Recipes and preparations

Cucumbers under a nylon cover - sour and juicy

Summer is a time not only for sun and relaxation, but also for winter sunsets. Each housewife tries to prepare as many products as possible in order to delight loved ones with delicious treats. Today we share the recipe for making cucumbers under a nylon cover. Such a dish can be served to the table three days after preparation - then they will be crispy and lightly salted

Stewed apricots and apples - a universal drink "and to the feast, and to the world"

Stewed apricots and apples is a vitamin source for the whole body, while it quenches thirst well. The finished drink turns out to be bright and sunny, the whole family will love it, so prepare with a margin! Let's consider in more detail all stages of the recipe. Stewed apricots and apples - better than any juice Ingredients Apricot - 12 pcs

Stewed apricots and currants - cooking secrets

On a gloomy winter day, stewed apricots and currants will be a vivid reminder of summer vacations. Red and black currants are recognizable in any dish - it will give a pleasant sourness to the treats that the whole family can enjoy. Consider how to make a delicious drink with an exquisite aroma. Stewed apricots and red currants Ingredients Apricots - 200 g Redcurrant - 150 g Water - 3 cups (200 ml) Sugar - 150 g Cooking We choose dense apricots for harvesting so that they do not boil during the cooking process

Hot salted cucumbers - fast, easy and tasty

One of the quick and easy options for pickling in the summer is to cook salted cucumbers in a hot way. Thanks to him, the cucumbers turn out to be crispy and very fragrant, they are ready the very next day. You can add vegetables in any container convenient for you - a jar (1 or 3 l) or a pan, with the addition of your favorite spices, herbs, garlic or hot pepper

Compote Fanta from apricots, oranges and lemons - an unusual treat

Without a doubt, every housewife, both on the festive table and in the daily diet in the autumn-winter period, must have her own home-made drink on the table. But what without him? After all, it is tasty and healthy - no aggressive preservatives, no dyes, no stabilizers and other muck, which can not be said about store juices

Don salad for the winter - truly the best snack

From fresh tomatoes, fragrant onions and sweet bell peppers, you can make a wonderful vegetable salad, which the people called Don. Be sure to prepare a few jars of this juicy and fragrant dish during the season - in the winter this preparation will become a real find. Classic recipe Ingredients Tomatoes - 1 kg Bulgarian sweet pepper - 400 g Onions - 300 g Parsley - 0

Stewed apricots and plums - for the joy of the whole family

What only compotes for the winter do not cook modern housewives. Today it’s the turn to tell how to make apricot compote and plums for the winter: a step-by-step recipe will be a good helper for you. Bright color, rich taste, unforgettable aroma of the drink will not leave anyone indifferent, especially in the winter season.

Eggplant Bakat Salad - A Popular Delicacy

Eggplant winter preparations are some of the most beloved. A special place is occupied by the Bakat salad, which does not require sterilization, due to which the vegetables are juicy, and the dish itself is low-fat and spicy. It should be noted that you can control the severity at your discretion - if you wish, either add ground hot pepper (or replace it with fresh hot pepper), or, on the contrary, completely eliminate it

Cucumbers with ketchup chili - favorite preparations for the winter

Today I propose to cook delicious cucumbers with ketchup chili. Such a dish is made for the winter. The marinade turns out to be piquant, the taste itself is balanced, moderately sweet and sour. Each cucumber is fragrant and very crunchy, which is what all the housewives so achieve in the preparation of these wonderful vegetables

Kuban salad for the winter - vegetable overeating

I can confidently and without exaggeration say that Kuban salad is the most delicious. Such a variety and bright colors in one bank, perhaps, you will not find anywhere else. Cooking this wonderful dish is not at all difficult. It all comes down to the elementary chopping of vegetables. Next, add spices and seasonings, mix, insist, boil and lay out in jars

Amber pear jam - a delicious sweet for the winter

This jam is boiled for a long time, 2-3 days. But at the same time, you need to stand at the stove a little: at first - only when cutting pears, then - only 5-10 minutes. Therefore, this recipe can be safely called jam for the busy. And at the same time the final product turns out to be successful envy: the most tender slices (or slices, as you like to cut) pears in a thick, viscous, similar to amber honey syrup

Carrot caviar for the winter - the most delicious recipes

It is not overseas, not eggplant, but also tasty and desirable. However, not all have tried it yet. But in vain! The taste of carrot caviar is complex, rich. Depending on the desire of the hostess, she can be tender and sweetish or spicy and spicy. Caviar with onion, garlic and tomato paste Ingredients Carrots - 1 kg (unpeeled) Onion - 500 g Garlic - 7 cloves (large) Tomato juice - 350 g or 3 tablespoons of tomato paste, diluted with 300 ml of water; Refined Sunflower Oil - 100 ml Vinegar - 50 ml (strength - 9%) Salt - 1 tsp

Salted cucumbers in a package

Salted cucumbers are both an appetizer for strong drinks, and an ideal addition to various popular dishes (meat, pilaf, boiled or fried potatoes, sandwiches). Traditionally, this vegetable is salted in a tray or jar. But if they are not there, or if you go to barbecue and do not want to take home a lot of dirty dishes, you can cook them in a bag - and this will be the best solution

Pear condensed milk is an unprecedented treat

Compote, juice, jam, jam, confiture, jam, pastille, candied fruit, drying are prepared from pears for the winter. These fruits are pickled (even without sterilization), soaked in jars and barrels. They are added to “salted” adjika-type salads. Is this not enough for you? Try making condensed milk from pears. Th

Winter mustard cucumber salad - awesome snack

What could be better than a homemade blank? From two completely available ingredients, you get a wonderful cucumber salad with mustard. You open such a jar in the winter, and from there the breathtaking smell of summer: cucumbers, onions ... Turmeric will give a beautiful sunny color and an unforgettable aroma

Winter cucumber salad

Probably there is no such house where they would not prepare a salad of cucumbers with onions for the winter. There are a lot of options for preparing such a workpiece. Let's just say: how many housewives, how many recipes exist. And each method, without a doubt, has its own special, original taste

Salad "Nezhinsky"

Salad "Nezhinsky" - one of the most popular types of home preservation of cucumbers for the winter. Such a salad is prepared with the addition of onions, parsley, chopped garlic and spices, so that it turns out to be very aromatic and tasty. You do not need much time to cook it, the salad is not boiled, sliced ​​fresh vegetables are laid out in jars immediately, after which they are sterilized. As

Salad from cucumbers "Winter King" to correct so as not to coincide with the subzag

Many people like the Winter King cucumber salad for the simplicity of its preparation: cut the vegetables, then insist for a while (so that they put the juice in), after which they boil for a short time and immediately close. The salad does not need to be sterilized, which, of course, greatly simplifies the canning process, and the main set of ingredients for this preparation is the most affordable - cucumbers, onions and dill

Cucumber and eggplant salad for the winter

Among the preparations for the winter, eggplants are traditionally cooked with savory snacks, with the addition of bitter pepper and garlic, which are spicy and pungent. But what about those who do not like such conservation or who are contraindicated in spicy dishes? Try to make a salad of cucumbers and eggplant according to the proposed step-by-step recipe with photos

Mother-in-law's tongue

"Mother-in-law's tongue" is a traditional spicy snack loved by many housewives. The variety of cooking options for such a twist for the winter is really impressive, because you can cook it from almost any vegetable - for example, eggplant, zucchini or even cucumbers. At first glance, it might seem that the recipes for this spicy appetizer are almost identical, although in fact each of them is somewhat different, and the taste of the twist is different

Caviar from green tomatoes - flies first in winter

If you use unripe tomatoes for harvesting for the winter, you get a very interesting dish. Caviar from green tomatoes will surprise you with a piquant taste and bright appearance - it can be a delicious snack, as well as a salad or meat sauce. The combination of vegetables, spices and vegetable oil is not only surprisingly tasty, but also healthy

Sweet pepper freezing are the two easiest ways.

What a delicious bell pepper. It is served on a “diner” plate, stuffed, baked, added to salads and first courses. I want to share my recipe for freezing sweet pepper - whole and straws. By freezing the whole pepper, you can quickly stuff it, having previously thawed it on the day of preparation. Straw pepper is added to the first and second dishes, to fry and gravy, various sauces, to pizza and so on. Fo