Purple mushrooms

Purple Cobweb Mushroom is a member of the Gossamer family. You can meet purple mushrooms not only in deciduous forests, but also in conifers. They are collected in late summer and early autumn. This species is little known, but not poisonous. It is listed in the Red Book.

Purple mushrooms


The purple mushroom, according to the description, is the owner of a hat with a diameter of up to 15 cm. Its shape is convex, the edges are tucked or completely lowered. With age, it becomes completely flat. The color is dark purple, flakes are present.

The plates are wide, rare, the color is dark, even bright purple.

The pulp is dense, blue, fades. With age, it can be seen on the cut that it becomes white. There is a taste of walnut, almost no aroma.

The leg has a height of 6-12 cm, and a thickness of 1-2 cm. Its upper part has a finely scaly coating, there is a seal on the bottom.

Brown spore powder. Spores have the form of almonds.

In tone, the edible mushroom cobweb purple looks like a row. According to the description, the enveloping plate is distinguished by a special veil of cobwebs, hence the name. When cutting in air, the flesh becomes brown.

The purple mushroom has a hat with a diameter of up to 15 cm


Today there are many types of cobwebs. Popular ones include:

  1. White-violet. This is a cap type belonging to the lamellar group. The cap of this individual is up to 12 cm in diameter, the edges are combined from the bottom with a thick leg of a cobwebbed veil. The pulp is white, and the mushroom itself is purple, hence the name. The aroma is pleasant.
  2. Scaly violet. A hat of this type, according to the description, 10 cm in diameter, has a convex or flat shape. The variety also has a thick brown leg. If the weather is damp, it becomes slimy, shine appears. The mushroom is called so because the hat is covered with small scales, clearly visible on the cut.
  3. Yellow violet. It looks so bright that it is often called the “triumphal bog”.

Beneficial features

The composition of the purple mushroom contains many vitamins, as well as other trace elements, for example, zinc, manganese and copper. Even in its composition, stearic acid and ergosterol are noted.

The view has a lot of healing properties. It is used to create drugs to combat fungal diseases, as well as for the production of antibiotics and hypoglycemia control agents. The mushroom is great for lowering glucose levels.

It quickly and efficiently relieves inflammation, boosts immunity. Using the content of vitamins, the plant provides stabilization of the digestive tract, protection for the body from infectious diseases.

The tool based on the cobweb gives strength and energy, protects against overwork and increased fatigue.


Many edible species of mushrooms have twins among the inedible ones, so care must be taken.

Purple mushrooms collected near industrial plants or routes can also threaten human life and health. They quickly absorb toxic harmful substances. It is worth avoiding their use for those who have gastrointestinal diseases.

The use of a cobweb is contraindicated for those who have an allergic reaction to fungi.

Edible species of mushrooms have twins among inedible


Cobweb fungus is used in various fields: in cooking, in scientific and traditional medicine.

In cooking

Like other edible mushrooms, this species does not need preliminary cooking. It is used in the preparation of salads and toppings.

Chefs do not recommend this mushroom for hot dishes and snacks, because it is rarely found in nature and has almost no aroma.

It is eaten in salted or pickled form.

To properly pickle a variety, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Before pickling, the mushroom is thoroughly washed, remove the top, cut into thick pieces, boil in salted water for about 40 minutes.
  2. Water must be drained.
  3. To good pickle, use vinegar, sunflower oil, spices. Mushrooms are placed in a container, all the ingredients for the marinade are mixed and wait for the liquid to stand out.
  4. Banks must be thoroughly washed, mushrooms are laid out in them and sterilized for about 15 minutes. Then roll up and store in a dark place at a cool temperature. Such conservation is valid for a whole year.

In medicine

The mycelium extract of this species has an anti-cancer effect. The substance inhibits sarcoma growth by 90%. Provides a powerful cytotoxic effect on the cells of the human body of the tumor line and helps inhibit the progress of breast cancer and sarcoma.

Also, the purple fungus provides an antibacterial effect on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It inhibits the manifestation and development of fungal diseases.

Vitamin B1 is effective in case of beriberi disease, provides a decrease in blood glucose. The possibility of creating nutritional products based on this substance to control hypoglycemia is also being investigated.

The fungus is used to aggregate platelets and increase resistance to viral infections such as flu.

In folk medicine

The constant use of this type of mushroom maintains the stability of the nervous system. They are used to control sugar in the body, treat rheumatism and problems with the spleen.


When collecting mushrooms, it is imperative to control which species are cut and which are not worth it. There are more than 40 species in the cobweb family, many of which are poisonous, but they look like edible ones. If poisonous, there is a risk of death.


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