Profitability of breeding geese as a business

Agriculture has always been considered not only an excellent platform for growing various crops, but also a space for doing business. Yes, you can start your own business not only by opening boutiques in huge cities. Breeding geese as a business is considered an excellent project for beginners who dream of doing a profitable business.

Breeding geese as a business

However, before proceeding with active operations, preparing land, or acquiring birds, it is necessary to consider whether such an investment of money and effort is profitable or not. Despite the fact that the usual cultivation of geese does not bring enormous trouble, you need to prepare for the breeding of birds properly. It will take a lot of effort to maximize the benefits of this business. You can find out how preparation for breeding geese occurs by looking at the video or reading the article further.

What can a goose “offer”?

To understand what breeding of geese as a business can offer a person, you can only understand the origin and characteristics of the life of birds. It should be noted in advance that such a business project is unlikely to bring a lot of profit. This is due to the fact that birds need constant supervision and good equipment, despite the simplicity of maintenance. The owner should not only constantly control the life of birds, but also invest in the purchase of equipment for their breeding. Without these two points, financial well-being is not to be expected.

In addition to the equipment and the availability of free time, the entrepreneur should be aware of the geese love for fresh air and pastures, so providing them with their own or rented area for walking is extremely necessary. To succeed in the goose business is possible only after acquiring several hectares of meadow or any wasteland. Providing the birds with these benefits, you can achieve various positive aspects.

  1. Get enough meat for sale, which brings most of the profit. If you do not build a business on goose eggs, however, meat can start to make money after 2 months from grazing. 1 ha of pasture, on average, provides a person with two tons per year.
  2. Protect yourself from the purchase of freezing equipment and expired food storage. This is possible due to the length of the grazing season of geese and the fact that the "harvesting" occurs throughout the season, gradually satisfying the demand.
  3. Start selling meat more expensive than small-scale farming.
  4. Start selling goose liver, which is considered not only an exquisite delicacy, but also a high-quality healing product. And foie gras or goose paste is considered to be an expensive and worthwhile delicacy. Due to the demand for such a product, breeding geese as a business is considered a profitable business. Some farmers specifically buy exclusively "liver" breeds in order to feed them and get a quality liver. Fuagra is perfectly stored at home due to the possibility of canning and transportation.
  5. Provide profit thanks to goose down, which is considered an excellent and valuable industrial product. They are insulated with clothes, and the price is much more attractive than the cost of similar goods. By the way, you should look for possible candidates for the purchase of fluff when planning a goose farm as a business.

A worthy advantage of geese is their resistance to diseases and the ability to consume any kind of feed, therefore, when thinking about farming, preference should be given to breeding geese, so as not to waste money on financial insurance against diseases.

Requirements for Poultry

It is difficult to answer the question of whether or not to grow geese, because it is practically impossible to find a definite answer. Experienced poultry farmers believe that only a person who not only understands agriculture, but also has a profitable business that generates income, can afford to breed geese. For beginners, according to professionals, breeding will seem difficult. However, why not take a chance? A goose breeding business will become possible after meeting basic requirements.

  1. The acquisition of a large, high-quality heated premises. It is advisable that the goose farm be equipped with an insulated floor. To breed geese, a room equal to 150 square meters is suitable. m per 1000 birds. Heating is an unusually necessary criterion for growing, because, having frostbitten limbs and beak, the bird will lose its commercial qualities, and also will not provide the necessary "exit". It is not possible to breed geese in the barn due to the large size of the bird and the need for production permits from special sanitary authorities, veterinarians, and the fire service. A goose farm cannot be considered one without permission from the authorities.
  2. Registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur.
  3. Providing birds with a pond size of 200 square meters. m, where birds will be provided with grass and water. If there are no such ponds in the village or the selected area, then you will have to spend energy and money on digging and filling it.
  4. The location of the goose farm is far from settlements and its housing due to the aggressiveness of birds and their noisy and loud behavior. Growing geese should occur away from children, because irritated birds can peck a child or even a person to death.
  5. Providing birds with a sufficient amount of insulated litter, feeders, nests, incubators, drinking bowls. Making feeders and drinking bowls can be done independently at home to save.
  6. Search for feed mills. In the summer, costs are reduced due to constant grazing and visiting lakes, ponds.

You can implement a business idea for breeding geese after acquiring or renting an abandoned house, cowshed. By the way, the repair and restoration of abandoned buildings with broken communications is much cheaper than building from scratch. In addition, a goose farm in place of another house proves that the selected site is suitable. About how the right goose farms look, they talk and show in more than one video.

Breed selection

The poultry breed largely determines how successful the business will be, and therefore the plan should include a careful selection of the breed. Geese differ in purpose and breeding place, in what weather conditions this or that bird will be forced to live. In addition, it is necessary to start a breeding business by resolving the issue of regular litter.

Geese are considered unimportant “mothers, ” and a goose egg cannot be incubated in an incubator. Under 1 brood hen lay up to 7 eggs. Buying a branded incubator in this case is justified, however, you only need to choose models with a large capacity, for which the acquisition of domestic incubators is better suited.

Based on the physiological characteristics of birds described, farmers recommend the cultivation of large gray species, after which they can be supplemented with the common Kholmogory species. Birds are suitable for breeding due to good hatchery and hatchery of young animals, as well as due to endurance and stability. A goose farm in the south may consist of Gorky and Romance geese, and in the temperate zone it is better to breed Urals.

Goose Farm Opening: Standards and Requirements

When preparing a breeding plan, you must prepare yourself in advance for the passage and completion of a huge amount of papers and certificates. Since goose meat and foie gras are considered products that need certification, it will be necessary to visit more than one relevant authority. Therefore, before you start to make a profit, you will have to visit several instances.

  1. Tax inspection, in which the registration of an individual entrepreneur. Necessarily indicates the type of your activity, in this case it is the sale of meat, eggs, etc. After that, a special certificate will be provided, which serves as the main document for further procedures.
  2. Rospotrebnadzor and the fire service, which must be provided with the previously received document, acquire permission to open.
  3. Veterinary Service. Birds must be certified, because goose meat grown at home can not be sold without documents, even in the markets. Veterinarians will provide you with several documents, including a certificate and a veterinary certificate, indicating that the company is safe and contains the necessary equipment, attributes and land.

It will be possible to breed geese only after a ready-made package of documents has been collected, and a plan for ongoing veterinary measures is approved with the veterinarians. Very often, at the stage of paperwork, many entrepreneurs ask themselves: “Is breeding really so profitable?” In the case of renting a room for a poultry farm it is unlikely to get a certificate, the same applies to the purchase of young animals not from trusted suppliers.

Certification of young animals occurs immediately, but their birds must then be certified again. Buying young animals from unverified suppliers at a nice price is not always profitable, because they were mainly prepared for fattening. Growing them will bring nothing but loss and waste of time. Due to the difficulties that appear at the certification stage, it is not necessary to immediately start forming your own breeding herd - you should limit yourself to growing. When the plan has already “worked out”, we can proceed to the independent formation of our own herd of tribal geese. Finding suppliers is quite problematic, since there are only a few factories in Russia. Purchase can be carried out in Pyatnitsky, Irtysh and Lindovsky. When making any purchases of birds, it is important to carefully consider all existing certificates of quality and standards.

About business prospects

It is quite convenient to engage in calculations and drawing up an approximate business plan both at home and in the office. The following data only roughly reflect the commercial prospects for growing:

  • more than one ruble will have to be spent on the purchase of the premises, on average it costs up to 300 thousand rubles;
  • it is possible to repair and provide equipment for the finished tracker within 200 thousand rubles;
  • draw up a document, on average, it is possible for 20 or more thousand rubles;
  • young stock from 1000 goals can be bought within 10-50 rubles apiece, ready for fattening costs up to 50 thousand rubles .;
  • spending on feed and other expenses will amount to 800 thousand rubles.

Growing geese needs an initial investment of 1 million rubles or more. After calculating the income that a herd of 1, 000 heads, including 800 geese, can give, we get about 1.5 million rubles. (including sales of liver, fluff, feather, eggs). If there are geese weighing more than 4 kg on the farm, it will be possible to sell them at 600-1, 200 rubles, and down and feathers are suitable for ateliers and industries. In addition, you need to remember about constant checks and unexpected situations, which will have to spend part of the profit.

Subtleties of feeding and keeping birds

The keeping and feeding of birds is not particularly difficult and is described in detail in almost every reference book. The only thing that is important and necessary to remember is the love of birds for hearty meals, greens, succulent feeds and fluids. Getting a high income also depends on how frequent the grazing of goose herds is. It is better to use the "stall" exclusively in industry, raising birds for canned food or for feeding birds for future cooking on the table.

Thus, it is impossible to say that breeding geese is extremely profitable, but this business cannot be called unprofitable. If the goose farm will meet all standards and requirements, as well as produce high-quality meat and products, you will not need to talk about losses. Using a serious approach to business, carefully doing calculations, it will be easy to provide yourself with stable earnings even at home. Goose farm as a business - it is profitable and promising!


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