Soak eggplant seeds before planting

To get a good crop of vegetable crops, planting material is kept in nutrient solutions. That's why it is recommended to soak eggplant seeds before planting. This will protect the culture from disease and enrich it with trace elements.

Soak eggplant seeds before planting

Seed selection

Before sowing pepper, cabbage, tomatoes and other vegetable crops, a seed selection procedure is carried out. Each district has its own varieties. The choice of planting material depends on the region where the planting will take place. Each area has its own climatic features.

There are varieties suitable for all regions. This also applies to eggplant. The best plants for beginner gardeners are hybrids. They are distinguished by accelerated similarity.

When choosing seeds in stores, pay attention to expiration dates and packaging. If the seed is spoiled, it is not used for sowing.

Eggplant seeds that have been processed are selected:

  • panning;
  • granulation;
  • inlaid;
  • glazing.

The result of the treatment is the coating of the eggplant seeds with a protective nutrient coating necessary for germination. This allows gardeners only to sow and water plants, without wasting effort on preliminary agricultural activities.

A complete preparation procedure guarantees excellent germination, strong seedlings and a large crop. It is carried out at home, especially for planting material collected independently. It is stored for six months in a dark place before planting on seedlings or in open ground.

Germination test

Germination test - a method that allows you to select high-quality eggplant seeds for sowing. It is carried out for independently assembled copies. To begin with, all seeds are viewed, sorted. Good germination is shown by seeds from 3 mm, without deformation.

Selected options are placed in saline for half an hour. To do this, mix 50 g of salt and 1 l of water so that it is completely dissolved. Unsuitable specimens will surface. If all planting material has surfaced, it is worth trying to germinate it.

For growing without germination, eggplant seeds are used, which remained at the bottom of the tank. They are washed under running water, dried and sent to the next stages in order to prepare them for planting.

Soaking technology

soak in prepared water

The soaking procedure allows you to get a good seed, accelerating the emergence of seedlings. The procedure is suitable for all varieties: early, mid-season and late. Before soaking eggplant seeds, they are stocked up with settled or melt water collected from pure snow.

For the procedure you will need:

  • wide and deep capacity;
  • cotton fabric;
  • fertilizers or substances intended for disinfection or growth.

Eggplant seeds are placed between a cloth dipped in water with fertilizers. The container is poured so that the fabric is slightly damp, but not waterlogged. Otherwise, there is a risk of spoiling the seed with a lack of air and an excess of moisture. The container is placed in a warm room without direct sunlight for 2 days. This allows you to get high-quality specimens for seedlings and sowing in open ground.

Soaking for disinfection

To increase the plant's immunity to diseases and pests, a disinfection procedure is carried out. Seeds are soaked in different solutions:

  • Potassium permanganate. Prepare a 1% pink solution, in which for 20 minutes. lower the eggplant seeds.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. The seed is soaked in a 2% solution and held for up to 7 minutes.
  • Aloe. The juice of the plant is removed from the leaf, which stood for 2 days in the refrigerator. Processing lasts a day. After the seeds are not washed, but dried, then they begin to plant.
  • Baking soda. Mix 10 g of the substance and 1 liter of water, insist half a day.
  • Ashes. 4 liters of water use 4 tbsp. l ashes. The mixture is kept for 24 hours, then the liquid is drained and the seeds are placed there for 5 hours.
  • Honey. 1 tsp dissolved in a glass of warm water. Seeds insist 5 hours.
  • Potato juice. The vegetable is frozen, cut into pieces and squeezed juice, in which the seed is kept for 7 hours.

Solutions with succinic acid or mustard are also used. For this, 15 ml of succinic acid or 100 ml of mustard powder are added to 1 liter of water. Or use chemicals:

  • Trichodermin;
  • Alirin – B;
  • Bactofit;
  • "Albite".

Soak for a period of 6 to 12 hours.

After each treatment, the seed is washed under water. Only after that it is sown in open ground or for seedlings.

It is important not to increase the concentration of substances, so as not to completely destroy the nucleolus. Against dry rot, powdery mildew, vascular bacteriosis, early plant varieties insist 15 minutes. in water at a temperature of 50 ° C.

The purpose of the procedure is to protect against bacteria and fungi. If the soil is disinfected, it is absolutely necessary to soak the seeds in such solutions, because plant embryos can carry a number of bacteria on the shell. They should also be treated in stimulants for rapid germination.

Soaking in stimulants

Seeds that are treated in growth stimulants sprout quickly. They germinate within a few days after planting. They are purchased in stores in the form of drugs or use folk methods. Chemical preparations include:

  • Energen Aqua;
  • “Heteroauxin”;
  • "Baikal EM1";
  • "Epin-extra";
  • "Zircon".

These drugs store nutrients in the seeds for better germination. You can plant such seed already the next day after processing. It germinates 5-6 days after sowing.

In addition to drugs, natural solutions are used. To do this, mix 1 liter of warm and pure water and 5 g of wood ash or sodium humate. The mixture is less effective than chemicals, but safer if overexposed seeds in it.


Eggplant begin to plant in March. To increase the yield, vegetable seeds are soaked in solutions from a couple of minutes to several days. Chemicals are better for stimulating growth, while natural substances are better for disinfecting. Quenching and processing is carried out not only before planting in open ground, but also for growing seedlings.


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