Types of False Breasts

False breasts are easy to find, but there are mushrooms similar to it. Among them are edible and toxic. Some false breasts are fatal. White has a number of useful substances, with proper preparation it has a pleasant aroma and taste.

Types of False Breasts

Features of loaders

The false breast from the present is determined on the basis of external qualities:

  • round tip with a compressed center up to 20 cm, always wet, mucous;
  • the shape of the apex is funnel-shaped;
  • white, yellowish color;
  • brown spots are present;
  • the plates are white or yellowish. The quality of the fungus is determined by the plates;
  • the pulp is white, elastic and fleshy;
  • sharpness in taste and smell;
  • a lot of milky juice, absent only in the dry.

False breasts differ from the present in appearance

Differences from other mushrooms

According to the description, there are a lot of false varieties in the real loaf. Many of them are eaten, but there are also poisonous ones.

The difference from the violinist

It is hard to distinguish a white breast from a false violinist even to an experienced specialist.

The squealer is edible, similar to white, but the taste is different. It also has useful properties. The main differences:

  • it is called a creak because of a special creak when consumed;
  • appear false later than the present;
  • worms contain only white ones; they do not start at the violinist;
  • the plates are less fleshy, light and thinner in white.

Difference from dry

False black lumps are popularly called "chernushka", "dry" or "chameleon".

It has a different color: ranging from greenish to dark brown. Cellular juice is absent. Dry Features:

  • needs a well-lit place;
  • lives in mixed and birch forests;
  • the mucous cap is lighter than the leg;
  • the pit at the top is deeper.

Difference from bitter

The white breast is different from the false one and the place of growth. Gorchak is found in the North in the forests. Grows in well-moistened areas in large groups.

The top is up to 8 cm in diameter. The hat is flat, convex in young organisms, and funnel-shaped in mature ones. The plates are pale, yellow and red, with a touch. Leg up to 8 cm. Cellular juice is bitter. The taste is sharp and bitter, because this mushroom is only salted. It belongs to the conditionally edible.

Difference from pig

Pig - a poisonous type, poisoning with it leads to death. Symptoms appear after a few hours.

The difference between a real mushroom and a pig in the apex. The hat at the pig has its own characteristics:

  • size - up to 20 cm .;
  • the edges are directed inward;
  • covered with thin hairs;
  • color olive, brown, yellow.

The flesh is brown; it darkens at the incision site. Leg up to 9 cm., Directed sideways. Narrows to the soil. Harvested from mid-summer to mid-autumn.

The false breast is larger, his leg is brown. It accumulates a large amount of heavy metals.

There are false varieties of the real bogeyman

The difference from the row of fir

Unlike fir rowing in the pulp. It is more elastic, white, smells like flour, the taste is fresh. The plates of the false fungus are white, then become yellow or blue.

The leg of the rowing reaches a height of 10 cm, a width of 2 cm. It is flat, white. Edible rowing is used to prepare many dishes.

It grows in coniferous forests from late summer to the first cold weather. The groups are small. It is rarely collected. The size of the apex reaches 10 cm. Sticky, gray color. The center is darker than the edges.

Difference from whitefish flies

Snow flakes grow in the Center, in the North, the West, and also in the Urals. Harvesting starts from the first days of August until mid-autumn. One of the differences is the appearance of the top. The whitewashed hat has a diameter of up to 6 cm, velvety, white with red spots.

The main difference in the pulp, in a real mushroom, it is always white. At the wave, it is pink. The size of the apex of the whitewater is smaller, has lowered bare edges. Only salted, previously carefully prepared.

Difference from Toadstool

Toadstool has a slight thickening near the base of the leg. Appearance is more like russula.

The toadstool apex is green or white. There is a seal on the leg near the cap.

Difference from the Milkman

The miller looks like a white lump. This is a poisonous variety, its use leads to death. The cap is up to 12 cm in size. It is fleshy, convex and funnel-shaped.

The edges are at first bent, and lower with age. The old milkman is red or pink. The leg is 8 cm long and 4 cm wide. It occurs from mid-summer to early fall.

Mushroom picking

Each type of fungus has features in the place of growth, soil, light and humidity. The mushroom grows:

  • in a middle-aged forest. In the young they still do not have time to appear, but in the old they are overgrown;
  • the grass near the trees should be low, in high crops less common;
  • harvested after rain in the morning with dew;
  • in places of growth a mushroom smell is felt.

Duration of collection:

  • black is collected in mid-summer and before the start of autumn;
  • bluish gathers throughout August;
  • oak and aspen is collected from the last days of July until the beginning of autumn;
  • yellow and pepper are harvested from July until the end of summer.

All terms are conditional. The climate and soil during collection must be moist.


It is not difficult to find a false breast if you know the features of its appearance. Most often, the present differs from the false in the color of the cap and shape. The apex is always mucous and soft. The flesh of real white. Also look at the location where the mushrooms grow. Dry soils and climates are not suitable for growing breasts.

If the mushroom is in doubt, it is better not to collect it. Only true whites can be worms, false ones look flawless. True breasts have a large amount of cellular juice.


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