Types of potato digger for walk-behind tractor

Previously, harvesting was carried out only by hand. Untreated virgin soil greatly complicated this process, therefore, manufacturers began to develop types of potato diggers for soil cultivation, which would make it possible to dig up potatoes, spud plants, and loosen the soil. Potato digger for walk-behind tractor is an indispensable equipment in the processing of large areas of land.

Types of potato diggers for walk-behind tractor

Types of potato diggers and their mechanism

The work of potato diggers is usually no different from each other. In the process of movement, the working mechanism captures the earth and transfers it to the shaking department. After this treatment, small stones are sifted out, most of the land is removed, and potato tubers are left on the surface.

Nevertheless, working mechanisms still have some features. Types of existing potato diggers:

  • vibrating potato digger (screen type);
  • universal lancet digger;
  • transporter.

Vibration models

A potato-type potato digger (KBN or boar, KKV-012) is considered more effective than a universal model. People call it “shake”. With its help, up to 98% of potato tubers are removed from the soil, which significantly increases productivity. The structure of the structure includes a vibration part, plowshares and a drive.

Equipment during harvesting picks up the top layer of soil together with tubers and places them on a vibrating table. Under the action of the main mechanism, potatoes are peeled of soil residues. The fruits then exit through a swinging mechanism on the other side of the structure. The price of such models is high, so the easiest way is to take the advice of Yuri Serbin or Ildar Leskov and make it yourself.

An analogue of the vibrational model is the drum structure, designed for carrying out agricultural and cultivation work not only in open areas, but also in greenhouses. It is equipped with a special net and a hopper (drum).

Universal model

The universal model raises about 85% of the crop to the surface of the soil. It has a simple device. The main advantage of this unit is its low cost. The crankshaft is equipped with one eccentric or two.

The equipment works without connecting the power take-off shaft. The lancet universal potato digger is connected to the old models without the use of a PTO, in appearance it resembles a shovel. Another plus is the lack of complex parts in the mechanism, which simplifies maintenance.

A simple fan-shaped digger is a mechanism similar to a rake. It also belongs to the simplest designs, for example, VIL, it is used for various types of potato diggers for motoblocks. The price of the simplest model is about 1100 rubles. Also, it is realistic to make it yourself.

Conveyor model

The equipment is similar to a vibrating type potato digger. Instead of a vibrating table, the conveyor variation is equipped with a belt system. During the harvest, the potato travels through it, quickly cleansing from the remnants of the soil.

The main advantage is the ability to adjust the distance between the working elements. Active suspension and a key belt provide better traction on the ground. It is also used as a cultivator.

One of the drawbacks is the high cost of equipment, so the conveyor model is often used for processing farmland.

It is used with motor tractors with a capacity of at least 25 l / s. Digging with a depth of 150 mm provides the collection of the entire crop: MTZ, Khoper, Grasshopper, Bomet. To improve performance, use diesel to refuel. The conveyor is mounted on a mechanical potato digger with an adjustable chain device.

The most popular potato diggers for walk-behind tractors

The choice of device depends on the size of the site

A potato digger on a manual walk-behind tractor is selected in accordance with the following criteria:

  • the weight;
  • Efficiency
  • the quality of the material for the manufacture of wheels and frames, its environmental friendliness;
  • functionality.

The dimensions of the design of manual potato diggers may vary, so the tool is chosen taking into account its capabilities and the scale of the land.

There are single and double row models. A single-row potato digger for a walk-behind tractor performs only one action, processing 1 row, at the same time a two-row potter processes 2 beds at once, it is also used as a hiller.


Potato digger for KKM1 walk-behind tractor is a small-sized device designed for mechanized harvesting of potatoes, beets and onions. The design consists of a grating for screening soil and a movable knife. The support wheels are fully adjustable, which allows you to vary the depth of digging. The operation of the engine is also adjustable, so that it is possible to adjust the softness of separation. Before harvesting, in 2-3 days the plot is cleared of weeds.

Mini potato digger is suitable for use on Neva-2a, MTZ-40, Favorit, Salute, Cascade motor-blocks. The potato digger is suitable for treating light and medium-heavy soils, with a relative humidity of 26%. KKM1 will cope with any work on a site with a land density of 0.2 kg / sq. km and stone blocks up to 9 t / ha.

Technical characteristics when planting potatoes using this model are as follows: the step between the rows should be 70 cm. To increase the adhesion force, a load of 50 kg is hung on the motoblock bar.


This is a single-row potato digger that allows you to harvest without damaging the tubers. It is designed to work in small areas, suitable for Belarus Belarus cultivator.

The device is well thought out, which allows you to quickly separate the potatoes from the soil without missing a single tuber. One of the advantages of working with this equipment is the simplicity of operation and maintenance: spare parts needed for repair are in any shopping center.

The device works on any type of soil. Wheel mounting with bracket is located at the base of the device, which allows you to adjust the depth of plowing.


This vibrating potato digger is suitable for any type of walk-behind tractor. Poltava potato digger is made of durable metal, has a steel hitch 7-8. A table with scoring knives is attached to a vibrating mechanism, which is a 6 mm strip. With proper use of the apparatus, the crop is harvested in 2-3 hours without messing your hands.

Thanks to the coordinated work of powerful lugs, potatoes are easily thrown on the table. Here the earth wakes up on the floor, through the rods, and the tubers move closer to the end of the table. Then the potatoes are thrown down. The only tubers that can remain in the ground are those that are in the hole of the mole.


Potato digger is attached to any equipment

KVMZ - a hinged device designed for harvesting / planting potatoes. Vibrating potato digger for KVM 3 walk-behind tractor, an analogue of VRMZ, also applies to vibration devices. If you give preference to this model, it will not matter what brand of walk-behind tractor is available, because the device is attached to any equipment with a belt drive. There will be no difference what a motor block is in front of you: the manufacture of Chinese manufacturers or the Polish assembly.

If the work is carried out on solid soils, it is possible to connect the adapter with knives directly to the frame, which will enhance the screen function. The device works perfectly with cultivators, in which the pulley is mounted on the right and left sides. When the pulley is on the right side, the digger is installed on the left, after amplifying work with the gearbox. The weight of the equipment is only 40 kg. Suitable for cultivators Bison, Patriot, Tornado, Ugra NMB 3.


Kartofelekopalka on a motor-block small-sized mechanical single-row type. A potato harvester harvests on light and moderate soils. 2 KN works effectively on beds previously cleaned of tops and weeds. The design has a weight of only 30 kg.

A good trailed system makes the unit more versatile in use and improves performance. Productivity - 100 m / 2 min. Kartofelekopalka is suitable for motor cultivators Neva, Cascade, Cayman, Tomsk, Luch, processes virgin soil of any type.


The KKMBA harvester is a convenient simple potato digger designed for harvesting. It is perfect for working with Neva, OKA, Yarilo, Scout, Ural, Zarya motor-blocks. Represented by the following models:

  • KKMB-1 and 2 - belt drive;
  • KKMB A-1 - drive from the wheels of the mechanism;
  • KKT-1 - the drive is carried out by a power take-off shaft.


Semi-mounted potato digger. KTF-01, 02, 05 is designed to work on light and medium soils. It assumes a landing pitch of 60 cm. Unit dimensions - 160 x 80 x 90 cm. Digging depth - 15-20 cm.

The single-row installation is aggregated with mini-tractors MTZ-132N, Belarus-09N, Crosser (zubr), bomet (MB), Crosser. An analogue of KFT2 is the Japanese rotary digger Star. Single row construction.


Polska Viraks or Virech - a potato digger for a rake motoblock. The reinforced cardan allows the use of a mechanical digger for BelAgro, super Kataisi motoblocks. The depth of plowing is 25 cm. The PTO speed is 540 rpm.

Wirax is suitable for work on light soils of medium density. The equipment is convenient in operation, maintenance. An easy-to-use instruction manual helps you easily set up the unit.

Other types of potato diggers

Production Motor Sich offers a wide range of attachments for motoblocks of different capacities. You can buy them at OLH. Grimme Kamyanka digger for walk-behind tractor is characterized by high-quality material, durability, ease of operation and maintenance. Kamenskaya digger is suitable for mini-tractors Belgorod, Zirka.

VHF -2B - digger of a screen type, two-row. Coverage - 1.4 m. It is equipped with a lateral discharge, which simplifies the cleaning of tubers by hand. The advantage of working with the unit is the absence of the need to remove the tops from the site manually, this will be done by the digger himself. It is adapted for motor-blocks OKA, Salute, Lida, Orel.

KTN-2v is a double-row mounted unit. It is aggregated with tractors issued by VRZM. The simpler model KTN-1b is a single-row design, aggregated with motor blocks of 0.6-1.4 class. KST -1.4 - a two-row digger. The recommended step width between rows when landing is 60-70 cm. Step-by-step instructions will help you choose the right mode of operation for any soil. In order to extend the life of the structure, the instruction manual should not be neglected.

KTP-1a is a single-row mounted mechanism. It is suitable for motor-blocks OKA, on the Niva, Viking 609, the Foreman 4a.

Fz-z - a vibrating potato digger for walk-behind tractor, which helps to quickly manage the harvest. Suitable for collecting onions, beets, carrots, garlic. It is intended for use with Forza-80, 82, Agros, Neva 4u, OKA motor-blocks.


Digging potatoes by hand is difficult, therefore walk-behind tractors are widely used for many years. To select attachments, study the catalog, select the necessary sizes. When buying online, make sure the quality of the manufacture of parts. Today, users have the opportunity to order goods even from abroad, using the mastercard. The seller must be asked to show quality certificates, pay attention to the place of manufacture.


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