Self-assembly of slit floors for pigsties

In many respects, the success of pig breeding depends on the cleanliness of the room in which they are kept. The building must comply with all sanitary and hygienic standards and be convenient to operate.

Installation of slotted floors for pigsties

Slotted floors for pigsties are considered the most optimal option in terms of hygiene and have many advantages over solid flooring. Such designs consist of two levels, which ensures the preservation of heat even in the most severe frosts and allows you to automate the cleaning of animal waste products.

Quality Requirements and Benefits

Slotted floors for pigsties are divided into several types depending on the material from which the structure is made:

  • concrete;
  • plastic;
  • metal.

From the point of view of hygiene, the slit floor meets all the prescribed standards. The coating allows for unhindered cleaning of feces, automating the process. Materials are perfectly washed, do not collapse due to the use of disinsection products, and are also completely safe for pigs. When installing such structures, the frequency of infectious diseases among the livestock is significantly reduced.

Among other things, the use of this floor can significantly reduce the cost of heating appliances. Slotted floors can reduce water costs for cleaning by 5 times. The main thing is that such designs are suitable both for large pig farms and for small sheds with several heads and can be done with your own hands. Material for the slit floor is selected, depending on what animals will be kept in the room.

Concrete Structures

On large pig farms, concrete slit floors are most often made. This design is able to withstand a large mass. Compared to other flooring, concrete slit floors for pigsties are the most durable and durable. The material does not absorb odor and does not deteriorate when exposed to pig products.

The price of concrete slatted floors is quite high, plus installing the structure with your own hands requires a lot of strength and certain skills in construction. To lay this kind of coating will require special construction equipment. On such a flooring, only adults can be kept; for piglets, warmer material is needed.

Concrete slotted floors can withstand up to 600 kg of load per square. With all the desire to do such a design with your own hands is very difficult. An alternative to concrete screed is the purchase of ready-made reinforced concrete slabs.

Plastic constructions

Plastic slatted floors began to be used not so long ago, but managed to win the hearts of many breeders, thanks to the affordable price and ease of installation. Installation of a plastic slit floor does not require special skills. Such a flooring does not slip and has high hygienic qualities.

Plastic slatted floors are excellent for keeping pigs with young suckling age. The design has a fractional relief, so even the smallest pig will not be able to get injured when moving on such a deck. Used for the maintenance of pigs of average weight category.

Plastic boards can only be purchased in finished form. Do it yourself simply will not work. Fasteners are interconnected at the stage of casting.

Metal constructions

In some cases, metal structures are used. On such floorings, sows are most often kept during lactation. During the active production of milk, females become restless and aggressive, and the coolness of the metal acts soothingly on them. Steel partitions are made of:

  • cast iron;
  • galvanized sheets.

You can make a metal slotted floor with your own hands. To do this, you need a welding machine. To keep piglets on such floors, it is necessary to equip the building with a heating system.

Manure removal automation

Slotted floor for pigsties involves the equipment of a self-alloy feces removal system. After laying the foundation, special bathtubs are installed, to which the sewer line is supplied. Above the baths, a slit floor of the selected material is placed. There are 2 methods for installing slotted floors:

  • when the grill is located around the entire perimeter of the floor;
  • part of the floor is trellised, and part is continuous.

Continuous slit floors around the perimeter are used for large pig farms. The design involves coating equipment with a heating system. Such floors are designed for the content of a large livestock of pigs. Under the slatted plates, there are special reservoirs into which animal waste products fall, coming from there into the drain pipe.

Disposal Automation

Partially slotted floors differ from the previous design in that the cleaning process is not fully automated. Manure tanks are equipped with plugs. For some time, manure remains in liquid form in the bathtubs.

When filling the tanks, the lattice part of the floor covering is removed, and feces are pumped out of the bowls into the sewer line after opening the plugs. The second installation method can significantly save on the purchase of trellised plates. Pigs go to the toilet in one place, so in small private estates there is no point in installing continuous slatted floors.

Manufacturing Technology Requirements

Slotted floor for pigs must comply not only in quality and price, but also meet technological standards. When choosing a design, you should pay attention to wear resistance. The flooring will be under constant mechanical influence during the movement of animals with high weight. A significant proportion of damage is caused by the products of vital activity of pigs.

Perhaps the most important characteristic for a slit floor is the design safety for animals of any age. So that pigs of all ages are not injured during movement, it is recommended to buy or make 10 x 150 mm cells on their own. Animal health will directly depend on the material from which the structures will be made. Only hygroscopic and environmentally friendly materials are recommended.

Installation Rules

The very first thing to do when building a building after laying the foundation is flooring. This applies not only to the construction of a new building, but also to reconstruction. When installing flooring, there is a high probability of damage to the remaining parts of the pigsty.

The strength of the foundation and its waterproofing are the paramount points that you should pay attention to. Alkaline environment of waste products is a very aggressive destroyer. If you do not take care in advance about the strength of the foundation, and use low-quality materials, the building can subsequently give strong shrinkage, as a result - additional costs for its reconstruction.

The reservoirs for collecting feces should not be lower than 60 cm. Bitumen is used as a waterproofing material for coating cracks on the surfaces of reservoirs and channels. It is very important to choose slotted floors at the design stage. This will make it possible to calculate the pressure on the foundation. For example, a concrete structure will have a greater effect on the foundation than a plastic one.

Final part

Concrete strong slotted floors for pigs - a prerequisite. When building pig farms, small and large, an important place is given to the arrangement of the floor. It is on the floor that animals will walk to defecate, so the health of the livestock will directly depend on its quality. Slotted floors are the most optimal option, which allows you to fully or partially automate the removal of feces from the pigsty. The price of flooring will depend entirely on the material from which it is made.

Today, slit plastic floors are quite popular. They are characterized by low hygroscopicity, can withstand medium-weight animals. The price of such coverage is more than acceptable, and the ease of installation makes them ideal for keeping a small number of livestock.

For large pig farms, it is recommended to use concrete or metal slotted plates, mounting an additional heating system. Such a coating can withstand weight up to 600 kg. Before installing the coating, you need to pay attention to the foundation of the building. It must be well waterproofed and strengthened.


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