Unusual and rare species of orchids

Phalaenopsis orchids are beautiful tropical flowers that are grown indoors for decorative purposes. There are many species and families of plants that are very different from each other. Rare and unusual orchids and phalaenopsis are of interest to collector gardeners.

Unusual and rare species of orchids

Coleman Orchid

Coleman's flower is a rare representative of the phalaenopsis family, characterized by an unusual appearance. He lives in the USA, in New Mexico. Previously, a flower was found in the canyons of Arizona, but fires, drought, and industrial waste led to extinction.

Grade Features:

  • multi-colored buds of purple hue;
  • lack of chlorophyll in the branches;
  • brown stems.

Another name for the variety is Coralrut. It reflected the unusual shape and color of the plant: it resembles corals. Orchid feeds on substances from the soil.

Coleman Orchid - a rare member of the Phalaenopsis family

Rothschild Shoe

This is the most expensive orchid variety in the world; it is possible to buy it only illegally on the black market. It belongs to a variety of phalaenopsis.

The plant lives only in 1 place in the world - in the forests around Mount Kinabalu, which is located on the island of Borneo. The plant blooms once a decade, which makes the variety not only rare, but also unusual.

Rothschild's shoe - the most expensive orchid variety in the world


This is a land variety with a poorly developed root system. It has several oval-shaped tubers. At the base of the stem, the first leaf grows, which covers the lower part of the peduncle.

The inflorescence is in the form of a brush with 3-5 flowers. Unusual orchid flowers open for a short time only in sunny weather.

The flower consists of 3 sepals of the same size. Light blue flowers have an elongated shape with a pointed point. There are dark round spots on their surface.

When grown at home, the flower attracts pollinating insects. He is from Tasmania.

The flower consists of 3 sepals of the same size

Lady slippers

A rare plant. Refers to terrestrial phalaenopsis species. This is an erect flower of small size with several leaves at the base that grow from the roots. Pink flowers sprout from them.

Petals have a dark yellow tint. The flower bag is pinkish with dark spots. The name of the variety acquired, due to the resemblance to women's shoes.

Such an orchid is not widespread in the world; it is found only in North America at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level. She prefers a cool climate, grows in forests and heather fields with acidic soil.

Three birds

This is a compact terrestrial plant from the semisaprophytic family. The name of the variety comes from the number of flowers. The color is dominated by white and light blue shades. She has on the stem several small green leaves.

Orchid species unusual due to ephemeral flowers. They bloom for 3-6 hours several days a year. It lives in North and Central America.


A rare plant lives in:

  • mango swamps on the coast of the Philippines;
  • on the high plateaus of America;
  • in Indonesia.

The variety belongs to the dendrobium family. Outwardly, it resembles a reed. Has a lot of dark green leaves of an oval two-bladed form. On their surface there is always shine.

Grade Features:

  • large sizes;
  • fast growing epiphyte;
  • tall and hard stalk of brown color.

The diameter of the flowers reaches 6 cm. They have a light pink color. The plant has 10 to 30 blooms. The variety got its name, due to the outward resemblance to the head of a bull.

Variety Bull belongs to the dendrobium family


Endemic phalaenopsus grows only in one place: near a volcano on the Azores. This is one of the rarest and most unusual orchids in the world.

Outwardly, a large flower has several leaves of a light green color that sprout from the roots near the ground. The inflorescence resembles an ear in which there are up to 14 small flowers with a diameter of 2 cm. The flowers are light yellow.

Dragon company

A rare plant lives in 2 places in the world:

  • east of Newfoundland;
  • in southern Virginia.

The species prefers marshland and lowlands. Its height reaches 35 cm. The stem grows from a tuber with 1 leaf. Has large pink flowers. The crests have a light yellow color. Outwardly resembles a crown.

The column is long and curved, expanding at the tip. The variety is unusual due to the fact that it blooms for a short time, a few years before death.

Dragon Company prefers wetlands and lowlands

Striped Ice

Variety dwells:

  • in the south of Canada;
  • in the north of the USA;
  • in the west of mexico.

Prefers dry soil in coniferous forests with a large amount of plant material. It feeds on fungi using mycoheterotrophy. The stem will grow 40 cm tall.

Color options for stems:

  • red;
  • white;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • pink.

Chlorophyll is absent in the leaves. They are colorless and cover the entire trunk. The root system is poorly developed. It has 10-30 flowers in a burgundy or pink hue. Flowering is an array of sepals, inside which is a purple column.

Striped ice floes prefers dry soil in coniferous forests.

Hawaiian Swamp

Hawaiian Swamp Orchid belongs to the endemic family. She is on the verge of extinction. Less than 30 flowers grow in the world.

Plants destroy:

  • wild boars;
  • climate change;
  • human activity.

The species grows from tubers. The peduncle has a straight shape, reaches 50 cm in height. Small flowers have a bright yellow color.

The type of orchid is unusual due to the fact that unknown methods of its reproduction and life expectancy. It lives in swamps and lava soils.

Hawaiian Swamp Orchid belongs to the endemic family

Ghost orchid

A ghost orchid is a perennial phalaenopsis that lives on:

  • Cuba
  • Bahamas
  • in Florida.

The plant is unusual due to the photosynthetic root system. It lives in the piles of trees. Prefers marshy and moist forest soils.

The main part of the flower is a flat root system. White lines are stomata that perform gas exchange and photosynthesis. The outer layer is velamen, characteristic of epiphytes.

The flowers have a white tint. In diameter they reach 6 cm. Petals are delicate and thin.


Unusual varieties have their drawbacks. Rare orchids and phalaenopsis require additional care when grown at home. Breeding of such varieties is best done by experienced gardeners.

Orchid care includes regular watering and maintaining temperature. It is also necessary to choose the right soil and regularly apply fertilizing.


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