Rules for planting tulips in the fall in the suburbs

Each gardener chooses planting dates for his flowers. But it is known that planting tulips in the fall in the suburbs has a beneficial effect on flowering. We will figure out how to plant tulips in open ground and greenhouses in central Russia and the outskirts of Moscow.

Rules for planting tulips in the fall in the suburbs

Features of autumn planting

Both autumn and spring planting methods require compliance with the rules. Proper planting provides the flower with the necessary development. Therefore, before deciding to land after the summer, weigh all the pros and cons.


Planting tulips in the winter in the suburbs has the following advantages

  • Bulbs get time to strengthen in the ground before frosts come;
  • Autumn planting material increases the root system and gives the flower more resistance to diseases. The vegetation process of such a flower is faster;
  • In the autumn period, it is easiest to find the desired tulips (as well as daffodils and other bulb plants), by the end of the season there will be more bulbs and sprouted tulips on the market, almost ready to bloom;
  • Preserving seed in winter will be difficult. Onions may not take root in time. To avoid early germination, many difficult conditions must be observed;
  • In spring, seedlings appear early, even if the snow has not completely melted. If the plant survives the winter, it will develop more actively and decorate your flower bed with bright buds longer;
  • Spring tulips may not grow on time: the green part will appear, and the flowers will not have time to set. The fact is that the plant needs adaptation, and the appearance of a flower takes time.


  • Planting tulips in open ground requires strict adherence to deadlines. Otherwise, you will not get full-fledged healthy plants, and the flowering time will be significantly reduced;
  • There is little risk that tulips will die. Weakened bulbs do not have enough time for rooting and after the first frost they can die;
  • Planting material can be damaged by insects wintering in the ground, rodents and other pests.

Tulip planting time in autumn in the suburbs

In most parts of the country, the best period for planting perennials is the first month of autumn. But the reference should not be the dates on the calendar. When choosing a time, pay special attention to temperature indicators: during abnormal periods, do not plant. Wait for a better period.

The Moscow region belongs to the Central zone. In this regard, the best time for planting tulips in autumn in the suburbs is from early September to early October. According to other gardeners - from the third decade of September to mid-October. You can navigate by the month of planting garlic in open ground or a greenhouse this year.

Such a gap is due to the fact that autumn is rainy in the Moscow region, and frosts often occur at night. By the beginning of October, snow may fall, so try not to delay.

Action algorithm

Tulips are planted in warm soil

In order for the plants to develop, it is necessary to consider all aspects of planting and care. Choose the appropriate conditions, planting material and correctly place it in your favorite place. We’ll figure out how to organize this.

Suitable conditions

Tulips should be planted in autumn in the suburbs at a soil temperature of 6-9 ° C at a planting depth. It is necessary to dig a hole 10 cm. With these values, the plant can quickly develop a hardy root system. If the temperature deviates by 3 ° С, root formation will occur, but its rate will noticeably decrease.

The formation of a future shoot, roots, buds of buds and flowers takes about 3.5-4 weeks. It will be good if during this time the soil does not freeze at the depth of the onion planting. When the sprout of a tulip begins to break through the thickness of the earth, the ideal time for a drop in temperature comes. If it has not arrived yet, and the flower has begun to break through the ground, cover it with a film or other material. So that there are no surprises, observe the landing dates.

Choose onions

To successfully plant tulips in the suburbs, you need to choose the right bulb:

  • Before making a purchase, make sure that the material you have chosen is of high quality. First of all, remember that you need to buy tulip bulbs in specialized gardening stores. They have product warranties and it is always better to know where to turn in case of problems;
  • The size of the bulb should be 4 cm. The largest are suitable only for winter distillation;
  • The entire surface of the bulb should be covered with golden or brownish thin scales. Otherwise, the tulip will slowly rise and develop poorly even in the greenhouse;
  • Onion must not be damaged, scratched or unnatural indentations. It is bad if the planting material is excessively soft or rotten;
  • Pay attention to the neck and the bottom of the tulip bulb. It is necessary to plant tulips in the autumn in the suburbs if the bottom and neck of the tulip are sufficiently dense, elastic. You can not plant plants that have grown roots and softened bottom;
  • Bulbs are simply injured, so do not delay planting after purchase. If the time has not come yet, store planting material at temperatures of 17.5-18 degrees. Ideal balcony, cool veranda.

Landing place

Tulips in the suburbs require certain conditions, but how to choose them? Be sure to consider the features of your landscape. If the site has groundwater deposits, plant tulips on natural elevations or artificial alpine slides. Otherwise, rapidly developing roots will get to excess fluid, decay processes will begin, and the flower will soon die.

Tulips are drawn to heat. If you do not land in a place with sufficient lighting, the stems will thinn and begin to reach for the light. But spaces with drafts or excessive gusts of wind will be harmful to the flowers. It is worth noting that undersized varieties are more resistant to the flow of air masses.

It is important that the soil for planting has certain characteristics. It should not be too dense, breathable, alkaline. Do not forget to regularly fertilize the flower beds. If you are forced to plant plants in sandy soil, dig it with three-year-old manure. Too dense soils need to be diluted with sifted river sand.

How to plant tulips

Planting tulips in the fall in the suburbs is necessary, observing the following recommendations:

  • Dig the soil to a depth of 20-26 cm. Water the earth, if the summer was unusually dry, a few days before planting tulips. Apply fertilizer to the soil. For bulbous plants, potassium salts or saltpeter, natural compost and ash left from the farm after burning wood are suitable;
  • Carefully level the surface of the beds or flower beds. This is necessary so that excess water does not accumulate in the dimples. When cold, the liquid freezes, which can damage the roots of the bulbous plant;
  • Sort planting material, select only high-quality onions and immerse them in a growth stimulator. Dig furrows in the soil, they will help to place flowers in the area of ​​the flowerbed. The most comfortable recess is considered to be a pit of 10-14 centimeters;
  • The distance at which you plant the tulip bulbs should be calculated according to their size. Plant large ones at a distance of 10 centimeters, and between medium ones - 8. Aisles should be approximately 0.25 meters;
  • Pour sand at the bottom of the recesses and row spacings. Arrange the plants according to your plan. Put the bulbs carefully so as not to damage their sensitive root system. Level the ground and wait: by the spring your beds will sparkle with new colors!


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