Surprise tomato characteristics

Growing vegetables in the middle and southern stripes of the country is not difficult. But residents of other northern regions and regions of Siberia also want to try their hand and grow tomatoes in the plots. In order for tomato productivity to be high, it is necessary to create conditions for the development of plants. If there are often frosts on the soil and in the air, then you need to build a heated greenhouse. For greenhouse conditions, special varieties of tomatoes are selected, for example, such as Surprise tomatoes and their varieties.

Surprise tomato characteristics

Characteristics of Tomatoes Surprise

The characteristic of all varieties of this species is similar, and has several points.

  1. Varieties of tomatoes Surprise relate to indeterminate species.
  2. Greenhouse cultivation is recommended.
  3. For these varieties is a prerequisite, the removal of stepchildren and pinching the growth point.
  4. As it grows, it is necessary to fix the stems on trellises or supports.
  5. These are tall bushes reaching 2m growth.
  6. Plants are formed, most often, in one stem.
  7. The fruits of each variety are rounded, flattened from the poles and evenly ribbed.
  8. You can eat fruits fresh and processed.
  9. Surprise tomatoes are resistant to viruses and diseases.

The color of the fruit, depending on the variety, is red, bright yellow, pink and raspberry. All fruits ripen in the brush at the same time, which facilitates their collection. Between the brushes on the stem there can be about 4 internodes with leaves

St. Andrew's Surprise

Reviews of experienced farmers about tomato St. Andrew Surprise recommend the cultivation of this variety in closed ground. In Siberia, where there are strong gusts of wind, garter plants in open ground, fraught with bad consequences. You can not only witness the breakdown of some bushes, but also lose the entire fruit plot of plants. The greenhouse should be up to 2 m high so that the plants develop normally and bear fruit.

Andreevsky Surprise tolerates the lack of lighting, which also characterizes it positively.

At the same time, high productivity, as for the northern regions, remains, within 8 kg, from 1 sq.m. They must be fed, as well as watered with warm water.

Altai Surprise

The variety is resistant to cool weather and lack of light. This makes it an ideal tomato for growing in Altai meadows, in open ground. It refers to those species that require minimal attention.

The plant needs timely watering

Agricultural technology varieties Altai Surprise consists of the following items:

  • timely watering;
  • weeding and loosening of soil;
  • treatments for diseases and pests;
  • fertilizers, as needed, but at least 3 times during cultivation.

The official description states that the fruits, on different plants, do not ripen at the same time, so they need to be harvested constantly as soon as they stain. The color of the ripened fruit is red, raspberry or pink.

Surprise Yellow

Yellow tomato grows to 1.5m and belongs to mid-season varieties.

This means that from the appearance of the first seedlings to the harvest about 120 days pass. The plant is formed into 2 stems and, as it grows, all stepsons are removed.

Fruits are bright yellow. Their shape is flattened, rounded. From the stalk to the middle of the fruit, ribbing is observed. The weight of tomatoes ranges from 200g to 350g. You can use them fresh whole, sliced ​​in green salads with other vegetables and herbs, canned and in the form of juices.

Grandma's Gift (Surprise)

Grandmother is a hybrid suitable for growing in greenhouses.

Refers to medium-late varieties of indeterminate type. Its formation in 1 stalk is recommended, but reviews by gardeners say that two stalks bear more fruit. At the same time, the plant remains viable, and its productivity does not fall.

The fruits are large, slightly ribbed, red. Each weight is about 250 gr. Very juicy and tasty, which, in general, is not typical for hybrids. At the break, they have sugar crystals, and from it you feel a light and pleasant aroma.

Room Surprise

From the name of the variety it is clear that it was created for cultivation on window sills and on balconies. Under these conditions, when the volume of land does not allow the root system to develop freely, it feels excellent. These varieties can be used as perennials that can produce crops all year round. The lack of light leads to the fact that the internodes become shorter, and the bush itself takes the form of a ball, covering the entire space of the windowsill or balcony box.

Indoor Surprise belongs to the super early varieties of the determinant type.

Its fruits are plum-like, red in color and have excellent palatability. It is possible to grow in open ground. Then the bush will be higher, and not up to 50cm and the yield will increase slightly.

Each of these varieties has strong stems, evenly leafy. Leaves are not large, dark green. At level 8 of the leaf, flower brushes are formed, which, after pollination, tie up to 10 fruits.

Tomato seedling care

In a heated greenhouse seedlings can be planted when you want

In order to get healthy seedlings, you need to prepare the substrate and containers. Earth for it is prepared from several components:

  • garden land;
  • sand;
  • rotted mullein;
  • wood ash;
  • and sometimes sawdust of fruit trees.

Coarse sand drainage is poured into the tank, and the soil is leveled on top. Soaked in the evening in a solution of potassium permanganate seeds, washed with running water and evenly spread to the surface. Sprinkle with soil no more than 1 cm, spray with warm water and cover with a film.

After 6 days, at a temperature of plus 25g, the first shoots appear, which can be dived in the phase of the second leaf. Seedlings are in containers for about 65 days. Then it is planted in greenhouses, if the threat of frost passes. For heated greenhouses, planting dates do not matter.

Planting Rules and Care

The soil of the greenhouse is laid out in rows, the distance between which is at least 70 cm. Wells are spilled with warm water. Seedlings are planted so that 1 sq.m. there were about 4 plants. Each plant is immediately tied to supports. Planting care comes down to watering, weeding from weeds and fertilizing plantings. Watering the seedlings is necessary only with warm water, which will not allow the root system to get sick from the cold. During the growing season, you can feed them several times with chemicals or organic solutions.

Fertilizer is introduced into the soil during irrigation, and for foliar top dressing, boric acid can be purchased. Organic substances, for fertilizer, are added to a large container with water, in the calculation of 1: 1 and left in the heat for fermentation. After a couple of weeks, the finished emulsion is diluted 1:10 with warm water and watered under the root.

For the prevention of diseases and viruses, Fundazol, Bactofit, Bravo and other chemicals are used. From organics, tinctures of garlic and onions can be used. They are prepared as follows: 100g of crushed product is insisted in 2 liters of warm water, under a lid. After a day, you need to strain the mixture and dilute it in 10 or 12 liters of water. Planting is sprayed with this solution. Growing tomatoes Surprise, you can replenish the feedback of gardeners with your observations and experience, which will help others to properly cultivate tomatoes.


Life in the cold regions of the country also allows gardening. You can build greenhouses on the plots, and if there is no land, then arrange a winter garden on the balconies and windowsills. This will give an opportunity to try your hand at growing tasty vegetables and add tomatoes from the personal garden to the family table. What could be better if the windows are cold, and in the greenhouse bright balls of home-grown vegetables ripen - Surprise tomatoes, which they ask for in their hands.


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