Rules for storing cauliflower at home

Vegetables are an indispensable storehouse of vitamins for the human body. Knowing some secrets, you can eat plant food fresh all year round. Storage of cauliflower at home without losing its valuable properties is possible using several methods.

Rules for storing cauliflower at home


Even a novice gardener can grow and save then cauliflower. This vegetable needs warmth, regular watering and top dressing, but direct exposure to the beds of the sun is best avoided.

The traditional harvest time is from July to early August, but the features of the variety play a role here. The quality and degree of preservation of the vegetable depends on the literacy of the collection.

  • cut inflorescences when they reach 10-15 cm in diameter;
  • ripened vegetable needs immediate removal from the garden;
  • a tool for cutting heads - a sharp knife: the inflorescence is captured along with the lower leaves;
  • will properly store the cauliflower, freshly picked and fresh, in a dark and cool place.

If weather conditions require immediate movement of seedlings from open soil, transplant them into a greenhouse or cellar to grow there.

Storage methods

In autumn and winter, the body needs vitamins. Carrying them with you from the summer is quite real. The correct harvesting technique affects the duration of the preservation of vegetables, so it is so important to cut off the inflorescences on time. Cauliflower can be stored at home without losing its useful properties in certain places and by various methods.


To preserve cauliflower for the winter, you need to keep it in the cellar. If the temperature in the storage does not meet the required conditions, you can embark on some tricks.

  1. Pre-lubricated and dried in clay, it will remain useful for six months. Prepare a thick solution and grease each head with it.
  2. A similar shelf life will ensure the storage of culture in a bucket of sand.
  3. The containers in which you will store cauliflower must be wooden. On top of the boxes, cover with foil. Another option is hanging shelves.

Make sure that no condensation forms under the shelter. Check vegetables for disease. In the cellar, storing cauliflower for the winter is allowed for 2-3 months.

Suspended state

For about a month, a vegetable will hang in the cellar, suspended by a stump from the plank. Having decided to resort to this method to save your cauliflower, uproot the plant with the stem when cut. Periodically tear off overgrown leaves from it.


Cabbage can be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks

The option of storing cauliflower in the refrigerator is not the best way if you want to stock up on vegetables for the long term. In the refrigerator, the product must be securely covered. You can wrap it in cling film (in 2 layers), paper or an airtight bag - each head of cabbage will need a separate one. Cauliflower can be saved without losing freshness, only for 2 weeks.

To properly store cauliflower in the refrigerator, you must first cut the leaves and roots. You need to keep the culture in the upper compartments.


To keep cauliflower in the refrigerator for a long time, you can choose a freezer. Culture can be placed there in any form:

  • whole;
  • chopped into inflorescences;
  • Fresh
  • steamed in boiling water.

Such a solution is the best way to preserve cauliflower for the winter. A well-packed product is able to lie in the chamber without losing utility for about a year.

Other storage methods

In the event that none of the methods described above how to keep cauliflower useful, pay attention to other, less popular, but effective ways to solve the problem.

Inflorescences are dried in the oven at a temperature of 60-70 degrees, spread out in plastic containers. Shelf life is 1-2 months.

In salted / pickled form, the culture does not have an expiration date. The selection of heads for conservation should be thorough: dense, white specimens are suitable without sprouted inner leaves.


It is not difficult to store cauliflower at home, so that even in winter to get vitamins from it. Do not forget to pre-inspect each fruit, because one rotten specimen can destroy the entire batch. It all depends on the storage conditions of cauliflower: temperature range - 0-3 degrees, humidity about 90-95%, dark place. Too high ethylene accelerates heading aging. Observing all the rules for storing cauliflower, you will keep vegetables safe and sound for a long time.


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