Tomato Description Cheerful Gnome

When it comes to planting vegetables in open ground, it is important to choose the right variety. Often the choice falls on the tomato Cheerful Gnome, characterized by an unusual appearance that attracts the attention of others.

Tomato Description Cheerful Gnome

Grade characteristics

The cheerful gnome was brought out on the territory of the Russian Federation. Breeders worked for a long time on this variety and only after a few years were able to create an amazing plant. To date, Cheerful Gnome tomatoes are not listed in the State Register of the Russian Federation.

Tomatoes are suitable for growing in cool climates. They are ideal for places where summer lasts a short amount of time and is cold most of the year.

Plant description

This tomato variety has a medium ripening period. Since the appearance of the first seedlings, 110 days are counted, after which they begin to harvest. According to the description, the bush is determinant and is suitable only for planting in open ground.

The height of the bush is about 50-60 cm, it does not need pinching. Be sure to carry out a garter with a support. Foliage of a standard form, saturated green tint.

Description of the fetus

According to the characteristics, the fruits are elongated, at the end there is a small nose, often pressed inward. The peel has a red tint, smooth and smooth. The weight of a single ripened tomato reaches 70-90 g. The peel is so dense that it does not allow the tomatoes to crack when ripe.

The taste is full, with sweet notes. Variety vegetables are striking in versatility. They are used both for raw consumption and for the preparation of salads, preserves or pickles. The species shows its best taste in marinade or brine.

Advantages and disadvantages

This variety has many advantages.

The main ones include the following:

  • universality in use;
  • unique commodity and taste;
  • high level of productivity: from 1 sq. m collect about 7 kg of selected tomatoes;
  • resistance to most diseases.

This species does not have disadvantages.

Growing rules

Seeds of tomato cultivars Cheerful gnome are forbidden to plant in open ground, and therefore breeding seedlings is of great importance.

The bushes have small dimensions, therefore, for 1 square. m accommodate about 5-6 plants. Planting seedlings should be carried out to a depth of 2-2.5 cm. Between the rows should keep a distance of 70 cm. Between the bushes it should be 35 cm.


Tomato care is carried out according to the standard principle. During weeding, all weeds are removed and the soil around the bush is loosened so that the root system receives more nutrients, oxygen and moisture.

Watering is carried out by the drip method and only in the evening. This allows moisture to be better absorbed into the soil and not evaporate from the sun. Also, watering should be carried out exclusively with warm water. Top dressing should include not only organic fertilizers, but also mineral ones. For starters, organics are used in the form of litter or humus. After this, nitrogen-containing substances are used during flowering. As soon as the ovaries begin to form, potassium or phosphorus compounds are used.

Diseases and pests

Due to the fact that this tomato variety is quite early, it does not fall under the influence of most viruses or fungal diseases. When they begin to affect vegetables, the Cheerful Dwarf is already fully ripe, so prevention is not needed.

The only problem is the impact of the Colorado potato beetle. To combat this parasite, the use of drugs such as Regent, Taboo or Arax is recommended.


A cheerful gnome has a large number of advantages. Due to its unusual appearance, high immunity and quality, it is in demand all over the world. It is suitable for both beginners and specialists in the field of farming.


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