Secrets of Pigeon Hunting

Almost everyone can afford to hunt birds for a long time. It is enough to purchase the right tool and uniforms, select a place and go for prey. Pigeon hunting is predominantly in central Russia, where they live in park and garden areas. Flocks of wild pigeons fly for about 10 days. Pigeon hunting has become quite common in the last decade, the reason is the feathered lifestyle and their large number.

Wild pigeon hunting

The peculiarity of hunting pigeons is that they are considered the most careful, because the process itself sometimes reminds the hunter of the game. However, their caution is considered the main disadvantage of pigeon hunting, because the number of methods for catching birds is reduced. Mostly, the action period begins in the fall, and you can meet them not only in forests and gardens, but also in places of growth of any agricultural crop, for example, sunflower. In addition, pigeons gather near tall birches and firs. A distinctive feature of pigeons is their cleanliness and love for relaxing on trees, where you can clean feathers.

What pigeons can be seen in Russia

Hunting for pigeons is complicated by the fact that these are individuals that are represented in a wide variety. So there are more than 250 species of wild pigeons, if you do not take into account decorative and postal species. The bird is not only great game, but also a great delicacy. The more widely distributed pigeons, the more accessible they become for those who want to shoot them. The hunting of wild pigeons in the Russian Federation is carried out for various species.

  1. Vyahir is a pigeon, which is considered the most beautiful and largest representative, reaching a length of more than 50 cm with a weight of more than 500 g. Vyahir is found in almost all parts of the country, from coniferous forest to the city. In winter, birds are divided into pairs and begin to twist nests. The pigeon hunting for the whirlwind is complicated by the vigilance and alertness of birds and is considered a rather complicated process. Often they lead her near the places where grain is collected, near oak trees, vineyards, berry bushes. Such production is considered the most desirable for everyone because of the size of the trophy.
  2. The blue pigeon is a species that can be found in every city. It features a blue plumage and a sedentary lifestyle. Birds make nests at heights, choosing forest, rocky and mountainous terrain or roofs. They feed on seeds and plants. Hunting for gray pigeons is not as widespread as in the previously described case.
  3. The neck of the neck is the most beautiful and most elegant look with a brownish plumage and black stripes on the neck. The bird weighs less than 200 g, and its length barely reaches 30 cm. Settlement of pigeons falls on forests and agricultural areas. Birds feed on plant foods.
  4. Klintuh belongs to forest pigeons, and its distinctive feature is a rich blue plumage with a greenish beautiful tint. You can meet nests in the hollows, and the pigeons themselves — in the linden forests or beech groves. Hunting is complicated by the incredible care of birds.

All those who hunt pigeons need to be prepared for the fact that it is not possible to get prey right away. Careful and accurate birds a mile away sense the danger, because they fly away immediately.

The intricacies of observing wild pigeons

It is better to start hunting for pigeons in late summer or early fall. Only true and dedicated hunters give preference to pigeon hunting because of the rather large amount of money and effort spent. However, many experts note that hunting for a wild dove is interesting, fascinating and very exciting. Game is found almost everywhere due to constant flights. The main techniques for hunting pigeons are:

  • hunting in places of feeding and watering;
  • pigeon hunting from the approach;
  • surge;
  • the use of decoy;
  • hunting for pigeons with stuffed animals.

Any of the techniques requires careful preparation from the person. The preparatory phase decides how successful the hunt for wild pigeons will be. Preparation should begin by determining where the pigeons live, what they eat and what features they have. Mostly they can be found near cereal fields, grasslands, farms, etc. It is important to correctly calculate how and when the birds feed, which place they choose for rest, overnight. It should be remembered that such calculations cannot be stretched in time due to the frequent change of feeding places and overnight pigeons.

Anyone who has seriously decided to devote time to pigeon hunting needs to get binoculars and a monocular for observation. It is important to choose a place for observation that matches the flight path of the pigeons. It is best if there are a large number of shrubs and trees nearby, and the sun will hit on the back. With flat terrain, it is important to hide in a hole. It is equally important to disguise yourself in order not to frighten the pigeon once again. Only those who hunt, fully disguised, can succeed. That is why pigeon hunting is often accompanied by stuffed animals, which you have to do with your own hands, and making them is a very time-consuming process.

The most important detail remains the choice of weapons. If a person hunts for a vyakhir, then it is better to use small ammunition, larger ones are suitable for doves. Hunting rifles should be flexible and light, because birds can easily change flight direction. Using pneumatics, preference should be given to the 22nd caliber. In addition, pigeon hunting with a slingshot is quite common.

About Species

The way in which a person hunts pigeons is already understandable, but what about the features of the existing species of this difficult process?

  1. The watering place is held at the time from the beginning of sunrise to 8 o’clock in the morning, when the pigeons leave the shelter and head to the reservoir. Their gaze can stop even on an ordinary puddle. In the event that it turned out to find the right place, it must be prepared by making shelter. Due to the care of the pigeons and the maintenance of the open area, it is better to use stuffed animals or hold it using a profile. A good option would be an evening watering, but you should not give it more than 2 days. Pigeons will distinguish the hunter and will quickly change one reservoir for another.
  2. Pigeon hunting in feeding places takes place on cereal fields and granaries, because birds love to eat sunflower, peas and wheat. Sometimes they occupy meadows and old gardens. Hunters should be at the edges of the field, but not inside, as other people or animals may also be present nearby. Better to use the stuffed animals, placed along the border. Then the birds will fly up to them, and not stop in the middle. When a person hunts in this way, shots should come from shelter in nearby birds. The most important hunting accessory in this case is the binoculars, which will tell you where the prey will fall.
  3. "Approach" is best used with a partner or a trained dog. Hunters rarely use the approach method because of the shyness and caution of birds, because you need to not only walk as quietly and accurately as possible, but also not make unexpected movements. Finding black game will not be difficult with the help of a dog or a landmark, hung on a tall plant.
  4. The surge method is suitable for the period when the birds decided to rest, sitting on the trees, and clean the feathers. In this case, hunters in the amount of up to 6 people should be divided in pairs and march to places of rest. The remaining hunters remain at the finish line, in the place where the birds will then be driven. Seeing people, pigeons will lurk in anticipation of when the first will go further. After takeoff, they are bombarded by partners.
  5. The use of decoy is suitable for beginners, because experienced specialists do not need to use special hunting tricks - they just need to make a mouthpiece with their palms. You need to start luring in the early morning or after 3 hours. An ideal place would be a site with lonely trees. Shots should begin as birds approach. If they manage to sit on a tree, it will be difficult to shoot them.

Experts advise not to look at birds directly if they find watering places and feeding places. It is enough to glance at them, periodically casting glances, reducing the distance. At the time of sneaking, you may need to sit down, because pigeons can easily be alarmed. After waiting a dangerous moment, you should resume movement, and if at the same time crawl on all fours, success is guaranteed. Together with semolina, you can try to use a slingshot, which is quiet and compact.

Using stuffed animals

Using stuffed animals is practically no different from using them on other animals. Due to the fact that pigeon stuffed animals are not as common as we would like, we will have to start our own production of a profile or stuffed animal from the skin of a living pigeon. When making attributes, it is important to ensure that the artificial birds look natural and depict a seated individual. It is enough to force the stuffed animals, in an amount of up to three pieces, to the chosen place (most often this is the place of an overnight stay or feeding).

The use of the profile in this case is not so common, but it is also possible, because the pigeons are sociable, therefore, when they see a relative, they immediately fly to him. Hunting tricks do not end there. You can try to paint the stuffed animals in bright colors, so that the pigeons notice the "relative". The best location is at a distance of 20 meters from the hut. To make a hut, you can use straw. With proper execution, the birds will not pay attention to him.

Hunting with airguns

Hunting by air is not approved by all hunters, because the use of a real gun cannot be replaced by any pneumatics. For hunting, you need to choose an early time in places where birds feed. Mostly hunting areas are wide fields. The time for using such weapons falls on the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, however hunting is possible only on gray pigeons. An important step is the purchase of lightweight and durable equipment of the appropriate color.

A feathered hunter (pigeons) can even go out in sports low shoes, covering his head with an appropriate headdress with a visor. If you behave as carefully as possible, then until 12 noon even a novice hunter will be able to shoot 10-12 individuals.

Thus, hunting for pigeons is a truly fascinating process with many different subtleties and tricks. Everyone can choose the option that seems the safest and most interesting. Subject to the basic rules, production will amaze with its quantity, and the process will bring a lot of gambling pleasure.


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