Sogo Orchid

Sogo's Orchid mesmerizes and delights with its unusual beauty. Studying the features of Sogo's phalaenopsis helps to properly grow it, to care for a long time and observe the growth and development of the plant.

Sogo Orchid

Grade description

Sogo Orchid - a variegated flower, which was obtained as a result of crosses, belongs to the ancient orchid family. He loves stones, ravines in the mountains, forests in the tropics, grows on stumps, trees.

This variety has large flowers, flowering is plentiful with a string of flowers, peduncles grow in a cascade of long length. To evenly distribute light and heat between colors at home, special supports are used.

Large-sized leaves grow to 35-40 cm, they are oblong, dense, harsh, with a dark green color. Sogo's colors are different, ranging from white to bright raspberry, violet.

Types of Sogo Orchid


Phalaenopsis Sogo Vivien - a flower from Asia with unusual leaves, with a border of color lighter than the entire dark green leaf. The leaves are round in shape, dense in structure. The flowers of Sogo Vivien are pink, with raspberry streaks, variegated flowers, with a bright curly lip.


Yukidan is an elongated slender plant. The flowers are white and pink in color, their diameter is up to 12-14 cm. The curly lip resembles a brooch in the pattern against a white or pale pink flower, the petals are rounded in shape and shimmer under lighting. The leaves are bright green in color, wide, dense, with a longitudinal vein in the middle.


Gotris is a miniature variety up to 25 cm high, with bright yellow flowers and purple dots on all petals, a raspberry lip.


Shito has a bright, unmistakable aroma. The plant has a waxy structure of petals, height 35-40 cm, flowers 6-7 cm in size.


Phalaenopsis Sogo requires the following growing conditions:

  • proper watering;
  • temperature 20 ° C during the day;
  • humidity - 50-60%, a slight increase in spring-summer;
  • lighting.

Flowering occurs several times a year. This type of plant does not like stuffiness, dampness in the room, demanding ventilation, but does not tolerate drafts.

Sogo Orchid Growing


An ideal place for a plant is the north side with the addition of backlighting, without direct sunlight.

For planting, a plastic pot with holes on the sides and on the bottom for air access and the correct location of the roots is suitable. A medium-sized pot is suitable.

Breeding methods

Sogo are propagated by seeds and processes. With independent breeding, the method of reproduction by children is used. A favorable time for the process is the end of winter or the beginning of spring, after flowering.

Conditions and stages of reproduction:

  • the choice of phalaenopsis with a healthy root, fresh and dry peduncle;
  • an incision with a knife on a peduncle to a sleeping kidney;
  • disinfection of the cut with charcoal or cinnamon;
  • transplanting an escape to a new place with a small amount of substrate from the bark of trees and moss;
  • watering stop to restore orchids.



After the purchase, it is advisable to transplant the young plant. The orchid is carefully removed from the pot, soaked in a solution of epin and succinic acid, soaked in coconut chips and sphagnum moss. If Sogo is healthy, she and the substrate are transplanted by transshipment. If there is damage or rot of the root system, clean the damaged areas.

The substrate is shaken. For the prevention of diseases, leaves and areas in front of the roots are sprayed with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, moss is mixed with charcoal or activated charcoal.

If the updated plant is ready to be planted in a new place, the pot is filled with a substrate. The orchid is abundantly watered, excess water is removed from the leaves and growth points.

Top dressing

Top dressing combined with watering, it is allowed to use rooting for orchids. Maintain priority in top dressing: watering with water, watering with fertilizer. After buds appear, top dressing is stopped.


When the color of the roots changes to gray-brown, the plant is watered. First, before dinner, once every 2 weeks, in autumn and winter, if it’s hot, once a week, after the substrate dries. It is better not to spray the flowers in order to avoid the appearance of spots; leaves are allowed to be watered.


Sogo's orchid is undemanding to lighting. The windows in the spring and summer are covered, otherwise the sun's rays harm the plant, in winter, phytolamps will be needed for additional light.

Diseases and Pests

Orchid is susceptible to diseases and pests, including:

  • Mealybug. Pests are removed with a napkin and insecticide treated. The plant is sprayed and wiped off excess fluid after 40 minutes, repeated spraying is done after 7 days.
  • Spider mite. It multiplies rapidly, a phytoerm solution is used to combat the pest, 3 treatments are done every 7-8 days.
  • Rot. The problem appears due to stagnation of air, violation of air exchange, lowering temperature. For treatment, a transplant is required with cleaning the damaged areas and treating the roots with foundationazolone.


To keep domestic plants safe from diseases and pests, the following conditions are required:

  • installation of pots on special lattices from metal go a tree;
  • processing tools and pots during transplantation, reproduction;
  • compliance with the temperature regime, avoiding stagnation of air, airing the premises;
  • proper care.


Compliance with the rules of growing and caring for the phalaenopsis of Sogo will allow you to grow a beautiful plant. A healthy and beautiful flower will surely please the owner if you carefully monitor its condition and prevent the appearance of diseases and pests.


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