The use of baytril for turkey poults

People who have garden plots, summer cottages or even live in rural areas are very often engaged in breeding animals, often this is turkey poultry. Many poultry farmers believe that turkey poults often get sick and die before they grow up. But this is not true, as professionals are well aware of how to feed and drink such pets so that they grow properly. Therefore, very often they choose Baytril for turkey poults.

The use of baytril for turkey poults

Important points in the period of growing turkeys and the role of Baytril

In order for the bird to grow and develop correctly, the necessary requirements must be met:

  • proper nutrition;
  • to lay only a dry rug on which turkey poults will be;
  • air temperature control;
  • good lighting;
  • treatment of various diseases and preventive measures.

As soon as the chicks were born, they need to be transferred to a room with a temperature of 35-37 degrees. Every day it is gradually lowered to room temperature so that the chicks get used to and can live at a temperature of twenty-one degrees. It is necessary to monitor the humidity in the room, it should not exceed seventy-one percent in the first decade, and then 60-70 percent is allowed. The turkeys are constantly lit in the first days after birth. After the chicks have grown up and they are already six weeks old, they can be lighted up only eight hours a day. The rug on which the birds live is changed quite often, as they can catch an infection. Also, right after birth, turkey poults are drunk with special medicinal preparations in order to strengthen their immunity and protect them from dangerous diseases.

If the owner of the turkey poults will properly solder, then he will manage to save his life and raise sixty percent of his living creatures to his feet. Why you need to solder turkey poults:

  • good and active growth;
  • great appetite;
  • increased energy of turkey poults;
  • proper development and growth of chicks;
  • good metabolism;
  • resistance to various diseases and infections.

Almost always, the owners of chickens as a drink choose a drug such as Baykoks or Baytril. Only these two drugs well help the chicks in the early stages of life. They are able to increase the growth of animals, protect them from bacteria and germs, and also cure many different diseases. Baykoks and Baytril have the same composition and are practically no different.

How to use the medicine?

Basically, Baytril is used to treat salmonella in turkey poults, and is also given to hens and chickens. The medicine should be given to pets at the age of 5 weeks at 0.5 grams. The medicine must be diluted in 1 liter of water. Read the instructions carefully before watering the animals. The instruction has a lot of contraindications - for example, laying hens are strictly forbidden to give this medicine.

Baytril is also watered by pigeons and parrots. The use of the drug is usually calculated based on the weight of the animal. Treatment is continued for five days. Pets need water every day, be sure. Since chickens are born in an incubator, and they are very sterile, they need to be protected from various infections and diseases. A young turkey can catch up to ten viruses and diseases. The disease is quite difficult to determine, therefore, constant monitoring and care by the owners is very necessary. If you do not follow and do not give the medicine, a small turkey can die within a few hours after birth.

Before use, read the contraindications

In the first day or two of a pet’s life, a medicine should be given for the stomach and digestive system to work well. In addition, the correct treatment and use of medicine for chickens during necrotic enteritis and many other diseases successfully ends. In order to cure diseases that can kill animals, it is worth using the drug only in the form of a solution for three days. The treatment of the disease called “salmollosis” takes place over five days. If you need to use the drug again, the treatment is carried out after two to three days.

Indications for use

Baytril is used to treat and prevent the occurrence of staph bacteria and their development. This drug is often used by veterinarians to treat pets, namely birds. It can also be used to prevent mycosis and various infections. The medicine is sold in the form of a solution, yellow in color, which you only need to drink. Baytril is not dangerous to the life of animals, but before using it, carefully read the instructions. The use of drugs is used for such purposes:

  • treatment of respiratory organs in turkeys;
  • diseases of the stomach and intestines;
  • genitourinary diseases;
  • skin integument;
  • osteomyelitis.

Advantages of the drug:

  • the medicine has a wide spectrum of action;
  • quickly begins to act and penetrate the body of a bird;
  • the medicine enters the body and remains there for a day;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • has no allergic reactions, absolutely harmless;
  • nothing affects the work of the drug.

Contraindications and overdose

If the drug is not given to turkeys correctly, the following effects may occur: disruption of the stomach and intestines, the medicine should not be mixed with antibiotics. When a drug overdose occurs in pets, other side effects are possible. It is impossible to treat streptococci animals with Baytril. Treatment is carried out only in extreme cases and after consulting a veterinarian.

The drug is sold in any pharmacy. He really treats animals perfectly and does not harm them, and you will not regret if you treat turkeys with just such a remedy.


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