courses may be needed). With a stomach ulcer, they take the medicine for twenty days in a row, and then take ten days off and repeat the course.
  2. With migraines and constipation, they drink potato fresh once - in the morning on an empty stomach, in a portion of two hundred grams. At elevated pressure, it is recommended to drink an empty stomach two hundred grams of a potato-pumpkin cocktail. With uterine fibroids, a potato remedy is advised to drink for six months - one hundred grams every morning.
  3. For stress, insomnia and nervous tension, it is recommended to consume a cocktail of juice of potatoes, carrots and celery, mixed in equal proportions.
  4. It should be remembered that during the period of treatment with potato juice it is better to refrain from meat, fish and other protein foods. A vegetarian lifestyle will greatly increase your chances of recovery.
  5. It is better to drink potato juice through a straw, like a real cocktail. In this case, its effect on tooth enamel will be minimal.
  6. It is advisable to prepare for the course of treatment with this tool in advance. Alcoholic and carbonated drinks, strong coffee, meat, fish and semi-finished foods should be excluded from the diet. Eat plenty of cereals, vegetables and fermented milk products.


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