Rabbit life span

A novice farmer has many questions. One of them is how long rabbits delight the owner with their existence and how to prolong their life through nutrition?

How old are rabbits?

Breeding pussies at home can be very simple if you handle them properly: provide a balanced diet, protect against diseases and epidemics. Good care is a guarantee of the long life of babies who are bred on small farms.

How many wild and domestic rabbits live

Rabbits living in the wild are not at all those eared bears living in a cage and completely dependent on humans. A wild animal differs from a domesticated organism. In the wild, the life of a fluffy is 2 times less, because it is constantly exposed to danger.

Crawl in the wild does not live more than 3 years due to seasonal changes in temperature or unstable food.

How many farm rabbits live

With proper care in simple farms, rabbits can be kept for up to 10 years. Zoologists say that under the right conditions, even weak individuals are able to withstand infections and various diseases, and a strong body is the key to the health and strength of furry animals.

The average life expectancy of ordinary rabbits is 7 years, if epidemics are not allowed. Without vaccination, rabbits die earlier. Depends on the age of fluffy animals from food, time spent outdoors in cold winter or autumn.

Only a person can affect the life of domestic rabbits. The animal develops only in comfortable enclosures with dry flooring. Insulation in fluffy cells changes 2 times a year, and seasonal vaccination is carried out on schedule. The life span of domestic rabbits is an indicator of how farmers take care of their own households. If the rabbit did not last long, it means that the person overlooked the pet, weak by nature, and allowed him to die.

How many decorative rabbits live

The decorative rabbit is a full member of the family, and not just a pet. Keeping decorative rabbits and prolonging their existence is a simple matter for those who listen to the advice of experienced rabbit breeders. The average life span of a decorative animal is 5 years, but even under certain circumstances it can become a long-liver.

The life expectancy of home furry depends on the following factors:

  • climatic features of the habitat of rabbits;
  • quality feed and greens;
  • purity of water - it must be constantly changed, to let it stagnate;
  • purity of enclosures (in spacious dry cages the rabbit feels much better);
  • vitamins and mineral supplements that help enhance rabbit health.

If the crawl lives in a poor environment, in wet enclosures and without a balanced diet, it will not be possible to avoid problems and diseases.

The effect of the breed on life expectancy

Much depends on the breed of the animal. How many dwarf rabbits live? They are among the strongest breeds capable of surviving up to 7 years. Lop-eared are centenarians, so it is most profitable to breed such a breed. In addition, lop-eared rabbits are the most resistant to infections and colds.

The most popular and widespread breeds - mini, fold, large and decorative, live long with:

  • good heredity;
  • strong innate immunity;
  • proper regular feeding;
  • vaccinations;
  • proper jigging and care for young animals.

Albinos, animals with a small amount of colorant, die early. Their weak body is susceptible to constant illness.

Effect of Nutrition on Life Span

Eating animals in comfortable home conditions is the basis that determines the well-being of pets in the farmyard. If the kings are not given greens, they become lethargic and weak. Without balanced dry food, it is difficult for furry animals to survive the winter or to resist diseases that arise in the cold season.


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