Rules for growing cucumbers in bags

People have come up with many different methods of growing agricultural plants. One way is to grow cucumbers in bags.

Rules for growing cucumbers in bags

Method Description

Increased humidity leads to the appearance of fungal diseases in plants, this is especially dangerous for melons.

When growing cucumbers in greenhouses or greenhouses, they monitor how much to plant seeds per 1 sq. Km. m and beyond the distance between the holes. This method allows you to plant no more than 4 bushes in such an area, while when planting cucumbers in bags per 1 square. m can accommodate from 10 to 15 seedlings, and the plants will not rot and hurt.


  • significant saving of space on the land;
  • the ability to grow cucumbers in the house, on the loggia or balcony, on the veranda, etc .;
  • the possibility of harvesting from a small land area;
  • easy, convenient and simple care of plants;
  • early ripening and prolonged fruiting;
  • convenient harvesting;
  • healthy vegetables.

A plus is also the resistance of cucumbers in plastic bags to various diseases, saving the roots from the bear. Proper care, in particular watering, will prevent the formation of root rot. And the fact that you do not need to form beds and weed them simplifies the process.

Technology features

There are a few simple tricks to get the effect of growing vegetables in this way.

First of all, you need to responsibly approach the choice of a landing bag. It should be tight, not torn under the influence of external factors. It is best to use white containers, as they prevent the evaporation of moisture. To avoid the development of diseases, monitor the frequency of irrigation and the amount of water. In order to harvest as long as possible, it is better to plant varieties of cucumbers with different ripening dates.

This technology is simple, does not require large cash and resource costs, is characterized by a long fruiting period and high productivity. To grow cucumbers in this way is not difficult, but in order to achieve good results, it is necessary to follow certain instructions and follow the rules.

Growing rules

Cucumbers - one of the crops, whimsical to growing conditions.

Properly selected soil is of great importance for them. The soil for cucumbers should be moderately loose, fertile, moist and warm enough. When planting in large garden areas to fulfill this condition, you need to know the exact period of planting seeds and carefully prepare the soil. But to grow cucumbers in bags is much easier.

In planting containers, plant roots develop faster and grow much deeper, which allows them to receive a large amount of the necessary nutrients. In open ground, it is difficult to saturate a thick layer of soil with microelements, provide oxygen saturation and warming to great depths. From this, the root system does not grow deeper, but remains on the surface, and in the hot period can dry out. Also, young roots can be damaged during the loosening of the earth and thereby reduce productivity or even destroy the plant.


Plants need good care

The cultivation of cucumbers in bags is carried out in several stages:

  • Selection and preparation of the landing site.
  • Preparation of containers for cucumbers.
  • Soil preparation.
  • Planting planting material or prepared seedlings.

The technology is practiced mainly in the southern regions, since a warm climate contributes to the early onset of the growing season and the development of culture. Before planting, the seeds are checked, treated with a growth stimulant, soaked, and only then planted in bags to a depth of 5 cm. In the northern part, cucumbers are planted using seedlings.

To grow healthy seedlings, they must be watered abundantly. It also helps to easily get a lump of earth from the container without damaging the young roots. Prepared wells in containers are poured with warm water and seedlings are placed in them, then they are covered with soil, lightly pressed and sprinkled with loose soil to the first leaves.

It is important to plant seedlings in a permanent place on time, as soon as the third leaf appears for the seedlings. If planted later, there is a risk that the plant will not take root or become ill. To properly plant cucumbers in bags and get a big crop, you need to step-by-step carry out all the steps and ensure proper care of the plants.

Preparing the landing site

You can choose absolutely any plot on which containers with cucumbers will be placed. For this technology, there are no requirements for lighting, ventilation and quick access to water, like agricultural machinery in open ground. However, do not place bags squarely: it will be more difficult to equip them. It is better to arrange them in a row, not necessarily in the garden, you can along the wall, fence, etc.

A good place would be a slightly darkened place so that the sun falls on the plant, but does not burn the delicate leaves of seedlings. You can place containers in gazebos, next to shrubs or under fruit trees, where there is a diffused shadow. Plots near greenhouses or hotbeds will also be a good option.

Before equipping a container for cucumbers and filling it with earth, beds are prepared on which containers will stand. First you need a long pallet or a few small ones. On top of them put bags (polyethylene or from sugar or flour). The third part of the tank is filled with earth. Tape the entire package with tape so that it does not tear. When the place for landing is prepared, and the bags are installed, proceed to the equipment of the container.

Prepare your landing bags

The most suitable for the procedure are wicker bags made from sugar or flour, ordinary polyethylene bags are also suitable, but they are less durable. The volume of the container should be about 80-100 liters.

The process of preparing the container is simple: organic debris should be placed at the bottom - hay, dried grass, branches or tree bark, small chips. Then a little more than half of the total volume of the container is filled with pre-prepared soil, well watered and tied with burlap. After that, the container is placed in a warm sunny place for at least a week, so that the earth warms up.

The next step is to place the bags in a permanent place. If there are no pallets, the bags are lightly dug into the ground so that they stand stably. The containers are placed next to each other, leaving a small distance between them so that the seedlings do not tangle and it is convenient to harvest.

Be sure to prepare bags for planting

In the center of each container they drive a wooden stick up to 2 m in length to the very bottom. At the upper end of the stick, the nail is hammered to the middle and bent with a loop. Ropes are tied to it so that cucumber lashes can curl. From all sides with a radius of about 10 cm almost to the bottom, 4 plastic or polyethylene tubes are inserted through which water will flow. The lower end of the tube is covered with clay or plasticine, and a watering hose is attached to the upper end.

Watered 2-3 times a week with warm water. Water flows through the tubes directly to the roots, without soaking the leaves. Also, on both sides, on each packet, small triangles with sides of 3 cm are cut in a checkerboard pattern for ventilation. Notches are made as many as seedling bushes are supposed to be grown in one container. After that, you can plant cucumbers.

Soil preparation

For growing cucumbers in any bags, you must carefully consider the preparation of the soil mixture. When using a container with a volume of up to 100 l, the following number of components will be required:

  • 10-13 kg of manure or humus;
  • 10-13 kg of sawdust, dry grass or straw;
  • 20-25 kg of plain soil;
  • 10-20 g of superphosphate;
  • 5-10 g of potassium sulfate.

It is better to take turf soil as a basis and dilute it with organic and phosphorus fertilizers. Some gardeners advise adding fruit tree ash to the mixture. You can lay one or more layers of fresh dandelions as organic fertilizers, but in this case the layers alternate with the soil mixture.

Planting cucumbers

There are two ways to grow cucumbers in plastic or wicker bags: seeds and seedlings. If it is decided to plant the seeds of cucumbers in large containers, it is better to sow them not only in the holes on the surface, but also in the depths of the earth. To do this, on the sides make about 10 cuts at least 5 cm in length and put the seed in the ground, and then lightly tamp the soil. This method allows the seeds to germinate quickly, the first seedlings will appear within a week.

When planting seedlings, it is important not to damage young roots. In the soil, you need to make a recess of the same size as a lump of earth from a seedling cup and pour lightly with warm water, then gently get an earthen lump and place it in the hole. The first 4 days, the seedlings are abundantly watered and shaded so that they do not scorch in the sun. During this time, young plants manage to adapt to new conditions and begin to grow further.


Growing cucumbers in plastic bags is quick and easy. This method allows you to save resources and space in the garden. In addition, using this technology, you can get a healthy crop with a volume not less than when grown in open ground.


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