Sweet pepper freezing are the two easiest ways.

What a delicious bell pepper. It is served on a “diner” plate, stuffed, baked, added to salads and first courses.

I want to share my recipe for freezing sweet pepper - whole and straws. By freezing the whole pepper, you can quickly stuff it, having previously thawed it on the day of preparation. Straw pepper is added to the first and second dishes, to fry and gravy, various sauces, to pizza and so on.

For freezing, it is better to choose yellow and red fruits. If you like bitterness, you can take greens.

I usually freeze peppers several times during the summer, depending on the crop. You can immediately freeze the right amount of fruit.

It is difficult to buy or grow peppers of the same shape and size. Therefore, more even pepper we will freeze the whole, slightly curved - with straws. To do this, immediately sort all the peppers and wash them thoroughly under running water. For both frosts, it is important to dry the pepper so that there is no excess moisture. We lay out clean peppers on a towel for half an hour (for drying) or use paper towels.

Whole bell pepper freezing


  • Sweet pepper - 2.5 kg


  • Take pepper.

  • We clear from seeds and white fibers. If the fruit is very juicy and juice appears, pat it with a paper towel.

  • Prepared pepper insert one into one. Do not stack tightly, otherwise the sides may burst. A pyramid of peppers (3-4 peppers in one pyramid) is sent to the cling film and put in a freezer.

  • Done.

Freezing bell pepper straws


  • Sweet pepper - 2.5 kg


  • We clean the pepper, cutting the stem, removing seeds and excess veins.

  • Peeled peppers cut lengthwise into several parts.

  • Then cut into strips.

  • For such freezing, it is most convenient for me to use a cling film. Put sliced ​​peppers on the film and slowly wrap it up, releasing air.

  • It is important to remove air as much as possible.

  • We remove the pepper in the freezer. Defrost as needed.


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