Rules for fertilizing cucumbers with chicken droppings

The cultivation of cucumbers has its own characteristics associated with watering, tying and other features for care. Also, to get a good harvest, you should take care of enough nourishment of the plant with useful trace elements. Chicken manure fertilizer for cucumbers is one of the best options for outdoor growing conditions, as well as for plants in a greenhouse.

Rules for fertilizing cucumbers with chicken droppings

There are many recipes for preparing solutions and compost. And for those who cannot stand the smell of bird excrement, you can use a granular type of product.

The benefits of chicken manure

Many gardeners, faced with growing vegetables on their site, often ask whether it is possible to fertilize cucumbers with chicken droppings. The fact is that not all plants tolerate such top dressing due to the high content of urea in the composition, as well as various chemical compounds. For trees, shrubs, as well as some garden crops, feeding manure is the best way to make plants strong and fertile. By their properties, chicken excrement is not inferior to other bird excrement, and even cow manure.

Cucumbers and chicken droppings are also compatible. The fact is that the beneficial elements that are in its composition (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, nitrogen, cobalt, zinc, etc.), favorably affect the growth of the culture, its immunity against diseases and pests and the maturation of a quality crop. In addition, the concentration of these substances is so high that the use of chicken manure for cucumbers is not inferior in its effectiveness to specialized mineral compounds.


The properties of this product have one important feature. If you feed cucumbers with a solution or compost prepared on its basis, several weeks or even months after its “collection”, the quality of the fertilizer will be even better. Useful substances when interacting with air enter chemical reactions, the result of which is a percentage increase in macronutrients. In addition, despite their concentration, all the components of the applied dressing are easily absorbed by plants. The main thing is to adhere to the dosage of raw materials in the preparation of solutions and composts.

Fertilizer Types

Deciding to fertilize cucumbers with chicken droppings, it is important to decide which type will be most convenient and effective. Most often, gardeners use:

  1. Aqueous solutions from fresh bird droppings. They are most useful for vegetable crops.
  2. Compost. Rotting excrement with straw and sawdust.
  3. Granular type and powder. You can buy in a specialty store. Powder can be prepared on your own by collecting dried feces.

Most of the varieties of nutrition can be prepared independently. The main thing is to have the material itself and to know about all the nuances of preparing a quality product. For those who do not have the opportunity to get chicken droppings, cucumbers can be fertilized with a product that is sold in a store.

Granules and powder, when diluted with water and further watering, are no less useful product than products prepared at home.

Chicken droppings

Chicken manure as a fertilizer for cucumbers, is most effective when applied to the soil before sowing seeds. For the preparation of top dressing from fresh excrement, you only need the litter itself, standing water and a container (bucket, trough, etc.). The cooking process itself is as follows:

  1. Mix litter and water in equal proportions.
  2. Shuffle them with a wooden stick.
  3. Cover the container with a lid and put in the shade.

The mixing of the components is carried out in a gauze bandage and in rubber gloves. After 14 days, the fertilizer will stand and be ready for use. But, watering should be organized with re-diluted substance.

How to fertilize

Before fertilizing, you need to water the plants

How much and how to fertilize cucumbers with chicken droppings:

  1. It is necessary to dilute the fertilizer with water in a ratio of 1/30 (for cucumbers, tomatoes and other garden crops, the solution should be weakly concentrated).
  2. Before applying fertilizer, pour cucumbers abundantly. It should not be watered, only in the event of a recent rainfall.
  3. Top dressing is introduced at a distance of 10-12 cm from the stem of the plant or garden. Litter on leaves of a cucumber can leave burns on them.
  4. The amount of fertilizer applied is 3-5 liters per bush.

Fertilizer residues can be stored until the onset of cold weather. The resulting substance is perfectly stored even at high temperatures. But, in the sun, the capacity should not be left. The product will lose its properties.

Other vegetable crops, as well as fruit trees, can be watered with the prepared substrate. Tall plants require more nutrients, therefore, such plants should be watered with a solution prepared in a ratio of 1/5 - 1/10.


The use of compost is also popular among gardeners. It is introduced into the soil in the fall when digging the soil. No less rarely is compost used in the spring. Preparing the product like this:

  1. Excrement is poured onto the bottom of the tank, with a layer of 20-25 cm.
  2. Straw spills from above, 5-10 cm thick.
  3. 5-10 cm of straw are laid out.
  4. The last layer is peat. Its layer should be large - 20-25 cm.

Compost lasts up to 2 months. Also, branches, grass and food waste can be added to it. Also a popular way to enrich the soil is to use chicken litter. Excrement mixed with straw and peat is scattered throughout the garden in the fall. Until spring, the litter remains lying on the ground, enriching it with useful substances that penetrate the soil with precipitation.

There is a faster way to feed cucumbers. If it is not possible to wait a few weeks, you can add a tablespoon of bird excrement to a bucket with ordinary standing water for irrigation. This concentration will not harm the vegetable crop. Such irrigation will be less effective than conventional top dressing. But still it is a good option to replace it.


The product in granules is also popular. The peculiarity of feeding cucumbers with chicken droppings (granular) is that it has almost no smell and can be stored safely even for the owner indoors. In addition, the shelf life is from 2 to 4 years. With the need to use this product, it must be added to water in the proportion available in the instructions. You can also add peat to the resulting substrate.


Chicken droppings are one of the best ways to get vegetable nutrients.

It positively affects both the growth and fertility of cucumbers. Due to the high concentration of useful elements contained in its composition, the effectiveness of the use of this tool does not disappear even after several months after its preparation.

In order for poultry excrement to benefit, it is important to adhere to the recommendations for the preparation of solutions, composts and other substances. Any errors can affect the quality of the crop, the immunity of the plant and its growth. In addition, sometimes, incorrectly calculated concentration leads to the death of vegetable crops.


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