Puzata Hata Tomato Variety

One of the popular varieties of tomato Puzata Hata has found its consumer due to the ease of cultivation, high yields, early ripening and good keeping quality. Tasty vegetables began to be grown not only by professionals, but also by simple gardeners.

Puzata Hata Tomato Variety

About the Puzata Hut variety

The Puzata Hata tomato bred by Aelita agricultural breeders is suitable for growing not only in greenhouses, but also on open ground. This is an early ripening tomato variety whose indeterminate bushes reach a length of approximately 1.5 meters. The high-yielding species has fairly moderate foliage, formed by medium-sized simple leafy plates of dark green color, and a strong root system. On one brush, usually ripen up to five tomatoes.

The general characteristic of tomato yield of Puzata Hata totals up to 10-11 kilograms per square meter of tomato planting. Some gardeners have a higher yield - up to 15 kilograms per square meter.

The fruits of the vegetable culture of Puzata Hut have their own characteristics:

  • in the photo and in the description, the tomatoes of Puzata Hata stand out for their pear-shaped shape with noticeable roundness and red color with an not clearly bright, slightly muffled shade,
  • the weight of tomatoes ranges from 200 to 350 grams,
  • the photo shows that in the region of the stalk there is a characteristic ribbing,
  • the peel is dense, but not stiff.

To taste, the tomatoes are richly sweet, without the presence of an acid component, non-watery, with a small amount of seeds. The high content of sugars and amino acids makes it possible to use them in baby food.

Ripe vegetables in industrial cultivation become raw materials for juices and sauces. Reviews of gardeners about the use of the variety in home use claim that it is good for preparing a variety of dishes, including for fresh consumption and for preservation.

Features of seedling germination

This type of vegetable is usually grown by seedlings. Seeds begin to plant at the onset of spring, around the beginning of March. In some cases, gardeners prefer to treat the seeds with growth stimulants. For tomatoes, a mixture of garden soil, diluted with humus, is suitable.

The most favorable depth for planting seeds is a distance of not more than 2 centimeters from the surface.

Tanks with sown seeds of the variety are placed in a warm place, where they remain until the first shoots appear. With the advent of the first tomato shoots, containers with seedlings are put up in places where bright sunlight enters. Watering should be moderate, using warm water at room temperature. With the advent of leaves, seedlings begin to dive and begin to complete nutrition with mineral complexes.

Transplant and growing conditions

Keep the necessary distance when planting

Planting seedlings of tomato varieties Puzata Hata is necessary when the second half of May occurs - in early June, when the soil layer is warming up. Planted in open ground, it is recommended for the first time to cover with a film. When planting a variety of vegetables in protected ground, the period of transplantation can be reduced by 1-2 weeks. The density of planting tomatoes is not more than 3-4 bushes per square meter of soil.

Vegetables of the Puzata Hata variety are favorable for fertilizing. Complex mineral fertilizers, which are used during the growing season at least 2-3 times, are especially effective for growing varieties and increasing the early maturity of fruits.

Among the disadvantages of the variety, the reviews about tomato Puzata Hata indicate not the need for the formation of bushes and the exactingness of the soil layer. Those professional gardeners who have already planted tomatoes of this variety try to grow tomato bushes in 1 or 2 stems, cutting off the stepsons after the first brush. In total, to ensure greater productivity, it is recommended to leave no more than 8 brushes on the entire plant. So that the bush does not grow in height, it is limited, pinching the place of growth. Bushes grown significantly in height are attached to stakes (trellis), and the brushes themselves are attached to them during the ripening of heavy weighty fruits. How to properly care for the bushes can be found in the photo and video.

Among the mineral top dressing, reviews of gardeners about tomato Puzata Hata recommend mullens in diluted form or bird droppings.

Watering the plants is recommended through warm water, alternating it with loosening. Twice a month they carry out mineral top dressing. As foliar top dressing, superphosphate dissolved in water can be used.

Care and storage

Caring for tomatoes of the Puzata Hata variety is quite simple, which is ensured by the resistance of tomatoes to diseases and pests. As a prevention, gardeners use a solution of manganese or copper sulfate in a weak concentration. To avoid the occurrence of basal rot, mulching is used with humus or peat, possibly straw.

Among the pests often found in plants are whiteflies and spider mites, against which insecticides are used.

The tomato variety Puzata Hata is suitable for cultivation in any region. The harvest is well preserved and retains its appearance during transportation. Vegetables can be harvested both in the physiological process and in the period of technical ripeness. At the same time, the tomatoes of Puzata Hata harvested in green ripen quickly at room temperature.


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