Stewed apricots and apples - a universal drink "and to the feast, and to the world"

Stewed apricots and apples is a vitamin source for the whole body, while it quenches thirst well. The finished drink turns out to be bright and sunny, the whole family will love it, so prepare with a margin! Let's consider in more detail all stages of the recipe.

Stewed apricots and apples - better than any juice


  • Apricot - 12 pcs.
  • Apples - 4 pcs.
  • Water - 3 L
  • Sugar - 350 g


  • We take a set of products.

  • To make a drink, the fruits should be washed with running water and moved to a towel to rid them of excess moisture.

  • Apricots should be divided in half and eliminate the seed.

  • Halve the apples.

  • Remove the seed box.

  • Cut them into longitudinal slices.

  • That's what we get.

  • Three-liter glass containers should be sterilized.

  • We stand it over boiling water under steam for 20 minutes, and boil the metal cover for 3 minutes.

  • Prepared banks.

  • Dip the apricot halves in the jar. Stack apple slices on top.

  • Fruits should occupy 1/3 of the volume, the rest is syrup.

  • In the meantime, boil water with granulated sugar.

  • Carefully pour the resulting syrup into a jar in a small stream. First, slowly fill only up to half of the container in order to avoid cracking the glass from hot temperature, then you can act a little bolder.

  • After a minute, the fruits are covered with boiling water to the top.

  • Cover with a lid, roll up "twist".

  • Turn the container over.

  • Inverted banks.

  • Cover with something warm and leave to cool completely.

  • Done.

The finished workpiece can be stored for several years and does not deteriorate. But most often they drink compote even in the fall, the maximum - for the New Year holidays (it is so delicious ...). In winter, it is especially pleasant to open a jar of a delicious drink and enjoy the aromatic fruits of summer days. Bon Appetit!


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