The rules for freezing porcini mushrooms

White mushrooms are frozen in several ways. The product may be fried, boiled or raw. Frozen porcini mushrooms are used to make soups, side dishes, pies and roasts. It is rich in nutrients. There are many recipes for making porcini mushrooms.

The rules for freezing porcini mushrooms

Preparation for freezing

Freezing porcini mushrooms will help preserve all the vitamins and minerals. If the procedure is carried out incorrectly, taste qualities are lost.

Initially, the product is cleaned, garbage is removed from it. It can be foliage, needles, or land. A rotten product is thrown away. Small places with rot pruned are washed.

Soaking ceps will lead to a change in taste, they absorb water, the quality of freezing is reduced. The crop is washed and dried - laid out on towels and remove moisture from above.

Freezing methods

In order to prepare dishes from frozen white mushrooms for the winter, observe a number of rules in preparation. The process depends on what form the mushrooms will be in:

  • cheese
  • boiled;
  • steamed;
  • fried.

The product is stored for 12 months. At the same time, the date of freezing is written on the containers. Prepared jars are washed thoroughly, they should be well closed. This will help the boletus mushroom not to absorb the smell from the refrigerator.


To freeze porcini mushrooms, use a fresh crop, not more than 6-7 hours from the cutting period. Otherwise, the resulting product will become tasteless, and may deteriorate.

Next, the crop is sorted into small and large. Small mushrooms freeze completely, so they will retain their appearance. Large mushrooms are cut in a convenient way, usually in cubes. The smaller the pieces, the faster it will freeze.

Spread the whole prepared mass for several hours on a tray, or a baking sheet in a single layer. The tray is left in the freezer for several hours. This procedure will help mushrooms not stick together.

Distribute the crop by capacity (containers, cans, bags). The ratio of 1 capacity / 1 serving for cooking. Move to the freezer.


Like raw cut them into cubes, small leave the same (0.5 kg.). Cooking - up to 15 minutes. Water (2.5 liters) is salted, the foam is removed. Next, the cooked product goes and moves into a colander. All unnecessary liquid is drained. Mushrooms spread on a towel and dried.

Porcini mushroom broth is also frozen. Boil it until it becomes thick, and freeze it. Use as a sauce to the side dish and main dishes.

Boiled porcini mushroom is cooled and transferred to prepared containers.


This method preserves nutrients and vitamins as much as possible. The preparation of boletus is similar to the previous methods. It is cut into small cubes.

100-200 ml are poured into the pan. clean water and cover. Prepared mass is poured into a colander and steamed for up to 6 minutes. If the mushroom is large, it is steamed for up to 9 minutes. The cooled mass is transferred to jars, or containers, and frozen in the freezer.


You can freeze fried mushrooms

White mushroom cut. In sunflower oil, fry until golden brown over medium heat.

You can also bake. Spread the mushrooms on a baking sheet, greased with sunflower oil, and put in the oven. Stirred regularly, cooked until golden brown. If you over-hold in the oven a mass longer than it should be, the taste and juiciness will be lost.

Secrets of Freezing

There are 10 key secrets to freezing:

  • Moving the mushroom mass into the bag, leave a minimum of air. This preserves the smell and taste of the mushrooms, and they do not oxidize.
  • The container is completely closed so that the smell is not pulled by the mushrooms.
  • Fried stored less boiled - 8 months.
  • From small chopped mushrooms, mushroom sauce is frozen.
  • If the mushroom itself during transportation has lost its appearance - it is chopped finely, the taste and usefulness will not deteriorate.
  • The healthier and stronger the crop, the better it is stored. After thawing in flabby white frozen mushrooms, the appearance and taste are lost.
  • Drying is a mandatory step in any of the stages.
  • Defrost only in the refrigerator. Otherwise, the product will become infected with bacteria. Boletus is not at all defrosted. Immediately prepare dishes from frozen white mushrooms.
  • The thickness of the crop cubes for freezing is 0.5 cm.
  • If there is a function of shock freezing, it is used for preliminary freezing. The procedure is carried out not 3 hours, but 30 minutes.

Storage rules

There are two ways to store:

  • permanent;
  • with preliminary freezing.

The first method is simpler; all mushrooms are disbanded into containers and placed in a freezer. The second method uses a tray, baking sheet, or tray. White is laid out on the container and transferred to the freezer for 2-3 hours. After moving through the containers and freeze.

Other types of blanks

Harvesting porcini mushrooms begins in August. For the winter they can be pickled. Classic pickling recipe:

  • water - 200 ml .;
  • fresh porcini mushroom - 1 kg .;
  • vinegar 6% - 60 ml .;
  • salt - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • allspice (3 peas) and black (10 peas);
  • cloves - 3 buds;
  • bay leaf - 3 pcs.;
  • bulbs to taste.

Wash the mushrooms, peel, boil for 30 minutes. Spread in a colander. At this time, they cook marinade - boil water, adding spices and vinegar. Mushrooms are transferred to this liquid and boiled for up to 10 minutes.

Banks are prepared 1l. or 0.5 liters. At the bottom of the containers put onion rings and put mushrooms. Everything is poured with marinade. Sterilization is carried out for 30 minutes per 1 liter. jar, 0.5 l. - 20 minutes. Roll up containers and turn upside down. Cover with a warm blanket. The cooled cans are stored in the refrigerator.


Mushrooms are frozen in different conditions: fried, boiled, steamed and raw. Steaming preserves all the vitamins, smell and taste. Purchased crops are always processed in advance.

For frozen porcini mushrooms, the term is 10 months, for fried mushrooms it is less than 8. Fresh mushrooms are cut into cubes if they are large. Small mushrooms are frozen whole. Frozen porcini mushrooms are used for making soups, side dishes, sauces.


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