Rules for planting carrots in April

In the spring comes the most active time for gardeners. As soon as the snow is falling, preparation for field and homework begins, inventory is checked, land is cultivated, seeds are packed up. Each vegetable has its own characteristics of sowing, because it is important how the planting of carrots will take place in April.

Rules for planting carrots in April

Preparing carrots for sowing

Garden-field work begins with the choice of place and soil preparation.

Carrots prefer sunny places, flat and slightly windy. Heat helps seeds germinate faster and get the necessary synthesis of substances that occurs in the ground part of the plant - tops. An even layer will not allow water to erode the layers of the earth and will deliver moisture directly to the roots. The lack of wind will have a positive effect while maintaining the richest topsoil.

Soil features

Carrots need to be planted in sandy and light loamy soil, as well as peat bogs. Light soil passes water and air to the root system more strongly, contributes to the most correct development of vegetables underground. Heavy soil deforms the root crop, can cause the separation of the vegetable into 3-5 parts.

The acidity of the soil should be neutral or slightly acidic - pH 5.5-6.5. To bring the acidity level closer to comfortable, peat crumb taken from the upper bogs is added to the soil. Lime also acts as a good assistant to the gardener for neutrality.

The role of precursor plants

It is ensured that seeds are sown on the sites of those precursor plants that positively affect the growth and further ripening of vegetables.

Such crops are legumes, herbs, early potatoes and cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions. It is undesirable to sow root crops in areas where parsnips, celery, parsley, fennel, zucchini grew, due to the fact that carrots have similar diseases and pests with them.

It is possible to ensure the fertility of the soil for sowing carrots in the fall by adding humus, phosphorus or potassium fertilizers, or organic matter. In the spring, 10-14 days before planting, the soil is fertilized with nitrogen with a calculation of 20-25 g / m². After this, it is necessary to dig the soil carefully so that the fertilizer mixes with the soil, check for excess elements (pebbles, roots, various foreign objects) and remove them.

Planting carrots in April

We only sit in warmed ground

The time of sowing seeds lays the future features of the ripening of root crops. Therefore, it is important to calculate the most suitable weather conditions. The beginning of spring is too cold, the presence of snow on the surface of the soil also impedes sowing. To get an early harvest, carrots should be planted in greenhouses and greenhouses. Ground sowing is carried out in April, as soon as the air temperature rises to 10-12 ° C, the earth at this time warms up to 3-6 ° C. Shoots of vegetables are frost-resistant, therefore they withstand short-term frosts up to -4-5 ° С.

To get a good harvest of carrots from April sowing, you should follow these steps:

  1. Cut the beds to a depth of 2-4 cm for light soils and 1-2 cm for heavy soils. The distance between the rows should not be more than 15-25 cm. In the bed, seeds are distributed every 3-8 cm.
  2. Seeds are pre-soaked and spread on wet gauze at room temperature for several days. Moisten the fabric regularly as needed. Next, before planting, the seeds are placed in a hardening refrigerator. Use seeds with an age of 3-4 years.
  3. Before sowing, water the beds. Use melt or rain defended water. Together with watering, ash or other nitrogen-containing fertilizer is sometimes applied.
  4. Seeds are sown manually, through a special seeder, granules are used, or the method "on paste". The latter consists in the fact that the finished hatching seeds are evenly distributed on a thin cellulose tape, glued with a home paste. After planting, the beds are covered with earth, but not watered repeatedly.
  5. In early April, it is time to plant early-ripening varieties that are ready to harvest in 100 days. Mid-April - early May are suitable for mid-ripening varieties, ready for use in 120 days. Until the end of May there remains a period for planting late-ripening varieties, the vegetative period of which lasts up to 140 days.

April sowing according to the lunar calendar

A convenient reference point for planting carrots is the lunar calendar. It has long been determined by a successful or unfavorable time for the implementation of garden-field work.

  • the growing moon provides the magnificent development of the upper, terrestrial part of the plant;
  • the waning moon contributes to the development of the underground, root part of the plant.

It is better to plant carrots during the waning moon. The roots of vegetables planted closer to the Full Moon tend to go deep. Crops closer to New Moon grow strong and short. The periods of the full moon and when the moon is not visible are generally unfavorable for any work with the earth and plants.

In 2018, suitable days for planting carrots in April are:

  • April 1-3 - days saturated with energy, seedlings will appear quickly and will be resistant to disease;
  • On April 7-8, crops will yield an average crop in size and quantity that will be stored for a long time;
  • April 12-13, April 17-18, a good period to sow carrots, high productivity is planned;
  • April 21-22, the seeds will give a good shoot, a rich harvest with excellent taste, but for a long time he will not be able to lie;
  • April 27-28 - a neutral period for planting, root crops will be of medium size, but lack juiciness.

Adverse days this month are 4-6, 9-11, 14-16, 29-30 - the crop may disappear during droughts or degenerate into stems.

Care after landing

In April, carrots take 15 to 20 days for seedlings to appear if the weather is good and the beds are well fertilized before planting. The plants are still weak and require attention at the initial stage. The first watering is done 5-6 days after the shoots are biting, so that the roots firmly strengthen in the thickness of the earth and rush down. The amount of water should not exceed 3 l / m².

It is important to ensure that the upper ball of soil does not harden and allow air to pass through the amount of air necessary for the root system of young shoots. To do this, after irrigation, when the water goes deeper, loosen the soil. Make sure that this action does not damage the roots.


Planting carrots in April is based on the principles of proper preparation of soil, seeds and choosing the right time to complete this action. There are options to plant vegetables under the greenhouse in the cold period of the month or wait until the end of April and take advantage of planting in open ground. To choose a good time for garden work, they are guided by the sowing lunar calendar.


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