Sunday lunar calendar

Since ancient times, the last day of the week has been associated with positive and joy. After all, the sun is patronized by the sun, which means that the day is charged with positive energy, which is best left to rest and entertainment. That is why it is better to transfer the hard, dirty work to the next week.

Experienced gardeners recommend limiting themselves to watering plants and fertilizing. It is this stage of work that will allow you to fill the plants with power and charge them with solar energy for further growth and development.

Also on this day you can do aesthetic activities. The creation of flowerbeds and live fences can be quite successful. Such work will bring pleasure and positiveness, and the result will exceed expectations.

Digging or plowing work should definitely be postponed. This dirty job is not for Sunday. It is better to plan all stages of work on weekdays. It is still not recommended to engage in thinning of beds, removing weeds, cutting or uprooting shrubs.

If there are seasonal fruits and vegetables that need to be harvested, you should limit yourself to the amount that a family can consume on this day. Harvesting for the winter and collecting seeds is better to transfer to Monday.

Sunday does not imply parasitism. This day of the week is special and offers the following features:

  • Preparation and planning of work on weekdays;
  • Carrying out aesthetic and decorative works in the garden, in the flowerbed or garden. It is about those who bring positive;
  • Basic maintenance work for plants that require minimal labor;
  • Collection of fruits and vegetables for food.

And in order not to disrupt the positive energy of the day, it is worthwhile to prevent the following work from being completed:

  • It is not worth undertaking hard and dirty work;
  • It is forbidden to plant, thin out, pick weeds, break branches, uproot bushes;
  • It is better to transfer the collection of gifts for billets to other days.

No wonder it is said that Sunday is a day of rest and joy. The energy of this day itself sets in peace. And if you follow the above rules, you can gain strength and positive for a whole week.


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