The rules for the formation of eggplant in the open ground

After a long preparation of seeds, waiting for the right weather conditions and planting them in open ground, the next stage begins - the formation of eggplants. It includes the design of the leaves of the plant, growth directions by tying and pinching.

The rules for the formation of eggplant in the open ground

Why do stepsoning

The process of pinching is important for crops, because:

  • It does not allow the plant to grow in vain, but directs forces to ripen the fruit.
  • Provides light access to all parts of the plant.
  • Provides less chance of fungus by reducing shade.
  • Makes growing easier and more enjoyable.

It is not necessary to carry out the procedure on open ground, but in a greenhouse you can not do without it. To avoid pinching, low-growing varieties of blue are chosen for cultivation.

Outdoor formation

Planting in open ground is suitable for people who do not have greenhouses. But on the open ground, the formation of an eggplant bush is accompanied by a number of difficulties. To do this, you have to use additional tools and materials.

The scheme for the formation of eggplant bushes involves a procedure of no more than 3 stems. Choose the largest and most powerful shoots. For a quality process, perform the following actions:

  • Pull the wire along the garden at a short distance from the ground to attach stems and leaves to it.
  • Waiting for the appearance of 3 shoots. The rest is removed when they reach 5-8 cm in length.
  • Remove leaves that obscure the ovaries of the crop. The fruit will begin to ripen when direct rays of the sun fall on it.

Greenhouse formation

Planting eggplant is also possible in the greenhouse. For example, polycarbonate buildings have proven themselves well.

The formation of eggplant in a greenhouse is much more important than in open ground. Favorable conditions for vegetables are created in the greenhouses; therefore, they need formation and careful care, otherwise they will grow, but will not bear fruit.

Also, landing indoors involves limited space, so the question is about saving space. He is tied up by tying.


Pasynkovka carried out in dry weather

Formation of plantings in the greenhouse is necessary, following the rules:

  • The bush should be above 30 cm (seedlings do not stepson).
  • The procedure is carried out in dry weather so that the fungus does not start at the place of nipping.
  • Pinch off the top of the extra stem, opening access to the light of another (other) stem.
  • When the fruits have formed, new inflorescences are removed to direct the culture to ripen the fruits.

Also, the procedure is carried out if the culture looks painful or slowed down and does not bloom. For healthy plants, the procedure is carried out before flowering, so that the ovaries are successfully formed.

Transplantation is unfavorable due to the whims of eggplants to environmental conditions.

Greenhouse steps for planting

Shapes in the greenhouse are recommended according to the following schemes:

  • one escape;
  • two shoots;
  • three shoots.

The first 2 methods are used more often. The amount of harvest depends on the number of shoots, but it’s more difficult to care for several shoots than for one.

  • In greenhouse cramped conditions, the formation of eggplant bushes is carried out according to the first scheme - they leave one shoot. Choose a strong shoot and tie it upright. The rest are deleted. Places of incisions are treated with lime or wood ash.
  • The formation according to the second type is based on the choice of 2 strong shoots that tie up, as in the first case. When the bush grows, remove all leaves and shoots below 45-50 cm. During flowering, it is recommended to leave up to 20 buds. So the plant is fruitful.

The process is preceded by lengthy preparation. Seeds and seedlings are required to be planted in the soil at different times, stepsoning is also carried out at different periods. Young seedlings are covered with film and waiting for seedlings. Wait until the sprouts get stronger and carry out the procedure when they reach 35 cm in height.


The formation of eggplant bushes is an important process. Growing and caring for a plant involves conducting herding and garter outdoors. It is also necessary to shape the eggplant in the greenhouse. The procedure is carried out according to one of 3 schemes. It prevents the appearance of fungal diseases and accelerates growth.

The plants over which the procedure was carried out give a greater yield, because they are focused on fruiting, and not on active growth.


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